Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Red Bonobos of Lui-Kotale

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The DRC, home to a special group of bonobos

in a small semi habituated group of bonobos

is a family with a very unique characteristic

Pan, Peto

and Pembe all have a distinct red tint

to their fur

mother Pembe is very protective of little Pan

at times Pan will wonder off a little

despite Pan's exploring mother Pembe always keeps a watchful eye

Pan's big brother Peto is a rather lazy bonobo

when it comes to grooming

he'd rather just kick the other bonobos

when he's not lying around you will find him feeding

along with her mother Pembe, Pan

always has big brother Peto to look out for her

if Pan sees something, Peto wants to see something too

the bonobos will groom each other to strengthen bond, here we have Mayele

grooming Pembe, and a now Pembe returns the favour

despite being lazy at times Peto will play with Soso

even bonobos like to laugh

you can see Peto's red tint here compared to Soso on the right

when moving on the ground Pembe will carry Pan

but Peto will like to walk on his own

at the end of the day the bonobos return to the trees

here they built themselves a nest for the night

Pan is still young says she will share the nest with Pembe

Peto though is old enough to build his own nest

The Description of The Red Bonobos of Lui-Kotale