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Dear Camp Oochigeas

Dear Camp Ooch

Dear my second home

Dear to the best camp in the world, Camp Ooch.

Camp means everything to me.

I can never put into words what Ooch means to me.

I think Ooch is a sense of home, or of family.

Ooch is everything

You can never get enough, you can never get enough of camp, never.

It's a place where you can be you, you can just be a kid.

It's a really incredible place, everyone here has a connection that word's can't describe.

People outside can be really cruel, but at Ooch it's a safe place, one hundred percent,

and I've never been more comfortable anywhere, but here.

Everybody here is completely accepting.

Everyone just makes you feel better about yourselves.

Yeah, you get treated as the special individual you are.

You just instantly fit in.

I think people bring out the best in each other at this camp and that's what we all need

The community is just so supportive, it's so there for you.

Ooch gives me hope, Ooch just makes me look forward to the future, and they're so positive,

and it's just such an amazing experience, and you come out feeling better than you were before.

My name is Mitchell Sarjeant and I've been coming to Camp Oochigeas for 10 years.

My very first year at camp I had just recently come home from the hospital and was recovering well, but still not quite myself.

Mom and Dad almost didn't send me, and it was actually through

a convincing argument from one of the doctors that I ended up going.

The plan was I was just going to go for one week, and after the week I would check in and you know, probably come home,

but the possibility was there that if I wanted then I could stay.

And let's just say that after one week, Mom and Dad got a phone call, and I was there for two full weeks.

I went away recovering well but still not quite myself, and I came home feeling one hundred and ten percent better.

I was myself again.

I guess, like, having cancer and all, it forces you to just grow so fast

but coming to Camp Ooch, you know, you can say "woah, woah, woah, woah" we can just enjoy this for me

you know, be that kid. And I like that because I've taken that definitely from Camp Ooch into my life.

It makes me kind of wish I got sick earlier, so I could go to camp more, as bad as that sounds.

I wish I went to camp more years

It's way more accessible that most camps.

Meeting people, having someone to talk to about what we've been through,

because like, I didn't know anybody before and no one understood completely what we were doing

and what was happening to us. So it was nice, a nice change, and we get to experience so many different things,

and make so many memories that we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise

and I think that's amazing.

I just want to say that Camp Ooch has been the best and I've able to do so many things

like dog sledding, and BC exchange program, and just meet such extraordinary people, and

I don't think I would ever forget these moments.

Like, I feel like the luckiest person in the world for doing all of these crazy things.

I guess at the end of the day Camp Ooch means that just no matter what, people care.

I know this is like an all inclusive, free service for children who have been affected by cancer

and, you know, it just means to me that people care for others, even in the world we live in now with a lot of stuff happening,

it's nice to know that there's a place for you know, people who have maybe not been dealt the best hand in life.

That there's always going to be some people there that care for them and try to make them comfortable,

and happy, and help them to grow.

There's no way really I can express my gratitude for what Ooch has done for me.

Thank you for the best 5 years ever at Camp Oochigeas, and I'll see you soon hopefully.

I just want to say thank you to just all of Ooch. You guys put in so much time and effort

to make this as special as it is, and, I'm not sure...

you probably know because we tell you every year how fantastic it is, but words don't really describe what Ooch is.

Thank you Camp Ooch for making me feel like a part of another home. You've done so much for me and

I'm just so greatful to have the experience that I had and I will never forget it.

Yours Sincerely

The Graduating Class

of 2014

Love you guys!

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