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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Your Channel is a Cancer" (Actually it's a bacterium) - 50% off MEF Audiobook [expires tomorrow]

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hello ladies an intimate boys and girls

I'm Jaden offered from doing English

comm taking a quick break from writing

my PhD thesis yes that bad boy is coming

to a close the light at the end of the

tunnel is visible and the end is rapidly

drawing nearer why am I taking a break

to show you a bright troll comment I got

on my youtube channel this morning it's

been a while since I've had a good troll

so I'm quite excited about this I'll

read it out for you did your YouTube

camp choke you now I can't even

talk your YouTube channel is a cancer

it's embarrassing really every day

you're uploading films about how improve

English language etc mistakes present in

the original comment of course oh isn't

that lovely like I said it's been a

while since I've had a good troll

hopefully this one will have the grit to

keep it up and for the long term most of

my trolls these days seem to get bald

and just disappear within a day or two

which is rather disappointing

they said I think it's rather inaccurate

to describe me as a cancer you see

counts as only purpose only pursuit is

growth cancer grows for the sake of

growing growth for growth's sake and

well unlike most youtubers I'm not

particularly interested in growth I

don't want to see my subscriber count

rise thank you very much

in fact quite the opposite my purpose

might go much at the time is to give as

many of you yes as many of you as

possible to unsubscribe why because I'm

not in the business of helping the

motive unmotivated the lazy the

uninterested the unresentful and help

them to do amazing things than to work

with the mundane majority so I want most

of you to disappear and unsubscribe so

that only the strongest only the most

motivated only the most resilient

remained yes I'm in the business of

helping people who've already got to a

fairly high level overcome that final

get past that intermediate-to-advanced

barrier and go from being able to use

English at an okay level in their work

in their day-to-day lives and get to the

point where they can do something

extraordinary in English take what

they've got an added that extra level of

Polish to it so that they can speak in a

fluent eloquent smooth natural sounding

manner that's what I'm all about

again I'm not into huge numbers vanity

metrics all these you know channels with

I've got a million use of YouTube

subscribers who cares so to say that my

channel is a cancer

I don't think makes much sense what

would be a better analogy a bacterium

perhaps yes that's why I am a bacterium

bacteria not always pleasant to be sure

birds necessary in order to keep a

strong healthy immune system yes I'm a

bacterium it's didn't think the day

where I would say that would ever come

to celebrate my new troll what I've

decided to do for the next 24 hours or

so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls

you can have my how to improve your

English masterpiece master English fast

the audio version for 50% off by using

the code bacteria not cancer I'll put a

link and the code in the description use

that bad boy and you get 50% off the

audiobook it comes as an mp4 that is the

standard audiobook format it should work

with Android definitely works with

iPhone it comes with individual mp3's of

the individual chapters and it also

comes with a PDF version of the book so

you can read along as well like I said a

link and code in the description that

will be up for about 24 hours I've set

the code to expire at 11:59 p.m. on

Wednesday the sick island time get it

before then if you want it enjoy and

I'll speak to you soon

bye bye

The Description of "Your Channel is a Cancer" (Actually it's a bacterium) - 50% off MEF Audiobook [expires tomorrow]