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hello everybody my name is being babyhead this is prison tycoon prison

tycoon has been out for a couple of years but I recently just got back into

it and I just seen it was a volt mod and has a quite like Lola full I quite

decided why not change the prison architect to be so that is what we gonna

be doing in this series of episodes we are going to concentrate on a prison

based on a theme on the vote now in today's episode we are going to

concentrate basically just get in the prison up and running and we're looking

intake anyone we're just gonna design we gonna solve the grants we can talk about

what we need for each of the ground that we've got and installed over in the

prison architect is the theme for the Volt I've got extra grounds and I've got

I think the smaller capacity for the south and the rooms basically because we

are building in a vault now vote only is a small compact complex place if any of

you played the following season full of three new Vegas and you just recently

fallout full you'll see that is quite complex was compact as in the locker

rooms going off each other but quite mirrors a historian Philip full you've

got those cryo chambers which is kinda million each other and then you've got

all sorts with the fallout 3 you've got like living room combinations

school and stuff like that so in today's episode like I said we're just gonna

basic start off with the ground from the ground up and then

possibly in episode two will start in taking prisoners but today we just going

to concentrate on the basic ground to get up and running now since I've come

back to prison architect I have not been introduced to a nearly so I'm gonna keep

the normal basic standard governor type thing but in this fault is called

noticia now we're gonna keep we're going to take more off an injury forests yes

Jen rebuild is no feeling conditions

week do you know we'll keep that will take everything else off and then just

keep on going from there now so we'll get creative medium mountain know the

reason why I have chosen medium map is that if they choose this moment we got a

really small area if you choose a large amount we got a massive area but doesn't

quite fit our fault type things some Jews in women between so click play and

then if you see we introduced to this big massive area which as you can see is

plenty of space from what we actually really need now we can establish a pause

it here and then we can look at the reports we gonna take

intake and the reason why we're going to take off intake is like I said we're not

gonna in take anyone today and we're gonna get grants now as you see with the

mod we've got a few extra grounds we can do so we want to take that one and we

want to do basic vault know soon as I click Play is shared

do the actual balance on on that now we gonna do

administrative center now the way we gonna do this is that we're going to

have a big vault door here so we gonna take the foundation concrete foundation

we're going to make the same size as that which you make a big room and I see

ten 10 grand 10 grand and then there's an object called vault door now I don't

know and it's a three level 3 square is now so we're winning a press plane now

so everyone decides to arrive and then basically get to work so we're going to

do this is that we're going to try and cram most things now the only way we can

actually try and cram things in it if we make your compact now I was possibly

thinking of having a 11 type of intake so I the minimum medium or high security

opinion on what people say in the comments below

you know the way we gonna go from there is basically this did this prison is

gonna just how one type of intake now the reason behind we're going to have

one type of intake is that normally involves you just have a certain Pacific

type of people now I'm not leaving spoilers away for people who don't

really understand what Fallout series is now the votes were a mixture of

experiments for certain type of people now I'm not gonna go into great detail

differing game and mrs. prisoner contact so I'm just gonna speed it up and so

everyone gets to start building so we can now build the

outside one of the main now this is very beginning as in this is a very start

are basically buildings and stuff I don't know how loudest game actually is

rhino is quite loud when it comes to sound effects and stuff but as you can

see the start building the outside of the prison I'm gonna press PLAY possibly

balls and we are now going to start possibly desire innings something or

branching off things and stuff so maybe we gonna start off with the basic fault

so if we go down the basic vault we go we got build a holding area we don't

build a shower basically nose at Orion is a yard build a kitchen dining area I

leads to God and two cocks and the way we gonna do this is now we need to

obviously think about future planning but also quite think about future

planning if it makes any sense because monitoring crown things in with the

minimum base with only one set of prisons are possible maybe having think

we could have to holding cells because I have a bunch of normal single cells

I wouldn't say we gonna cram the South gonna probably put bookshelf for public

radio in there so you know it's so they can listen to whatever radio station

this area picks up as you travel long journeys in the new pickup different

radio station so and I am gonna make a torrent of the reasons paradox I don't

particularly want people to escape so I am now going into this so I'm gonna make

and then I'm gonna grab door there so anything goes through the vault door

opens and then they go through the vault now we need to start concentrating on

our holding areas and stuff like that so I was thinking of possibly having C

when holding area and i was thinkin n have a like a shower but I'm gonna have

jail door there and I double jailed or right so we got a shower room and we

gonna have a holding fee so we gonna do them build because I can't see what

we're doing yet without the building so let them build along and the way we

gonna do this is gonna have trying to cram in as much as we can now where

you're going to do this is gonna look at utilities we need a power station and I

was possibly thinking like a job so I was possibly thinking power station like

here and blocking it off you know so only staff members can go and stuff like

that now he's blocked so they've done so if we just press play

writes a woman or a kitchen and canteen area for people you know in a holding

cell so that's gonna be kitchen that's going to be canteen from freemake

doors now jailed or a holding cell and in kitchen and then possibly Avenue yard

here so it's all just this and then eventually then will expand into like

because cell block type think this is just like a holding area

facility and Dumbledore Dumbledore Dumbledore and then we're gonna have a

say that they and their and

see could have won the game through so basically this is a staff only area so

that they can have a kitchen area so hopefully all it will work if it doesn't

we can always change it up to our hearts content and this is the best thing I

like about prison architect not if you need to make another one or anything

like that so we know that I look the right call themselves their first where

we're going we shower changed all like the ideal homes and stuff

kitchen kitchen kitchen dining room holding area and shower right so right

so this is the holding area

toilets in need

room requirements so basically you need a minimum enclosed indoors toilet on a

bench that is it true

there's a bunch of court bench my toilet so if we add the toilets

and an upcoming people I'm expecting

bench and then I don't know whether they can actually used the actual bunk beds

itself so I'm just gonna have

jobs and we've got a whole roll with God thank you to toilets and then obviously

in the showroom allowed


everything else

right now the yard I am going to place just off the dining area like I said

just holding the prisoners and then obviously we make big so if we do


to figure out how big

and behold

will figure into this seems like an hour and

and in order to go into a couple years ago

now finance

go through

he's now as we research in finance problems problems but because I was

thinking of possibly like the room here so we can add water

and and disappear and we've got water here they're gonna work on that one for

now and now say this one

now also through basically this is obviously places so they basically

detector through those doors to before they go anywhere now also what I'm going

to do is place a metal detector that one of our main door so if you come in you

gonna go through so we can take electrical cable so obviously cable

that's all because we gonna put the water utility

have we can do that what 123 space if you need another one we can fit in

another one

in the take up so now you may get major blood large pipes in this game is very

very critical critical they do not place large pipes next to really sleep always

hang out and the reason behind it and when they dig a tunnel me find a large

part through it so we don't want to do that so the whole way so freely grab

water natchez reason why the four basic generator

think so we need more or less shitty can come back and so we want to see him go

but we are slowly losing money so we just in this place up now


and we possibly take in 2001 Honda makes him tick in India

so now this money capacities are going to do and then basically everything I

mean anything more will just blow it again so we need another

and basically what this game is as well in order to do our own cell block will

have to have his own power supply so we can root like jobs you can do laundry

and stuff like that that is what I'm planning on doing so this power I was

the only power the holding cell and water and the officers and then that's


relay like room which will help to ease in in the center of the prison

got so much space it's just ridiculous so looking still in the water still


and today and see how we actually managed to cope with the south and will

possibly start on making the cell block for the individuals South itself until

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