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(tense music)

- [Voiceover] Something was very wrong.

- Hello, Agents.

I'm Susanna Moyer, and this is the Ingress Report.

Last weekend, over 1,500 Agents in Brussels,

nearly 800 in Salt Lake City, and thousands more Agents

in satellite sites and connected Cells around the world

joined forces in a struggle to control

the first of the Darsana Anomalies.

The day began in Brussels with simultaneous satellite sites

in Berne, Vilnius, Aarhus, Pune.

(indistinct voices on speaker)

- They may be more, but we are more efficient, so. (laughs)

(cheering and whistling)

- We got here really fast in the first Cluster,

and that really paid out to our advantage

because we were able to basically build up the entire area.

(indistinct voice on speaker)

- [Voice on speaker] Five, it has 9 Links.

That's ours, we have to protect it.

- The last position of an (mumbles) cluster

was I think 10 against 30 per Portal.

(indistinct voice on speaker)

- It's quite nice to get annoyed,

even if they're from the other Faction. (laughs)

- [Susanna] In Bern, the Enlightened

began the day on the front foot,

but lost control of the Anomaly

during the third and fourth measurement,

ultimately losing the site by a mere 8.6.

In Vilnius, the Enlightened remained

within a thin margin of the Resistance,

dropping their lead to just 17

at measurement three before falling behind again.

The first half of the day ended

in a landslide Resistance win.

The Resistance claims Pune, 311 to 61.

Aarhus, 251.2 to 70.

Vilnius, 197 to 147.

Berne, 184.6 to 176.

And the primary site of Brussels, 1,106.2 to 571.


- Brussels was captured by--

- [Crowd] Resistance!

- Resistance!


- [Susanna] In addition, the Resistance

claimed the connected Cells in Dubai and Odessa.

The Enlightened claimed the volatile Cell at Wrocław,

as well as the connected Cells

at Minsk, Bristol, and Ottawa.

Some hours later, Agents set to work in the United States

at the primary site of Salt Lake City

and satellite sites in Anchorage and Honolulu.

(upbeat music)

(indistinct voices on speaker)


- Ultimately it's about the teamwork

that brings you together as a group

and helps your team win in the end.

(indistinct voices on speaker)

- One of the coolest things I've experienced

is putting up a million MU field over most of central Utah.

(indistinct voices on speaker)

- Yesterday we just threw a Field

in the shape of Utah, and I got to close one of them.

As a Pony Rider, it was a lot of fun.

- [Voice on speaker] If you can throw Links

where you are, do it, otherwise go ahead (mumbles).

- I cannot explain how many amazing people

I have met through Ingress.

I've had so many friends

and people who have changed my life.

- [Susanna] In Salt Lake City and Anchorage,

the Enlightened remained a step

behind their opponents over the course of the day.

In Honolulu, however, they surged,

supported by a massive series of fields

created between Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

- I won a lifetime membership to Zipcar.

I'm completely new to Zipcar.

- Great! - Never used it.

I've got friends who've used it,

some of them to play Ingress.

- [Susanna] The Enlightened captures Honolulu, 384.4 to 155.

The Resistance claimed Anchorage, 206 to 134,

and Salt Lake City, 570 to 329.


The Enlightened also controlled the Volatile Cell

at Providence and connected Cells

at San Jose, Jakarta, and Macau.

The Resistance controlled the connected Cells

at Okinawa and Dallas.

As the first Darsana Anomalies came to an end,

the Resistance seized control 69 to 15.

Last week I promised that I would continue

to dig for a deeper understanding of the Darsana Anomalies.

Many questions remain, but data acquired

during this past weekend revealed

that the Helios Artifact Portals,

which Hank Johnson warned may be a beacon

to a hidden intelligence called the N'zeer,

are somehow reacting to the Darsana Anomalies.

I intercepted Dr Martin Schubert to ask his expertise.

Doctor, can you explain what happened this weekend?

- (sighs) Look, Susanna, I've only seen

the same information as everyone else, alright?

- [Susanna] Well perhaps you can

give us your interpretation, then?

- OK, from what I can tell, following each anomaly

the beacons transmitted something, a message of some kind.

- So the beacon theory is correct?

The results of Helios was to create

a series of XM beacons that are now active.

- I'm not really in a position to talk about that.

- Some people say that if the day

had ended differently, then that transmission,

those messages, may not have been sent.

- That is currently one hypothesis, yes.

- So should we fear them, the N'zeer?

- It seems to me that some individuals,

Jarvis, to name one, fear them, fear this idea.

- Well he made a strange comment recently.

He talked about breaking the universe.

Do you happen to know what he was referring to?

- Look, Jarvis said a lot of things.

He wasn't himself.

I'm sorry, Susanna, that's all I'm going to say, alright?

Thank you.

- [Susanna] Analysts are still attempting

to decipher these burst messages.

The Ingress Report has obtained a portion

of the intercepted transmission.

(electric buzzing)

In the meantime, Hank Johnson continues

to share short and often cryptic journal posts

in his journey to discover more about the N'zeer.

A series of notes he left prior to his recursion,

recently discovered in Portals around the world,

have also been found to contain references to the N'zeer.

We will keep you informed as this story develops.

In Lviv, a group of 10 Agents set about

to create a flower, using a Cross Faction series of Fields.

The Operation was planned over two days,

and when executed, the Field art stood

nearly two kilometers high and leveraged a star burst

of over 70 Links within the flower itself.

Agent Sturman, Storm33, Vedart,

and Serjazz were among those involved.

In Taiwan, Enlightened Agents celebrated

the National Day of the Republic of China

by building a series of Fields

in the shape of the island of Taiwan

in the dense Portal network of downtown Taipei.

Nearly 50 ADA Refactors had to be used to help

clear the area for the 41 Fields the Operation required.

Agents Nicemaker, HannahK, Urena,

and more than 35 other Agents were involved.

In the Netherlands, Resistance Agents executing a plan

created by Agent Rossovino launched Operation Area 51.

This massive layered Field Op involved

building 51 Fields to control 101.5 million Mind Units.

Nearly 50 Agents took part in the Operation,

including Fietspomp, Sjo3rdmans, ParaNoiMia, and Jevi007.

Endgame, the novel released just a few weeks ago

by author James Frey, has made it

into the New York Times Best Seller List.

The last stop of his book signing tour

is in Toronto on October 28th.

Last week I asked you to share

some of your favorite Missions,

using the IngressMissions hashtag.

Thanks to you, we discovered the Rome Imperial March,

which begins at the Colosseum and wanders

through the heart of the Roman Empire

before ending at the Piazza Venezia.

And Nine Views, a series of sculptures

that collectively represents a scale model

of our solar system in Zagreb.

I look forward to seeing more remarkable

and unique Portals and Missions through your discoveries.

The next Darsana Anomaly will take place

on November 15th in New Orleans,

with satellites in Virginia Beach,

Oklahoma City, and Santo Domingo,

as well as a global cell challenge

featuring a massive number of cells

believed to be in excess of 100.

Finally, news emerged this week of a significant increase

in the output of Portals over the next two weeks,

as well as a special series of medals for those

who achieve a certain access level prior to November 15th.

For the Ingress Report, I'm Susanna Moyer.

- [Voiceover] Stick to the plan, and I will keep you safe.

There was no point in trying to respond.

It wouldn't change anything.

Instead, she dropped lower into her seat.

She would be there in a few hours.

Blink. (train wheels whirring)

She could feel the brakes slowing the train.

Had she dozed off?

No, she hadn't.

She was sure of it.

Yet the train was arriving at her destination.

She could hear the announcement,

another two hour movie instantly experienced.

Devar shook her head.

"We're here already?" she said to the man across the aisle.

"Time flies," he replied.

"Except when it stand still," Devar said.

"At least we made it out of Zurich alive," the man replied.

(ominous music)

"What do you mean?"

"The murders at the Zurich HP."

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