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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CORONAVIRUS EN MIAMI ¿Hay escasez? - Oscar Alejandro

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I'm scared!

That we are going to die...

The news tells us that it is very dangerous.

- Are you scared? - A bit.

It is one more virus,

what happens is that it is very mediated.

- Do you fear for your life? - No, because I think God is very powerful.

It has me a little worried but not so much.

Youtube is censored everything related to...

That's why every time I mention the word...

I'll put a silence, but you'll know what it means.

And to think that all this madness began because,

apparently, a person made a bat soup

in a municipal market,

in the population of Wuhan in China.

Something made short circuit and this became a virus

that has killed today more than 3,100 people around the world.

Today, after more than three months since all this began

there are more than 90,000 cases reported

in around 70 countries worldwide.

In the US there are more than 100.

Here in Florida officially there are more than 3.

And it has claimed life in this country alone of more than a dozen people,

at least, until the realization of this video.

And I don't know if it is to alarm or to prevent...

But even the director of the world health organization

declared that this virus has taken humanity to an unknown territory.

Hi everyone!

It's a pleasure!

I am Oscar Alejandro.

Welcome to my channel!

And, as you are already seeing it,

I am currently at the Miami International Airport

because like you, I am following closely everything that is happening with this virus.

And beyond wanting to provide information that everyone already knows,

the traditional media is filling us of alerts...

Of preventions...

I want to go outside with the cameras of this channel

to contrast how people are attacking...

How people are assimilating the prevention measures

that we hear so much.

Are people really worried?

Are they taking any action?

Or do they just not care?

I wanted to start this tour here at the airport

simply to contrast how security measures are found

additional ones that are being applied...

And the only thing that one of the authorities could tell me

is that they are simply reinforcing cleaning measures.

But really there is no additional control.

And what catches my attention, compared to videos I've seen...

For example, in Japan...

That there are no people with face mask.

And attention, friends, with this thing of face mask...

This is only necessary if you encounter symptoms of the flu, fever or cough.

But put on a face mask for us that we are healthy

it will not reduce the risk of being infected with this virus...

And this is very important to know,

because there are people who are shopping nervously face mask

and are running out of supplements the people who really need it.

So there is not much we can do to avoid getting this disease.

Because according to what I just heard in the news,

the vaccine for this virus

it will not be available until after one year.

So, in the meantime, the best prevention method for this virus

it's washing your hands!

Just wash our hands and squeeze only 20 seconds...

It is more than enough!

In fact, as a curious fact...

In Japan since they started implementing this simple measure

has decreased in the last month

more than 30% of cases of common flu

in the entire population of this country.

Logically, it is not too much to have additional provisions

of disinfectant antibacterial gel...

Because imagine how many times we touch objects with our hands

and unconsciously we put it in our face...

The nose...

The mouth...

And over there is where are the germs scattered

and it is where the probability of being infected increases.

Speaking of which, here throughout the airport

there are free antibacterial gel machines for the hands.

That, by the way...

They do not work!

Oh no! It works!

Look, but...

You have to insist after a few seconds.

In this case it is no longer simply because of precautionary measures

but because we are obliged.

As you can see,

the operations here in the airport are completely calm.

And I hope they stay that way!

And speaking of that, I want to provide some information to reassure us...

So that the anxiety goes down much more.

Notice, by the way...

More than 80% of cases are in people who are over 60 years old

and that they had a respiratory illness at the time of contracting the virus.

98% of all cases worldwide are in China.

And of that percentage

96% of deaths have occurred within Hubei province.



What do you think if we go out

to be able to contrast with the reality

what happens outside the airport?


Thank you, have a nice day...

Well, we are ready with this tour here at the airport.

But, as you saw it, the lady who just attended to us,

she had gloves...

That is, the authorities are already taking all kinds of measures

because it is not known how this virus propagates...

And we go to the next point to see what we discover.


As you can imagine, the reactions have not been expected in the population.

And all this is beginning to generate a little shortage

of some specific products in pharmacies.

For that, I have reached the one closest to the Miami International Airport

and we will just enter to check it with our own eyes.


Taking a brief tour...


For example, there is no shortage

in some products...

In remedies, such as for cough...

Nor for the flu,

or the fever,

or colds...

Nor in medications such as headache.

And if we talk about aspirins...

Apparently, you can find it all without any problem.

At least, in this pharmacy.


However, it is no coincidence that in this whole tour

the only thing we not found

it's what lies behind me...

Or what should be found!

We can observe, according to the labels found at the bottom

that there should be the masks to protect...

Well, the mouth...

Or the ears,

or the nose...

And I'm going to show you so you can see it immediately.

For you to see, there are some gloves left for the hands.

And here the shortage begins...

Anti-pollution and pollen adult respirator, which costs almost $8...

There is not!

Maximum barrier for germs, neither is there.

Face mask brand "walgreens", either.

Small mask that covers the ears.

There is not!

And this other mask, that is a bit more expensive.

There is nothing either!

And precisely next to the masks there is also no alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol.

In all this section of alcohol there is nothing.

Obviously, because people are taking precautions to wash their hands.

This small sample, although it seems small...

It is the real proof that people are really worried.


- What is your name friend? - Anglet Dominguez.

I am doing this tour...

And while I'm recording the video.

My friend Anglet is realizing what I am recording.

- And what are you looking for? - I'm looking for "Lysol" products.

I'm looking for them to disinfect my car.

- Because I'm an uber driver... - And look there isn't.

I'm looking for wet towels to get behind the wheel.

Pass it to the seats.

For people who don't know what is "Lysol"?

It is like a spray that disinfects.

Ah! This brand "Lysol".

But there is a cleaner for the bathroom.

- But the spray of this brand is missing. - Spray is missing.

And it is a sample of what is happening in this first pharmacy where I have arrived.


I want to tell you something that seemed amazing.

I did a survey through my Twitter.


If you don't follow me there, you should do it now.

And I asked those who follow me...

What do you feel about this virus?



I do not care.

Or what is that?

Well, the winning option was "I don't care".

46% of respondents feel that they are not worried by this virus.

While 29% said it is scary.

And 21% said that this virus gives them anxiety.

However, the best way to know exactly what people think

it is to ask them directly.

And that is what I have just come here to do...

To the popular 8th street of little Havana in Miami.

Let's find out immediately.

I'm scared.

I feel like there is nothing they are doing about that.

And it's something that can't be controlled that easy, you know?

I feel that if the right precautions are not taken...

It can be an epidemic.

A little bit of nerves

because I'm afraid we are going to die.

Are you doing something to take care of yourself?

No, not really right now.

Well, it scares me a little.

Because the news tells us that it is very dangerous.

I think that as Miami is a place that there are many people,

there are many tourists...

I think it's a problem that will happen here.

And do you feel fear, anxiety or don't you care?

Yes, I feel a little scared as everyone should feel...

A bit.

Very bad, we have to take care of ourselves.

- Are you scared? - A bit.

Ok, are you taking action? Are you taking care of yourself?

I am washing my hands.

Everything they say on television.

- Do you fear for your life? - Yes, and for my family's too.

It is one more virus,

what happens is that it is very mediated.

There are many people who have died from thousands of other viruses

than from this new virus.

You have to take care like all viruses.

Well, I think people have to take care of themselves.

Do you fear for your life?

No, because I think a lot that God is very powerful.

It has me a little worried but not so much.

I mean, if you are careful and wash your hands... Nothing happens!

I am careful about the virus but I am not afraid.

It is basically affecting the elderly and those who are already sick.

I take care of myself a little.

I wash my hands.

I am afraid for my son.

But it's not affecting my life.

Well, I imagine it's a flu...

A cold.

Who has everyone a little scared because it is unknown.

But I think that sooner or later some vaccine will develop.

I think it is a social alarm that is being created.

But in reality it is a very high fever

and it actually kills people who have low defenses.

For my life? Do not!

- Are you scared? - No!

- Are you taking any precaution? - I'm not.


After all those interesting answers

I imagine that you will be wondering...

"Well Oscar, and what is your opinion?"

For now...

I think that what is happening in Wuhan province is really worrying...

In China, where it all began.

Images of how people...

All that population is in quarantine...

They can't leave his house.

I can't even imagine

what would happen if that were to happen here,

in our region.

Can you imagine if life would be paralyzed

and did all those zombie invasion movies come true?

I don't even want to think about it.

Now, in reality...


I'm worried?


Am I distressed by my life?


I wash my hands more frequently than before...

I bought a hand sanitizer

that I am using more frequently than before.

However, I have many travel plans in the coming weeks...

You will witness through this YouTube channel.

And for now, I will not change my plans.

I am very attentive to the television news,



And it also gives me the impression

that the media is grabbing that news to make them a little more yellowish.

I don't know, anguish us a little.

Dear friends, be very attentive to the news.

And please don't panic!

I believe that at the moment here in the US,

and in America it is not enough yet.

It will be until the next video.

And, of course, stay tuned for this YouTube channel.

In which if this virus continues to advance,

we will continue to report it here.


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