Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Unasked Family | 꽃길만 걸어요 EP.106 [ENG, CHN / 2020.03.31]

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(Episode 106)

You know

how my husband, Nam Dong-u, died.

What are you talking about?

Calm down and explain so I can understand.

I thought you came to explain why you caused

the land deal to go up in smoke

with a sense of responsibility as a member of the TF.

Otherwise, please go.

Director Kim.

I don't know why you're being like this,

but you're making a mistake, Ms. Kang.

My husband died because of Hana.

You know how my husband,

Boram's father, died.

Let go of me.

I cannot leave like this.

What did Hana Beverages

do to my husband?

Tell me.

What did you do to him?


Yeowon, what's going on?

Mr. Bong.


Ms. Kang seems to be confused.

It's late and my parents-in-law are home.

She can't cause a commotion out here.

Take Ms. Kang home.


let's go and you can talk to him tomorrow.

I can't leave like this.

You didn't give me an answer, Director Kim.




Mr. Bong,

I think Hana had something to do

with Dong-u's death.

And it was Director Kim no less.

Yeowon, what are you talking about?

I heard what President Park said to Director Kim.

He said Dong-u's accident was Hana's fault.


When President Park said that,

Director Kim, or rather, Kim Jihun

had such a telling look on his face.

It's hard to believe, right,

that Kim Jihun, who's like a brother to you,

was involved in something like that?

Are you serious?


I heard the two of them talking.

I always wondered why Kim Jihun was

so wary of me.

Now I feel the messy knots are finally untangling.

The former head of Procurement I met

told me he was threatened by Hana.

Perhaps Dong-u was met with an accident

for looking into Hana's wrongdoing.


I'll look into the matter.

Let's dig deeper with caution.

It's not because I don't believe you.

The more serious a problem, the worse of a bind

you can put yourself by acting rashly like you did.

You get what I mean, right?

Where did you go this late?

I went out for some fresh air to collect my thoughts.


truth is,

Daeyeong's President Park came to see me today.

He plans to sell Daeyeong to Daeyang Beverages

and move overseas.


He is selling Daeyeong to Daeyang?

Then what about our supply deal?

It will be scrapped.

Those cocky dastards.


It's for the better.

Oriental Raisin Refresher hasn't been selling well.

Cancel the relaunch and discontinue it altogether.

Let's focus all our efforts into the seltzer project.


Is there something else?

Fact is, President Park


a final payment of $1 million.

What? $1 million?

Yes. As the final compensation for his silence.

I think we should just give him that money

and make a clean break.

He just won't let up because we succumb to his demands.

Not this time.


He led us by the nose for far too long.

Another $1 million after all that we've given him?

I, Hwang Byeong-rae, have my pride.

No way.

What does he take me for?

I shall let him know then.

Wrap up our dealings with Park

and persuade Kang Yeowon to conclude the land deal.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Bong,

I think Hana had something to do

with Dong-u's death.

And it was Director Kim no less.

If Mr. Nam met his death

while investigating Hana's wrongdoing,

and if Jihun really was involved...


Jihun, what's wrong?


Did you have a bad dream?

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

I'm going down to get some water.

Don't worry and sleep.

Have this lukewarm water.

Having cold water at night will upset your stomach.

You're prone to stomachaches.

Why did you come back?

I'm sorry, Jihun.

I really wasn't going to show myself to you again,

but Suji, I mean, your wife...

I'll find you a place to stay soon, so lie low.

Oh, my. You broke out in cold sweat.

Are you ill?


Did you have a bad dream then?

You must be under a lot of stress.

You were high-strung even when you were little,

often losing sleep and crying,

saying you were too scared to sleep.

You wouldn't fall asleep easily even when I put you

on my back and begged you to.

Did you abandon me

because I was difficult to raise?

What I mean is

that you were delicate and fearful as a child.

I shouldn't keep you from sleeping.

You will have to work hard tomorrow, so go back up.


If there's something you can't tell anyone else,

talk to me instead of suffering alone.

I will be all ears.

That must be Yeowon.

What's wrong, bunny rabbit?

I'm right here, so go to sleep.


Little Boram

Don't say a word


if you really died unjustly,

I will get to the bottom of it.

I'm sorry.

That's not what I want to hear.

I just have one question.

Is it more important and urgent than selling the land

and getting $6 million?


There is something way more important

than that money, Mother.

Yeowon, you're going to work?


Didn't you return to Hana to get a good deal for us?

Why go to work after ruining a done deal?


But Hana won't let Yeowon

off the hook either.

What Jiyeong said isn't wrong, Yeowon.

Why bother going to work after ruining

an important deal?

Ilnam, you had better stop.

Hurry up and eat.

I don't know if I'll be able to eat anything

due to the bitter taste in my mouth.

Ilnam, enough already.

Enough of what, you squirt?

Yeowon's cheeks have sunken just overnight.

I don't even have cheeks left.



I'm sure you had good reasons for how you acted.

I'll trust you and wait until you tell us,

so don't worry.

Thank you, Inam.


could you take the kids to school today?

Yes, sure.

I'll take them after breakfast.


are you sure you'll be okay?

I should go, Mother.


Mom, have a nice day.

Have a nice day, Aunt Yeowon.

You too.

Ms. Wang,

I just don't get her.

Do you get your daughter-in-law?

She said it's something more important than $6 million.

Believe in her and wait.

What is that something?

We need to know what it is to believe or to wait.

Do we just wait because she tells us to

without any explanation?

What have you guys ever done for Yeowon

except sponge money off her,

make her babysit Yeongjae, or put her to work?

But did she ever refuse you guys?

Yeowon must have a good reason

for behaving so out of character.

She said she wouldn't sell now, not never,

so let her have her way for once.


Wow. You peeled all these in one day?

You are so diligent.

Would you like to peel bellflower roots too?

That actually pays better.

Yes. I'll peel bellflower roots.

Okay. See you tomorrow.

Thank you.

Sure thing.

Chang, did you have breakfast?

Yes, I had a hearty breakfast.

Don't worry about me.

You should eat with us now that we know you're family.

That's okay.

I prefer eating alone, Ms. Wang.

"Ms. Wang" isn't right.

Shouldn't you call her "mother" now?

Let Chang do as she pleases and go open your cafe.

Ilnam and Chang both call you "Ms. Wang."

Like husband, like wife.


do you still not want to get back together with Ilnam?

You're not done with him for good, right?

I was going to sell the land to provide Ilnam

with something to live on,

but we can't sell the land just yet.

If you were sure about Ilnam,

I'd pay for a wedding

and get you a place to live together,

but I feel bad pushing you

given his sorry state of affairs.

I feel like I'd be burdening you.


Thank you for looking out for me, Ms. Wang.

(Hana Beverages)

Discontinue it?


Daeyang will acquire Daeyeong, and it will be hard

to find another supplier.

We have no other choice.


you said we were paying Daeyeong more

for much better oriental raisins, right?

But I've learned that Daeyang gets oriental raisins

of the same quality as ours.

So may I ask you why we have been paying more?

President Park knew we falsified the country of origin.

He had something on us,

so we had no choice but to pay a bit more.

It seems Ms. Kang hasn't reported to work yet.


She's taking a sick day as she's not feeling well.

Right. From what I saw last night,

she probably needs some rest.

I don't what she heard or from whom, but...

So contrary to what Yeowon said,

Hana had nothing to with what happened to Mr. Nam?


I get why Ms. Kang might be confused,

but you shouldn't buy into that too.

Do you, like Ms. Kang, think I am that kind of person?

Frankly, I am confused upon learning

about things I never thought you would do.

They're things I had to do

for Hana and President Hwang.

You know the position I'm in.

Let's not talk about that anymore.

Ms. Kang's obsession with what happened to Mr. Nam

is bad for you too.

Comfort her so that she can move past

what happened to her late husband.

Did you find out about Kang's movements yesterday?

Yes, sir.

I found something odd.

What is it?

What did Hana do to my husband?

Tell me.

What did you do to him?

Have them delete all CCTV footage from yesterday.

Yes, sir.

Kang Yeowon overheard my conversation

with Park in the underground parking lot.

That's why she came to the house last night...

(Eastern District Police Precinct)

So you want a reinvestigation of this case?


I don't think it was an accident.

I fully understand where you're coming from,

but there was nothing suspicious about this case.

(Report on Beopwang-ri Traffic Accident) This route

sees many accidents as there are many bends

and lots of speeding at night.

There are no CCTVs there, and there were no witnesses.

And as it was a simple collision,

we concluded that the cause was driver negligence.

Wow. Even the black box was badly damaged.

"Memory card destroyed."

A reinvestigation won't yield a different finding.

Couldn't the black box be restored?

We did try to,

but the force of the impact was very strong.



Take a look at this.

As you can see,

restoration would be difficult as it's rather dated.

Plus, the incident occurred at night,

so there won't be much usable footage anyway.


There is no answer.

Connecting to voicemail after the tone.

(Park Hosik, Dayeong)

(Park Hosik, Daeyeong)

At the customer's request, the number is not

accepting incoming calls for the time being.

(My Sister)

Hi, Yeoju.

You refused to sell the land?

Yes. Alas.

Yeowon, are you okay?

Aren't Ilnam and Dog Woman giving you a hard time?

Don't worry.

Of course they are.

But why did you refuse to sell?

What's the reason?

I'll tell you later.


But it's upsetting to hear you sound so down.

Marry Mr. Bong ASAP so you can escape that house

and be free of Ilnam and Dog Woman's bullying.

Dog Woman?

Yeowon, I'll call you again later.

Why did you suddenly show up

to eavesdrop on my phone conversation?

You startled me.

By "Dog Woman," do you mean my sister?


Of course not.

I think you meant her.

What's going on?

Do you pick her up now, Ilnam?


He suddenly popped up from behind.

Wow, Nam Inam,

did you run over here because you missed Yeoju?

I can feel the love in the air.

Stop teasing.

It's thanks to you that we've come this far.

Thank you.

Seeing you two makes me happy too.



Ms. Gu, try this.

I put in estrogen-rich pomegranate,

which is said to ease symptoms of menopause.

E-Excuse me?

Ms. Yun,

does it look like

I lack 'estra,' 'extra'...


Yes. Estrogen.

Does it look I lack that and need to eat this?


No, Ms. Gu.

Why are you being testy, Mom?

My mom's hormonal imbalance is giving her

terrible mood swings, so don't mind her.

Mom, have this.

You must have it, Mom.

I am brimming full of estrogen.

I'm perfectly fine, so take this salad away.

Take it away.

Yes, Ms. Gu.

Should I make a different salad?


Why cause a scene when I've enough to think about?

It's perfectly delicious.

Just leave it, Ms. Yun.

Oh, hey.



why are you telling me this now?


isn't Dad too hard on Jihun these days?

Work is important, but Jihun is his son-in-law.

He only got to marry you thanks to his work competence.

He must do his job well at least.

As I've said, I get how you must feel.

But we can't reopen a case without new evidence

as the finding won't be that different.

And a reinvestigation may only

deepen the pain of the surviving family members.

I must see President Park somehow.

(Park Hosik, Daeyeong (9))

I should go to Daeyeong's office.


I'm Park Hosik of Daeyeong Oriental Raisins.

Let's meet right now.

I have something to tell you about Mr. Nam Dong-u.

When Dong-u died,

did he have a document on him

entitled "Oriental Raisin Import Records"?

I saw a document like that in Director Kim's office.

Did you really, Ilnam?

I caught you, so don't be coy.

But you're related by marriage.

Would the family elders be okay with this?

Mr. Nam died because of Hana Beverages.

What exactly happened?

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