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- [Kristin] Sorry, Mrs. Robbins.

(both laughing)

(upbeat music)

- This week, I'm going to be swapping styles

with my friend Jazzmyne for a day.

- Hi, I'm Jazzmyne.

I am Kristin's friend.

- After we did style swap videos with Chantal and Freddie,

and with Dev and Jen, we needed somebody to swap with me.

But it had to be somebody who could really match my energy.

I mean, who else other than Jazz?

- I think my style is very random, yet put together.

Confusing, yet you understand it.

No, I'm kidding (laughing).

I can go a whole bunch of different ways on you

and you'll never know what the fuck you'll get,

but you can bet I'll always look confident.

I was gonna say good, but that's questionable.

- I think Jazzmyne's theme is like very current.

It's whatever people are talking about

and thinking about right now.

She loves prints, Jazzmyne plays with textures.

She's every paint swatch at the paint store,

together, at the same time.

But you love it and it works.

I just like feminine clothes.

I like dresses, I like frills, I like pink,

I love vintage stuff, I love vintage details.

- I would describe Kristin's style

mainly like hot pinup girl.

I'd be curious to see Kristin try

kind of more street styled clothing.

I just would like to see her look

like she came out of a hip-hop dance class.

- I'd love to see Jazzmyne in dresses.

I think the furthest Jazzmyne goes towards femme

is sort of like a hard femme, and I'd like to see her

go like full, soft, I'm a beautiful peacock full femme.

- Not only are me and Kristin swapping styles

for the day, we each have swap morning routines and I

have post a picture in the outfit Kristin picks out for me.

- Here we go!

- All right, so I just woke up, according

to Kristin's daily rules, I have to go

on Twitter for 30 minutes and fuck around.

- I basically just depress myself on Twitter

for half an hour and then I do all the stuff I should

have done while I was depressing myself on Twitter.

- I wake up at 7:00, I'll watch

Great British Bake Off 'til 7:30.

- I'm so sleepy and grumpy.

Grumpy Kristin.

I guess I gotta watch 30 minutes of TV.

That sounds fun, I don't know if it's better than sleep.

- So Kristin starts her day with washing

her face and brushing her teeth.

I don't wash my face in the morning,

I only wash it at night, and I brush my teeth

after I do my makeup, so this is already not what I do.

- Come on cakes.

Okay I know I need to start putting on my makeup

but I'm like really sucked in to this frickin' show now.

I'm gonna be very late today.

- So I went to go look at Kristin's directions

and it literally says "black cat eye".

The problem with doing fucking cat eye is

that matching it on the other side is just shit.

- Now that I've done my makeup, it's time for me

to see what Jazzmyne has picked out for me to wear,

I bet it's terrifying.

- My makeup is finished, got my cat eye,

they're uneven, I don't give a fuck.

And now I have to open what Kristin

wants me to wear for the day.

And I haven't opened it yet, which is

very unlike me because I hate surprises.

- What is this?

- Oh, it's colorful.

Wow. (laughing)

- Is this a dress or is it a shirt?

Hope it's a shirt 'cause it seems kind of short

and I don't know how I feel about my butt today.

- There's more, there's more.

Oh, and a necklace.


(record scratch)

These look like something for ass play.

- Look how tiny.

I look like a raver lady in a '90s movie.

We've also go this denim jacket.

And there's fishnets to wear.

Oh no, it is a dress.

It is a dress.


- Time to try this baby on.

Well, here it is, folks.

Okay, the dress isn't bad, it's very large on me.

So I think I could have gone a size down.

- Look how cool I am.

Swimming in this dress.

This is so much.

- I found these glasses that I had,

which I think are appropriate, and then I found

this cardigan because I'm a little sick

and I'm cold, but I think it matches.

I look like a little housewife.

This is my mom's dream, fuck.

- In theory, I should look cool.

But I do kind of feel like a nerd.

This is the most 90's I've felt since 1999.

These glasses are a great prop, you could be like

"I'm going to poop", and it would still look cool.

- Let me just add, if I had any say in this,

I would pop on this yellow beret, and then it

would be like a fucking look, but I know

that's not what Kristin wants and I gotta stay true to her.

- [Kristin] Oh my god, look how cute you look.

What a cute lady. (laughing)

- Wait, the Kristin pose.

(both laughing)

- [Kristin] I love it.

Actually I think that yeah, those are the right shoes.

This is not you at all though.

- Not at all.

- [Jazzmyne] How do you feel?

- I feel...

I feel weird.

(both laughing)

I want to say I feel badass, but I kind of

feel like I'm wearing my cool mom's coat.

(Jazzmyne laughing)

- Everyone likes this outfit.

Someone said to me, "you look like a fashion woman.'

And like, I am always a fashion woman.

- Yeah, bitch.

- Every woman's a fashion woman.

- Right?

- [Kristin] Oh, hello.

- Oh my gosh.

Look at you.

You look like a P.I., but like a hot one.

(Kristin laughing)

- [Jen] You look like Daria.

- I do, I look like Daria if she gave even fewer fucks.

- I don't see you wear boots like that.

You should definitely wear boots like that.

- I know, these fishnets were

like impossible to put on, by the way.

You don't realize this yet, but a foot

can fit through every one of those holes.

And that's why it took me 20 minutes to get these on.

- These boots are amazing, I actually think

these are the boots, the same exact boots

that I styled Chantal in.

- [Kristin] Really?

- When we swapped styles, so here for them.

(clapping) Fishnets.

- [Kristin] Ay.

- [Freddie] Love a fishnet.

- You look incredible.

- Thank you.

- The little glass and oh my god.

- I mean business.

- (laughing) Also, I like darker colors.

You never really wear--

- That's what someone said to me earlier.

- I love it, you look very east coast.

- I was thinking that this morning too.

I was like, is this New York me?

- The outfit, honestly, I'm fine with the outfit.

Great colors, I like the shoes a lot.

But then people would just be like

(record scratch)

Oh, no no no.


- (laughing) Okay, I will say I saw you from afar

walking across the parking lot into the building.

- [Jazzmyne] And what did you think?

(both laughing)

Who is this?

Who dressed me?

- Kristin.

(Jazzmyne laughing)

Hands down, fucking Kristin, right?

- [Jazzmyne] I feel like a substitute teacher.

- You look like a substitute teacher.

(all laughing)

- It's the flats that really throw me off.

I see you taking article of clothing and

making it dope and bomb and making it your own,

but because you have to adhere to a very

specific aesthetic, that's what's throwing me off.

- I'm not big on oversize stuff.

- I know.

- And it's like, this was an oversized dress

with an oversize jacket and it felt

very like, too much for me.

- [Jazzmyne] If you ever don't want

that jacket, I will take it.

Yes. (laughing)

- I think we need to go find people

who wouldn't work together.

Like let's go find people.

I don't think I realized how distinct my style

was until I saw it on another person.

Yeah, I mean it's pretty distinct.

- Me and Kristin traded styles.

- Oh, Wow.

- What do you think?

- Jazz?

- Wow, I don't, this is like one freaky Friday.

- It is.

- I love it.

- I like it two, you guys pull it both off.

- You look amazing.

- Oh my god, thank you.

- You just look edgy and you're usually really soft,

but now you look edgy and like chic.

And that's just another side of you

that I feel you should explore.

- Really?

- Yeah, you look actually very different,

but it's not like so wild,

like can't it to wok or something.

- Yeah.

- Yeah the are.


- I don't hate it, this is really

out of my comfort zone.

I know that.

(all laughing)


- I will say, I originally styled this without a cardigan

and I do think you look more age-appropriate without it.

- This is so Kristin and it looks

so adorable on Krsitin, but she's not you.

- You in flats is so weird.

It's just not Jazz.

It's a cute outfit, but it's not Jazz.

- Would it be cute on me without the cardian.

- Yeah, absolutely.

And it's not even the outfit as much as

it is just your confidence is different.

Jazz is like, who your parents what you to be.

And Kirstin is who we all are.

(Kristin laughing)

It feels like a referendum on my style.

Like every time someone what just like ew...

- No, because if somebody saw you saw

you in it, they would not say ew.

It's the fact that they were seeing me in it.

- But nobody said ew to me.

(both laughing)

- [Kristin] We posted some photos of our outfits on

Instagram, and I got a lot of positive feedback.

- [Jazzmyne] I did too.

- [Kristin] Really?

Like more than you thought you would?

(record scratch)

- No.

(both laughing)

Somebody literally messaged me and said,

"I'm triggered, people shouldn't do that."

No, I'm not thinking because it looked so good.

- I'm really sad that people were being mean to you.

- It's okay.

- They deserve to be punched out back.

Meet me out back, by the dumpsters.

(fist smacks)

Ow (laughing), that was a mistake.

- The thing that I realized the most from this day

is that I gotta realize that just like giving

other people control of my personal

style is not something that makes me feel good.

It's something that I take a lot of pride in.

Like, I pick out my outfits the day before.

I get really excited when I put them on, I love my style.

Whichever way it goes, and I took that away from me.

- No, I know that feeling though.

Honestly, I was looking at myself all day

and I was just like "This is fine"

- Exactly.

- It's okay.

- It's not you.

So you're not going to be okay with that.

Things are different different people.

- The are, they truly are.

I also think its interesting that we

have both developed such distinct aesthetics--

- [Jazzmyne] Yes.

- That when we walked around,

people immediately understood what we were doing.

- [Jazzmyne] Yep.

- I'm going to wear these fish nets,

and these boots, and this dress again.

- Yes.

- I am torn on the coat.

(Kristin laughing)

You're not gonna hurt my feelings.

- I physically wouldn't wear this again,

but I would wear these color combos again.

- Yes, a suit of this print would be fucking fantastic.

- So good.

- We should be clear, that if we were to actually

dress each other, we would make different choices.

- Definitely.

- I think I would do it again if we style each other

with each other's personalities in mind.

- Yes yes yes.

Within this, though, I'm glad we did it

because it made me understand you more.

And understand like how you feel sexy,

and how you feel confident.

Not like I didn't know that about you before,

but I like truly walked in your that.

- Style swap with Jazzmyne, lady-tested, lady we did it.

All right, let's go change.

- Yeah, please.

Gimme that jacket.

- Okay. (laughing)

(upbeat music)

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