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Bicycle ride to Brussels

The unconditional basic income

I'm riding from Holland to Belgium.

From my hometown Enschede to Brussels.

Meantime I gather signatures for the unconditional BI.

The idea of a basic income signifies...

..a monthly income guaranteed to every European citizen for daily life sustenance.

For food, health care and housing.

...this is my house in Enschede.

Tomorrow I'll go to Nijmegen, the day after Eindhoven...

...everything by bike, and the third day to Brussels.

That's my goal.

This income can be different in the European regions...

but should be sufficient.

It will be for everyone, in order to have social security.

I don't have a fixed job, for some time now...

no... well, as you can see.

For eight years now I'm self-sufficient,

a small entrepreneur, without personnel.

Do you want to sign for a European basic income ?

I will do that, I'll sign.

Are you worried about your income ?

No, I manage.

On my minimum wages I pay 1500 euro per year...

while multi-national companies...

have hundred-and-one tricks for not paying taxes.

Making billions profit, and pay nothing.

And I pay anyway.

More than many companies do.

I think that's unfair.

Thank you.

It's important, because we all have our rights.

My plan is to present the signatures at UBIE...

the Unconditional Basic Income Europe.

The idea has been a long time coming...

and had been applied in the town Dauphin, Canada.

My feeling says me we're ready for it in Europe.

It can't go on this way...

more than ever people can't make both ends meet.

While big companies are growing still, lobbying...

and despite crises, take an ever greater part of the cake.

The problem is worldwide, but I live here in Europe...

I'd like to fortify the better ways in dividing the means.

I know about the different initiatives...

like here in Belgium, India and Africa (Numibia)...

..this is my own initiative for Europe.

People say: "if you give away money...

..everybody will get lazy."

That's what he's saying.

People won't be forced to do something...

that's a problem.

I know some who have 800 billion in their bank.

That's a lot.

It's a bit too much.

So I'll be riding 350 km's...

and I'll be filming my encounters on my way.

to be continued

Next episode...

A visit at my aunts place, Art of Ank.

I make these photographs myself.

Information about the WEEK of the Basic Income...

please check

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