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(uplifting music)

- Many Christians they have left the Middle East,

abandoned it, because it's getting radical,

and Muslims are get more radical

and they turn their back to their God-given inheritance.

And they have chosen the comfort of the USA and Europe.

They didn't find it easy.

She lost her husband,

and she said, "At least I have the children.

"Oh, I'd love to have keep my husband lineage,

"and I would love to have some grandchildren."

She gave them both married to two beautiful Moabite ladies.

All the Moabite ladies are beautiful,

and if you don't believe me, you've got to meet my wife.

(congregation cheers and claps)

Ten years passes, then she loses her children.

And now she is worse than ever!

To the point said, "Don't you dare to call me

"the Present One, not me anymore

"because I was full, now I'm empty.

"I'm full of bitterness.

"I'm upset with everything,

"Upset with God, upset with my husband who left me,

"my children, upset with myself, I'm upset with everything."

But she heard that God visited his people,

and it was the beginning of the barley harvest,

and she decided to go home.

Her two sister-in-laws, daughter-in-laws

decided to go back with her.

Actually they start walking with her to Bethlehem.

Both of them, then half-the-way she stop them,

and she said, "Let me tell you.

"You are crazy both of you.

"There is nothing for you.

"There is no future for you on Bethlehem."

Well, eventually Orpah kissed her mother-in-law

and said goodbye.

Oh, many Christians, who love Israel,

and they want to stand for Israel,

and when they look around them

and they see the price to be paid is so big.

They act like Orpah.

They turn their back on Naomi,

and they go back to do their own business.

Oh yes, when the time comes for us

to pay the price that Israel is payin',

we will say good-bye.

And we say it in a good manner.

She gave her a good kiss and a good good-bye hug,

and she went back home.

We're good Christians!

Aren't we?

But Ruth, which was faithful friend, she said to her,

"Mama, don't try to stop me

"because your destiny is my destiny.

"Wherever you go, I shall go.

"Wherever you go, I shall go.

"Your people are my people.

"Your God is my God, wherever you die I shall die,

"and I'll be buried there,

"and nothing will set us apart only death."

Oh, this reminded me of my marriage vows to my wife.

It's a marriage relationship!

Not even death can set us apart!

That is what Israel needs,

a Ruth-type church, a Ruth-type believer.

(congregation claps)

(soothing music)

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