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how do you know what's good? hi this is wine dine Caroline and you're watching

Learn Wiine with Caroline. I'm a wine educator with over a decade of

experience in the wine trade and a fancy wine diploma and today I'm gonna tell

you how to order wine online. Online wine sales have been going up year after year

even before... y'know. As more and more people do all their shopping online,

retailers are catching up. Now before we go any further I need to say this. If you

have a choice, go and buy wine from a local winery or wine shop. Always do that.

Always directly support wine producers and your friendly local wine merchants.

If you have that choice, that is always gonna be the best choice. Okay so now

that's out of the way, how do we shop for wine online how do you know what's good?

This is even more stressful than normal wine shopping! So let's break it down.

First thing's first. Find a great website that sells wine. Hot

tip for Americans, make sure the website knows what state you're in. That will

change what is available to you. Ok the next thing to do is ignore user reviews.

Always remember people are stupid, and what one person likes it might not be

your cup of tea. While you should absolutely ignore your peers, do not

ignore awards. Those stickers or paper bottle neck sleeves you see at the store

sometimes, those are legit. Wine websites should say if something has won an award.

Awards are legit because they're given after a wine has been judged by big groups

of experts. Things like points that are awarded by famous wine experts or

magazines are legit - you can trust them. They know what's good.

Next, own your price point. Most wine websites have the ability to sort by price category.

Start there so you don't go overboard. Sales are a great way to get more expensive wine for less.

Remember that shipping wine can get really really expensive so it's

worth seeing if your chosen website has membership deals, they can often pay for

themselves. within a couple shipping drops. After that it's about style and

it's a little harder to guide you from there, unless the site offers a chat

service which some do. I actually used to be a chat recommendations expert for so yes that actually exists. If the site does have a search function for

style that's a great place to start too. What styles of wine are you into?

Tell me in the comments and I'll recommend some specific wines for you.

Let's see I'm gonna throw out some ideas, say you like a really fruity white you

can look for Riesling maybe a Sauvignon Blanc maybe an Albariño those are

amazing. If you're looking for a more crisp white like Pinot Grigio you can

also try on a Chardonnay maybe Vermentino, just hit up Italy in general.

A lot of Italian whites are really nice and crisp and and not too aromatic.

If you're into Rosé life and you want to keep it dry and crisp stick with Provence,

but otherwise you can head to Spain for some awesome richer, darker rosés

Love a light and fruity red like me? Go for Beaujolais. It's awesome and

juicy and drinkable and it's cheap. You can also try Valpolicella from Italy or

a nice Pinot Noir from Alsace. If you're really into obscure varietals try and

get your hands on valdigué, it's good sh*t. For medium Reds that go with

everything you can never go wrong with Rioja or Côtes du Rhône, and for big bold

badass Reds check out Malbec, Syrahs, Cabs, and anything from southern Italy.

There are so many choices! If I could have any wine magicked to me right now it would be a

bottle of Mosel Riesling from Germany it's my desert island wine, tastes like

apple juice. Ultimately the best way to get great wine online is also the same

best way to get great wine in real life. It's to learn what you like and then

learn what's like that, and gradually build out your own personal wine

universe. If you want to learn more about wine with me make sure to like this

video and subscribe to my channel and don't forget to click the link below to

get your free wine style guide, Cheers!

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