Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 영상_엔딩포함_리플적용_치ㅗ종테스트.mov

Difficulty: 0

It's okay if I say it is like watching a comic book?

I think it's like bad food

It's aggressive

It seems rebellious

I think you have just enough

I move a lot of money

I believe, can look like that

Enough with that...


We're friends

It feels a little emotional

More... should I say... pure?

Very whismical, laughing like kids

______ is good at rap

______ is better than I thought

Looks like there is a variety of talents

Which BPM, which beat...

All you can do as a rapper is think


strangely... I'm not envious

It seems ugly guys

[translated and subtitled by @laura.urtiaga]

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