Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Gus Hates Interns

Difficulty: 0

Gus: The first time I saw Lindsay here at the office,

I think I'd been out of the office

and I came back and I walked in one morning,

and she was sitting at Jack's computer.

I had no idea who the fuck she was.

And then it got to the point where was it was awkward,

so I would just avoid her.

Like if I saw her walking around, I wouldn't get up,

and I'd wait until she'd cleared the hall,

and then I'd go to the bathroom, or do whatever I needed to do.

Burnie: I didn't know you had that much power, Lindsay.

I would've put you outside my door, so that Gus would've been trapped.

Lindsay: Helloo!

Burnie: And like, Gus would have just like, snuck by.

Lindsay: I'm like the bouncer to Burnie's office.


Miles: Remember one time you kicked me out of the office 'cuz you didn't know I was the intern?

First I had walked in, I was like, "Hey Gus!"

And I'm just getting stuff set up upstairs,

And you walk up like, hands behind your back, like,

"Hey, uh...what's going on, dude?"

I was like, "Oh, yeah, I'm here to meet Brandon and Chris,

I got stuff going on today," and you're like,

"That's cool, that's, yeah, they went out to lunch,

uh, probably won't be back for half and hour, so..."

Gus: But you were like, "I'll wait for them."

And I was like, ", no..."


Miles: I just left work at GameStop,

Gus: You were like, "I guess I could go back to GameStop,"

And I was like, "Yeahh..."

Miles: "Yeah, you should do that..."

" 'Kay, bye...."


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