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Dear Friends ! Welcome

Today We are going to check about unlock 4.0 Tamil Nadu Quarantine rules

Which is released recently. We can go through in detail about this new update

Watch out this video completely, It will be useful

In this video, I will explain about

Tamilnadu Interstate Quarantine Rules and

International Quarantine Rules

We can check these quarantine rules in detail

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Tamilnadu Government has released an important

update regarding unlock 4.0 Quarantine Rules. Many subscribers

has inquired about the latest quarantine rules which they are following

in Tamil Nadu. Still, existing quarantine rules or any new update?

like that many queries has asked in previous videos

Recently, unlock 4.0 Quarantine rules are released. Lets check one by one

First, we will check out If you travel from

other state to Tamil Nadu, what are the quarantine rules

and What are the Test guidelines

will be followed in Tamil Nadu

So, first we can check out the travel guidelines

when you enter Tamil Nadu from other state

Thermal Screening will be done at

Tamil Nadu border check post

to find out if they have any Symptoms on arrival time

Suppose, If symptomatic arrival then

Test will be done and they will

guide for hospital isolation. If asymptomatic arrival

or no symptoms, then only 14 Days Home Quarantine.

So it is concluded that only 14 Days Home Quarantine

earlier, if you travel from other state to Tamil Nadu

test will be done and you need to wait in IQ till results

for one or 2 days

Now, These restrictions are completely released

Only 14 days home quarantine if no symptoms

if symptomatic arrival then Test will be done

If test result is positive then you need to be hospitalized

Treatment will be done. If negative and

symptoms are existing then

they will decide if further test required or not

Important update is , when you visit Tamilnadu and

returns in 3 days

Already we ave explained this rule in previous video in detailed

There is no test and No Quarantine

for business travelers. This category will be applicable to

business travelers

Who stays in Tamil Nadu for short time

For example

If you are travelling to Tamil Nadu from Bangalore for official purpose

and returning back within 3 days

after completion of your work

like this category or scenario applicable

then No quarantine and No test for them

How to avail this option?

While applying TN ePass

you need to attach Adhaar card and your business ID card

for example, If you are a student, or travelling fro Cinema Shooting

If any other business related travel


related documents needs to be attached

and another important update, which is announce in the previous video

Auto generated ePass

issued from September 1st on wards

ePass is mandatory for all

interstate and international travelers

who visits Tamilnadu

Easily you can get ePass when you submit ePass application

Auto generated approval will be done instantly

Once you submit the application, it will show as "Your ePass is approved".

you need to click on view ePass button

ePass will be displayed

you can take the print out of ePass

While travelling , you can show this epass

and enter to Tamil Nadu during border check

TN ePass is mandatory to all passengers

who enters into Tamil Nadu. Whoever applies ePass

it will be approved instantly and auto generated

No more worries about ePass

What are the points to be taken care while applying ePass?

Prior to unlock 4.0, In ePass portal, Many options will be available as Travel Range

like going outside Tamil Nadu, coming inside Tamil Nadu from other state,

district to district travel, Transit travel

Now, In reasons field only 3 options are available

They are, district to district travel, Coming inside Tamil Nadu and transit travel

Why district to district travel option?

even though no travel restrictions within Tamil Nadu

This option can be used only to enter Neelagiri district

like Kodaikanal etc

still ePass is mandatory for Neelagiri district

You can select this option if you wish to

travel to Neelagiri district

next option is ,

if you are travelling from other state to Tamil Nadu

you can select "Coming inside Tamil Nadu

from other state"

and fill the details, select reason

like Return of stranded people, medical emergency, marriage, death etc

you can choose whichever suits you

Next, Lets check out quarantine and travel rules for international travelers

Are you travelling from other country to Tamil Nadu?

You must know these travel rules

As per the existing rules, if you travel from other countries

7 Days Institutional quarantine and followed by 7 days home quarantine

During institutional quarantine time, test will be done

if test result is negative, then

another 7 days home quarantine

these rules are followed before unlock 4.0

But as per the unlock 4.0 Latest rules

If asymptomatic arrival, then

directly 14 days home quarantine and no test

so no more IQ for international travelers

only 14 days Home Quarantine but some conditions

which are, they need to travel with RT-PCR report

and This RT-PCR report must be not older than

96 hours prior to arrival date.

This test to be done prior to travel but within 96 hours

and test report should be negative. RT-PCR report is mandatory to enter Tamil Nadu

Suppose, if they have not taken the RT-PCR test

then RT-PCR test will be done

on arrival and they need to stay in IQ till 7 days

This RT-PCR test arrangement done

at airport for people who travel under

Vande Bharat scheme

Whoever travels to tamilnadu from other countries

should have RT-PCR report

it is mandatory for international travelers

There are 2 categories such as symptomatic and asymptomatic arrival

If symptomatic arrival, then test will be done as explained

and if positive then hospital isolation will be done

if asymptomatic arrival then 14 days Home Quarantine

and Auto generated TN ePass is mandatory

About ePass update, we have posted a video earlier.

Check the video link in description

So, hope you are clear now about these quarantine rules

if you have any queries, please write to us in the comment section

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Thank you friends.

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