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- The weirdest place you've ever gotten turned on.

Mine was jury duty.

I don't know what it was about those fluorescent lights.

Welcome to Three-Way Blind Date,

the dating show where all the flirting and get to know you

mumbo jumbo is done entirely through texting

and social media.

I'm Kate, your host, and this is Rita.

- I'm from North Carolina,

but I've been in LA for the past five years

and I'm hella excited to be here.

I work at UCLA, doing peer-to-peer coaching.

My passion is just promoting Lao-Americans in higher ed

and getting us in mainstream media.

- What are you looking for in a person?

- You ain't gotta be passionate about

the same things I'm passionate about,

but you gotta have some type of drive.

- Well, we have three winners for you today.

- I date often.

I personally don't use dating apps.

I think I've downloaded them all at one point.

I consider Instagram my dating app.

- I don't date that much,

but I just got out of a relationship,

so that's why I'm here.

- I talk to a lot of girls,

but I definitely don't follow through.

- Here's how the show works.

We are going to ask the guys some hard hitting questions.

They are going to respond.

We have code names for them.

They are currently Flip, Flop, and Flarp.

They will respond to all of the questions we ask

on this screen.

We will be able to see.

We will then analyze them and judge every answer they have

to figure out what type of person they are,

if it's someone you want to date.

Twist, they are watching everything we are doing.

- Ah (bleep).

- And you brought your friend with you today.

- I did.

- Get a little input from a friend.

Who do you see Rita with?

- And is taller. - (laughs) Oh my god.

- Let's get into it.

First question for the boys.

Take a picture of your shoes and send it on over.

- Oh, I just sent it to the wrong person.

- (bleep) Not a picture of his shoes.

- Do you have shoe thoughts?

- I like a nice pair of sneakers.

- How do you feel about flip-flops?

- They're okay.

It's not gonna be like a turn-on for me.

- Sneakers turn you on?

- Yeah.

- You got sneakers.

- Okay. - Alright.

What one do you like the best so far?

- I like the middle one

because they kinda remind me of my own shoes, kind of.

- Wow, looks like someone's connecting with Flop.

- What up, Flop, what's going on?

- On an immediate level.

- Flop also has some high rise pants on.

Where's the flood, Flop?

Do you ever like to go deep on first dates?

Let me rephrase that. (laughs)

Do you like to have deep conversations on first dates?

- Yeah, why not?

We're saving like 500 hours of emotional labor,

you know what I mean.

- Some of these questions that we've come up with

are the questions that you'd want to ask on a first date

but if you were to ask, you might be considered crazy.

So this next question was a bit of an ethics question.

You're on a runaway train.

The train is going straight,

and as of right now, the train's about to kill three people.

But you have the option to pull the lever,

veer off to the side, and only kill one person.

But that would mean that you

are responsible for that one person's death.

Do you let the train kill three people and save yourself

and do you pull the lever, kill one person,

and be a murderer?

- Either way, you're a bad guy.

- I'm just going for it, full steam ahead.

No, that's messed up, right?

- Flop went ahead and said, pull it.

So he would sacrifice himself to be a murderer.

Oh boy, we got a real answer from Flip.

I don't usually consider circumstantial ethics

to be a good metric for morality.

If I had to, I'd have an easier time killing one person

and living with it although it would be terrible

and this is why I don't take trains.

- Damn Flip, I appreciate that thoughtful answer.

What's going on, Flarp?

- I'd derail the train, save one person,

then have Spider-Man pull the other two away with his webs.

I don't think Flarp got the question at all.

But I like the world Flarp's living in.

- You're creative.

- What do you think about these answers?

What would you do?

- It depends on the person, right?

- Wait, the type of people you're going to kill?

- Yeah. (laughs)

- Alright guys, she's at the bar twerking up a storm

and you want to go and strike up a convo.

Opening pickup line.

- I don't know.

Dude, I'm not good at pickup lines.

What should I do?

- What's a good pickup line?

- And Flarp coming in hot with the pickup lines.

- LOL, you read it.

- Alright, ready?

I noticed you noticing me,

and I wanted to put you on notice that I noticed more.

- What?

- You want to leave this place and go to a Cookout?


- Hey, I'm all for it.

Let's go.

It's a restaurant in North Carolina.

- He said, let's go to Cookout, not to a cookout.

He knew something exactly

about North Carolina. - Exactly.

Flop, you winning.

North Carolina. - Is Flop lapping these dudes?

- What you know about that?

- And Flip is shaking in his boots.

- Take too long, I already gone to the bathroom.

- Flip, in the time it took you

to come up with this opening line,

two or three guys have been talking to this girl.

Pardon me, ma'am. (laughs)

- What the (bleep)?

- Is that the end? (laughs)

- Pardon me ma'am?

I continue twerking y'all.

But I love Cookout.

- What do you think about Flarp's?

- I appreciate the long pickup line.

- Okay, Flarp, we're still early in the game.

You can come back from this.

It's not looking great, but you can turn this around.

Next question, have you ever sent an unsolicited dick pic?

Be honest.

- Yeah, you better be honest.

- And if you have, send it now.

Just kidding, don't send it.

Could we do a two-parter to this question?

Have you ever sent a solicited dick pic?

How do you feel about dick pics?

- If I didn't ask for it, then please don't send it to me.

- Have you ever asked for one?

- No.

- No. - Yeah.

- So you don't like dick pics?

- No.

- So far, all we've gotten from Flip is a no

to the unsolicited and here we go.

A no and then a yeah, he's sent a solicited dick pic.

Flop said nope to unsolicited and for solicited he said

seventh grade was a wild time #tbt.

I don't know if a lot of seventh grade girls

are really asking for dick pics, call me crazy.

And Flarp is coming up with an excuse. (laughs)

- Lies.

- Flarp, you beautiful bastard.

We've got Flarp coming in hot with,

he sent a picture of comedian and civil rights activist

Dick Gregory dies at 84,

the only kind of dick pics I send,

and I'm pretty sure that's Dick Cheney.

I knew that Flarp was a slow burn.

Blaze of glory right now.

He's on a hot streak.

- Okay, yeah, you low-key funny.

- We have this bowl of social clues.

You want to know a little bit more about their

social presence, maybe learn what their search history was

or what their first tweet was.

You'll pick from this jar,

and you'll say which person you want to answer it.

All three don't answer this one,

just who you want to know more about.

- What is Flop's first tweet?

- His first tweet was a reply to Miley Cyrus.

@MileyCyrus Come to Cape Cod and blast it off with us.

Seven years ago, tweeting at Miley.

- Okay.

- To blast off.

- Alright.

- With us, who's the us?

- I'm like a not so much Miley fan now, but.

- Did you like her then?

- I liked her in Hannah Montana, it was nice.

- Is it safe to say that this is putting Flop

a little bit in the lead?

Are sparks flying with Flop?

- Yeah, can you see them?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Well, who doesn't love an underdog story, am I right?

Now it's time to turn the tables

and let the guys ask you a few questions.

First up, we got Flip coming in with a question.

What motivated your interest in social justice?

- Okay, good question.

I grew up in North Carolina.

My parents are from Laos and Thailand,

and growing up in a predominantly white community,

my family experienced hella racism, sexism.

I didn't understand that that wasn't okay.

I got politicized when I went to UNC Chapel Hill,

started a women of color empowerment sorority.

It's been amazing and humbling to come from

that type of past and history.

- Right to the point.

This is from Flop.

- Okay Flop.

- Flop's asking, what is your favorite part

of living in Los Angeles and why?

- There's so much culture in LA.

You can go to the beach any day,

you can go to any museum.

There's always a lot of education and art.

It's just so beautiful.

You learn so much here.

- You don't even have to leave the state.

You know we can always count on Flarp

to keep it spicy over here

with the hot question ready, here we go.

When was your last one night stand?

- Funny thing, I've actually never had a one night stand.

(laughs) So you want to be my first one?

- Wow, what's happening?

Now, we're gonna get into the nitty gritty questions

that you have prepared.

I pass the torch.

- Okay.

- To you.

- Thank you.

- Question number one,

if you could choose a song to twerk to,

what would it be and why?

- You're really into twerking.

- Yeah.

- Do you like a guy who also twerks?

- Doesn't necessarily have to

because I will do the twerking on behalf of us.

- You twerk for two.

So we got Flarp.

I wouldn't twerk if my life depended on it,

but I can hit them folks with a dab of ranch.

I gotta be honest, I'm having a hard time

getting my finger on Flarp's pulse, to be quite honest.

I can't really.

We got from Flop, this is a no twerk zone,

but if I gotta, we going Tip Drill by Nelly.

And we got Flip coming in with London Bridge by Fergie

because whenever I think about twerking,

that song comes to my mind.

- You gotta be open to twerking.

It's okay if you tried it and didn't like it,

but you were like, no twerk zone, what, uh-uh.

So you gonna shame me for twerking?

- Uh-oh, Flarp came back with a,

don't try to emasculate us, kissy face.

- Flarp, you ain't winning by saying that.

- Oh my gosh, things are really heating up here.

- If a friend could describe you in a hashtag,

what would it be and why?

- Flop came in with the #UpForAnything.

- Okurr. (laughs)


- If I can make a guess right now,

I feel like Flip is in fact

having a very hard time with this question.

If I know anything about Flip.

We got Flip saying #drinkswineintheshower

because sometimes I drink wine in the shower.

But I cover the bottle top so no water gets in

because I am also classy.

And then we got Flarp coming in with #FlarpBiteHeDontBark.


So he's all about action, not a lot about talking about it.

I would like to point out Flip is the only one

who answered the question, both parts of the question.

We've got the excuses rolling in from Flop.

Didn't hear the and why.

Did you not hear it or were you not listening, Flop?

- What are three qualities you admire about yourself?

- Flip, self-reflective, self-critical, and communicative.

- Mm, okay.

- Flop, we've got energetic, happy, compassionate.

- Aww.

- Lightning bolt, swirly star, sun.

Flarp, we got my height, dashing good looks,

and my scent, I love me.

Nobody can do me better than me.

I am nobody, nobody's perfect.

Therefore, I am perfect.


- Y'all.

- Flarp, you know what I appreciate about Flarp right now?

He is doubling down.

He was like, I don't see myself winning this.

- Did you surrender already?

- So let me really double down.

We've learned all that we could possibly learn.

We've talked about twerking,

we've talked about social justice.

How do you feel about Flip?

- I appreciate his thoughtful answers.

What do you think, Sang, in terms of Flip?

- My only concern is maybe like funny aspects

and just like when we talk and whatnot.

- You want fun as well as informed.

- Fun and informed.

In terms of Flop, I wasn't so sure

if he was ready to go deep with me.

- He was going strong in the beginning.

- Yeah, he was really strong.

I appreciate the North Carolina reference.

That one was pretty dope.

- Then we move on to Flarp.

- You rooted for him. (laughs)

- I was Team Flarp. - Flarp you had a cheerleader.

I'm still feeling there's not a thorough understanding

of the type of person that I see in a partner.

It's hard because you can't really tell their tone in texts.

- Yeah, and it's hard to show your true colors.

So if you pick Flip, he'll be serious.

Can he be funny?

You pick Flop, he'll be funny, can he be serious?

You pick Flarp, was the whole thing a masquerade

and he's actually a really great listener,

he's just being silly right now?

Because Flarp, he's funny.

- Yeah, you're absolutely right.

- We're gonna bring the guys in.

You're going to see them all.

Do you have the answer in your heart?

- I think I have the answer.

- She has the answer.

I'm excited to see who she chose,

but first let's meet the ones she didn't choose.

First up, let's see you Flarp.

Come on out.

Flarp with the rose in his mouth.

- It's all good. - Thank you.

- I just want to say, from the shoes,

it was spiraling all downhill from the shoes.

My actual name is Brandon Brown.

- Flarp was number one in my book,

but you know what, my book doesn't count.

Let's bring out the runner up, not the one chosen

but still a contender, let's meet Flop.

- Aw, thank you.

Thank you. - I flopped.

- You flopped. - I flopped big time.

- You did. - You so flopped but.

- It's alright though.

- What's your name?

- Oh, Lichota.

Lichota is my real name, not Flop.

- Thank you Flop.

And that means if you don't know who it is,

you weren't paying attention.

Bada-bing bada-boom, we've got the winner.

The winner is Flip, come on out.

- Thank you.

- And he voted.

You voted. - I voted today.

- Congratulations on voting.

- My name is Jeptha Storm.

- Jeptha, nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.

- Rita. - Rita, pleasure.

Oh, we're day drinking.

- You're day drinking.

- Yeah, cheers. - Cheers.

- That's been our show.

- Follow us on the Gram.

- Maybe you would want to date them.

Slide into their DMs.

They're single, and they're recently rejected.

- Hey y'all, what's up?

This is Rita coming at you with some updates.

Me and Jeptha, we didn't go on a second date unfortunately.

I made a goal to go on

one date a month for this year in 2018.

I am now on date number two.

You saw my interview questions.

If you think you can tackle those questions,

feel free to slide in those DMs.

Let's connect, let's do something.

- Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel.

And then your part.

- [Both] Subscribe here.

- That was my part.

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