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Hello guys God bless you, Bashars brothers

in a new video

our video today is going to be ..

itll be a great video

22 packages for the best YouTubers from our choice

we put it in the goal

and were going to shoot them one by one

22 YouTubers !

yes, 22 Celebrity and YouTubers

Im going to choose from them a squad and Mosabri too

so were going to shoot them one by one

and each of us who shoots on any YouTubers, he will take him to his squad

and at the end, youll be the referees and tell us who has the best squad


of course, we excluded the YouTubers who are interested in the ball

all football players are excluded

so we chose a lot of YouTubers from various contents

but before we start

for anyone who wants to have packages like these

or like this

he has to visit "Icon Card" store

where we thank them very much for their patronage in this video !

give us the best and the finest packages

they have 3 sizes of the packages

big size like this

and the medium size such as those placed in the goal

and also have a small size

its colors are very beautiful

and its weight is light

and very high quality

and also you can hang it on the wall

and this is what well do

do you know what, guys ?

theres something I wanted long ago

was to have a FIFA card like this

and I think that any player who hasnt entered a sport club would like to have a card like his

so the dream come true with "Icon Card" store

they can make the card you want

and with the energy that you want

so this is the rating of our energies, Mosabri and I

as we deserve it from professional coaches

and we chose this template of the cards

where they have very many templates

you can choose any template that you want with the energies you want

the ordering from their website is very easy

click on the website link in the description

make a new order

then choose the size of the card that you want

you also choose the template

then you fill out the information that you want to include on the card

such as your name

and the energies

and the position in which you play

whether a Goalkeeper, Striker, Midfielder or Defender

and you choose your country flag

also if you have a logo, you can add it

and the delivery to all over the Persian Gulf

and like I said, link of website in the description

and now lets start our video

lets see who will start from us

okay, the first shoot for me

the name of Allah

the first package ..



this sentence he always says


your first player is midfielder

its D7oomy_999

hes D7oomy_999

nice !

the first player in my squad is D7oomy_999

now, its my turn

lets go, Mosabri !

okay ..

its Thunayyan Khalid!

Thunayyan Khalid!

wait wait ..

"a new day, a new vlog" (a world frequently used by this famous)

amazing !

hes Thunayyan Khalid!

RW player !


from the beginning theres enthusiasm

lets see the next

the next is ...

lets see who its

oh my God !

I missed it

I missed it

thats okay

your turn, Mosabri !

now its my turn and I hope to throw at YouTuber interested in eating

okay ..

its TheSaudiReporters !

2 persons

good !

2 persons in same channel

you have to choose, one of you a main player and the other a spare

the creators TheSaudiReporters

and they make us laugh a lot

" Bashar, are you ready? "

" Im always ready ! "

take one for you and the other for me

the next is ..

super !

its Omar Farooq !

nice shoot !

actually, hes one of my favorite YouTubers

and I follow him very much

and I watch all his videos

a very creative person

and I think hell upload a video .. "Im a fake stricker"

yes, we want an experience from you called "Im an stricker"

now, its my turn

lets see who the next YouTuber

come on

okay ..

its TMFaisal

nice, its TMFaisal

the first gamer we get

CDM player !

well throw !

okay, TMFaisal is part of your squad

I have a huge CDM player

the next ..

finally !

its Basil ElHaj

I think that ...

this man will make the squad very tasty


what do you think about Konafa

oh my god !

guys, bring to us Konafa please

lets go

come on

lets see

drop all package

what shall we do now

he couldnt hit any YouTuber

since Mosabri completely destroyed the bottom row

Ill try to shoot one of it

so we can finish it quickly

come on

"a new video from the oven, my love" (a word that YouTuber says so much)

its BarryTube

of course, he doesnt show his face

so we put at his photo an unknown person

unknown person !

so its BarryTube

lets see who is the next ..

I hope I wont destroy the row more

by the way, the package looked more beautiful than before the filming

but by the shoots, its shape looks so bad

the bottom row has become tragic

landed down

so well try to take it back up

forgive us, YouTubers, we didnt intentionally do that

and I think that Mosabri didnt want to do that for you

also I think is the S7S YouTuber helped break down the bottom row because his extra weight

I see

forgive me, Omar Hussain

weve filmed this video to challenge the YouTubers

but I think out situation will be very bad with them after they see this video

lets go to complete

like you see, we lifted them all up

come on, Mo !

oh boy !

its S7S

Mosabri was aiming at S7S from the start

because I thing if Mosabri doesnt have him in the squad

possible S7S eat him at the party of 5 million subscribers

Im sorry !

thus, you had S7S

(a world which this YouTuber say so mych)

lets see the next

of course, he plays as a Defender and if anyone close from him, hell eat him

lets see the next

wonderful !

oh sorry, I hit him hard


its BanderitaX

BanderitaX !! , thats nice

I thought was another person from afar but its BanderitaX

you got a global RB player

RB player ?

I dont think so

yes its RB

oh yes, its RB

I think BanderitaX is unparalleled in this center

lets see Mosabri

okay, I think its Fir4sGamer

yes, its Fir4sGamer

fantastic !

hes maven gamer

yes, its legendary YouTuber

its Fahad Sal

"ladies and gentlemen, hello and welcome with Fahad Sal" (a world used by this YouTuber a lot)

I think he says that

welcome, Fahad Sal

oh my God !

youve a good luck

its Joe HaTTab

and hes one of the most crative people in the YouTube content


but lets not cut it so that he doesnt hate us after watching this video

excellent choice

lets go to see the next

but before everything ..

my apologize to Badr Saleh

the package was turned upside down

lets continue

its OZX

super man

welcome to my squad

here it is !

he has become with me in the swuad

now you have 2 Defenders


but at least thiss a little skinny

okay guys

since the number of packages are becoming little

we decided that if any of us hit a package, hell take the one to its right as well

for example

if you hit Naji Elqaq card

youll take Al-Shalhoubs card too

its a generous offer !


lets see

he has applied the example which I just mentioned

oh, Badrs package will fall

thus, you got Al-Shalhoubs card and Naji Elqaqs card

and Ill do a movement for Al-Shalhoub

watch that

of course, I trained the movement that youll see in a little while so dont imitate me

1, 2

I almost have broken

look at me Al-Shalhoub, if you do any somersault, Ill put you in the bench


so you got Al-Shalhoubs card and Naji Elqaqs card in one hit !

youve a good luck

I think the defense that Ive is very strong

Naji and ..

Naji Elqaq and S7S

I think Bader Saleh deserves to apologize because of what we did to him

okay ?

also well let Lotfi hold his package so that it doesnt fall to the ground

finally, Bader Saleh

so thus, Ive got Bader Saleh and ...

fabulous !!

its Mmoshaya

the second largest Arab channel in YouTube

Bader Saleh, youre in my squad, so if you want to lough at one of us,

so if you want to lough at one of us, youve to choose Mosabri

lets go to the next

come on, Mosabri

the last throw for you

thats amazing

you hit LiftandCheats card

also youll take TOPZs card

I think youve taken all the YouTubers who interested in eating, except Basil ElHaj

Ive bodybuilders squad


congratulations, Mosabri

the last shoot for me

Ive got a MjrmGamess card and Omar Hussains card too

"SALAMOULE" (a word used by this YouTuber a lot)

so I got them together

nice !


and since theres a last card left, Mosabri will take it

and its Abdoh4Magic

so wonderful !

thus, weve finished from our teams

and its on the screen like you see

this is my team

of course, I got a great players

and without arrogance, I think that my team is better than Mosabri

no, thats wrong

and I think youve a humble team

of course, we love all of these YouTubers

and this video was for have a fun

but all of these YouTubers that youve watched

are on of the best Arab content makers in YouTube, for Mosabri and me

and we regret the other creator YouTubers that they werent included our video for today

God willing, youll be among our next videos

I know therere a lot of creative content makers in YouTube

but we had to choose only 22 packages

and dont forget writing in the comments

wich team is stronger for you

my team or Mosabris team

I think itll be fierce competition


generally, this is our video for today

thank you very much for watching

Bashars brother, I hope youve enjoyed in this video like us

and tell us if you want many videos like it

the last videos dont forget watching

and click the circle to subscribe to the channel to receive our next videos

and our account

dont forget following it to see our different videos

in the safety of God !

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