Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Real vs Gummy Food Challenge Part 5! Kids React to GROSS REAL FOOD -Cows Heart, Crab Claws!

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Oh gross!!

Thats a Cow heart!


Hey Guys its Elena and Clara from CupcakeSurpriseToys

and today we are going to be doing Part 5

of the Real Food vs Gummy Food challenge.

I'm feeling really excited because in Round 4 (Part 4) I got these awesome gummy pears

They were so realistic.

I got Gummy donuts,

I got a Pavlova so I'm feeling really excited.

Elena aren't you forgetting the Super Gross , Super HORRIBLE...


the colour, even the taste buds,

and the back..horrendous.

You do have a pretty good point.

That cow tongue was super gross real food.

Lets hope our Mom has no nasty surprises in store today.

Gummys come to me.

So I think we are ready for Round 1

My turn to choose.

I got real Pineapple.

I love Pineapple.

I got gummy Pineapple.

its a Strawberry Milkshake.

I got little Gummy Strawberry Milkshake.

Look at these Gummy.

They look like strawberry milkshakes but they don't taste anything like it.

They are CRAB CLAWS..

How do you eat this?

They smell gross.

Maybe its nice and you just have to get over the smell.

Its looks so Gross.

At least I have a napkin.

I don't want to taste it.

Oh its crunchy, its crunchy..

Oh Gross.

I'm not easting anymore.

Its my turn to choose and I'm definitely doing a smell test after those gross crab claws.

Oh my goodness thats a cows heart.

thats a cow heart.

we had a cow tongue and now a cows heart.


there gross.

and the veins oh my god.

there are veins everywhere.

Guys this is gross.

This is a cows heart.

Guys this is so gross.

So do I have to taste it?

You have to taste it.

I don't want to.

I have got to pass.

I can't do this.

Well I ate a cows tongue.

Hey that was different!

You have to.

I got crab claws also.

no way. Oh my

No, No, No can't do this.

I can't I cannot eat that.

Your hopeless Elena.

Can we just get onto the next round.

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