Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How 'Just A Little Heart Attack' Saved Christie Thompson's Life

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- I'm Christy Thompson, from Jefferson City, Missouri.

- [Voiceover] And, have you seen Elizabeth's video?

- Yes, my sister-in-law, Kim, emailed it to me

back in October, and I watched it and laughed,

and I remember those mornings of getting those kids ready

and out the door, you know, in time for school,

and trying to do everything at one time.

There is no family history of heart attack

in my family at all,

and I had just been to the doctor a couple months before,

and all of my levels were good.

My triglycerides were good, my LDL, HDL,

everything was good.

And I exercised every day,

so heart attack didn't relate to me at all.

So, I laughed at her video,

but I deleted it, because it didn't apply to me.

That was three weeks before my daughter's wedding.

We'd been out shopping, and they had left,

and I was by myself,

and I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

And I thought immediately, "This is not right."

And I thought, "Maybe it could be a heart attack."

And immediately I thought back to the video,

because she made me laugh.

It helped me to remember that

the symptoms of the heart attack,

and I called 911.

- [Voiceover] Is there anything you wanna say to Elizabeth?

- Elizabeth, thank you, so much,

for making that video.

Because of you, I'm alive.

I'm here and I got to dance at my daughter's wedding.

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