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FRANK FRITZ: Mike, here it is.

MIKE WOLFE: Wow, this doesn't look like a pick.

This place looks full-on "Leave It to Beaver."

It's not the kind of place we usually pick.


Handle it.

It can be pretty sketch when you go to someone's front door

and you knock on it.

You never know who's going to behind it.



Is Jim around?

Yeah, hang on a second.

You never know what you're going to come across.

You never know what sort of situation

you're going to encounter.

Hey, Jim. What's up, man?

Hey. How you doing?

- Hey, I'm Mike. - Hey, Jim.

How you doing? - Nice to meet you.

- My name's Frank. - How you doing, Frank?

You talked to Danielle on the phone?


MIKE WOLFE: Danielle said you were

wanting to relieve some pressure from the big barn you had.


I sell Harley Davidsons and Indians for a living.

And I'm a collector.

All right. Show us around.

Come to the barn.

All right.

All right.

But when I was in sixth grade, I borrowed $100 from my father.

I started buying [inaudible] Honda 50s, Harley Hummers,


Made a lot of parents around here angry,

because their kids got on bikes at such an early age, you know.


I was a bad influence.

Oh, my god.

Look at this barn. oh, yeah.

Wow, this is huge.

Barn was built in 1955.



And there's two floors.

Probably the top floor you'd be more interested in,

but there's still treasures on the lower floor.




Whew. OK.


All right.

This is why we're here.

So you've been settin' stuff up here for a long time.

I've been in this barn about 10 years.

10 years.

About 25 years ago, I had a vision for this barn.

And about 10 years ago, I got the property.

And this is what I've done.

MIKE WOLFE (VOICEOVER): I didn't expect

to see this kind of stuff when I pulled into this place.

He's got a ton of smalls.

He's got a lot of signs.

He's got a lot of memorabilia.

It's gonna be a good pick.

What's up?

You've got a JD frame over here.

Where'd you find this?

That was actually buried underneath a bunch of model A

parts behind the farm.

MIKE WOLFE: It was fresh picked.

Fresh picked.


Early Harley motors are extremely collectible.

And the best way to display 'em is in the frame itself.

FRANK FRITZ: This is definitely a wall hanger.

It's a really, really nice item, and it's an unusual item.

I absolutely love it.


And I'd go 100 on the frame.


Almost there.

You're almost.


So right in the middle of a negotiation,

Jim's wife Kathy materializes out of thin air.

What do you think?

I think you need to take it home.

[interposing voices]

It's basically-- it's a motor stand.

Let's do 150 on the frame.

Mike and I were negotiating on the JD frame.

And he wanted to pay considerably less than what

I really wanted for it.

I'm at 100.


I told him, I have a very rare part upstairs.

And if you can identify what the part is,

you can have it for your price.

So if I can--

Let's go look at it.

--identify what the part is, I can have that for 100?


All right, let's do it.

Oh, OK

What the hell, you ain't got nothing to lose.

I never shy away from a challenge.

It keeps things interesting, and it keeps me on my toes.

Here you go, Mike.

If you can identify that part--

Is it car or motorcycle?


I consider myself to be an expert on bikes,

but you know what?

This is a freakin' tough one.

I want to say it's-- you know, it's a main gear, you know.

It's a full team effort here.

We need to stay focused to pull this thing off.

What is it, Frankie?

This is a reverse gear.

Oh, for a three-wheeled knucklehead tri-car?

FRANK FRITZ: Yeah. This is a--

[interposing voices] FRANK FRITZ: --reverse gear.

That's what it is.


There's only six made in the world.

I was really surprised that they guessed what it was.

I couldn't believe it.

So 100?

I was shocked.

MIKE WOLFE: [laughs] Yeah.

That's awesome for us.

MIKE WOLFE (VOICEOVER): This place was stacked.

Jim was extremely passionate about his collection,

and that's always really cool.

Can you believe I got that?

MIKE WOLFE (VOICEOVER): This section of a Harley JD

frame cost me $100.

I'm going to ask 250.


All right.


I think that's it.

--thanks for lettin' us in-- come in.

Thank you, boys.

- Nice to meet you. - Yes, you, too.

- All right, buddy. - Nice to meet you.

- Come back again - Great to meet you.

All right, we will.

All right, thank you!

They're great guys.

They're a lot like me.

You know, they're regular guys.

They have the interest.

All right.

They're welcome to come back here anytime and pick again.

[car honking]

See you, guys.

[car honking]

[upbeat music]

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