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(upbeat music)

- Alright, what's up guys?

You probably saw a video maybe a few days ago,

maybe a week ago, I'm not sure when I put it up,

when I was at the Tesla Model, not even a model,

the Tesla semi-truck event in California.

- [Driver] Three, two, one.


- Right now, it's before that event so I don't even know

what was launched there.

(screaming) 620 miles?!

I'm excited to find out what it's gonna be in a few hours

even though you guys already know.

So behind me I have the three mass produced cars

that Tesla has done or is going to do.

We've got the Model S, which we've owned,

we have the Model 3, which is pretty new and lot of people

don't have it yet but it's gonna be huge at some point.

And then also, the Model X.

And so, do you guys remember last year,

we went on a trip and we saw, I think we titled the video

'You've Never Seen a Tesla Like This'?

That was our friend Ben from Unplugged Performance

and I figured since I'm in California,

and the semi-truck is literally right next door,

we had to go say hi to him and see what he's up to right now

but there's a few things that I want to learn about this car

about maybe some modifications that we should do to our

Model X, maybe.

And to make it a little bit faster or make it look better

but we're gonna learn a little bit about what they do

at Unplugged Performance.

I've got two Ben's with me.

Ben, do you guys remember him from the video?

I'm gonna put that clip in right now.

So check this out, Unplugged Performance.

- We like super cars.

We wanted to make this more like a Maclaren

or a Lamborghini, to give the feeling of a carbon fiber car.

- This is our other friend Ben, he has a channel called


There is another car that's gonna be coming out soon

and what is the official name of this car?

- Next Gen Roadster, I think.

- This car called the Next Gen Roadster.

If you haven't seen if, I'm gonna put a picture right here,

it looks like super futuristic.

(upbeat music)

Ben won one, he gets one for free.

Like 102% off, he won a competition where he referred,

I don't know, over $6 million worth of Teslas,

is that about right, does that sound right?

- For the year, over $6 million,

for this competition, over five, yeah.

- That is crazy.

- In like three months, it was a short window.

- That is so crazy.

So, Tesla is such a cool company.

They let people refer the cars

and because are so cool, they'll go ahead and refer them.

The one thing that I thought was interesting is

when I watched your video you didn't even seem

all that excited.

(talking in a baby voice) - Thanks.

- Like I would have been pumped.

- I didn't wanna come across as like, you know,

putting it in people's face that I won

or any of those kind of things.

- Because some of your Tesla YouTuber friends

probably were in the running too, right?

- Well yeah, all of us that are kind of,

that are right there, are all, we all know each other.

So I didn't want to like throw it out there, but--

- Okay, but I'm sure off camera he was like,

"Yes, I just won the Roadster!"

He's like running around the house, I know what happened,

he doesn't have to admit it but I know what happened.

So, Ben from Unplugged Performance,

this is not a commercial, he did not sponsor this video,

we are just down here and it was so cool when we met him

at one in the morning at that station.

I was so excited to see that Tesla that I wanted to learn

a little bit more.

Ben, if you wouldn't mind, we're gonna go,

can we go over and like learn some things about

the Tesla Model X and what you guys do?

- Totally.

- A lot of people talk about range on Teslas,

it's really important to be able to have your battery

last for a long time.

Our Teslas should get around 300, 305, but it's really,

in reality it says like 295.

I don't know if it's protecting me from something.

If you have a car that doesn't weigh as much,

it should save you on your energy, possibly,

but then also on your get up and go,

like on your acceleration.

Alright, what are some of the things you've done

to this car to make it so it actually can have less weight?

- Well you look Tesla's website, I believe you can actually

see a range increase or decrease based on which

wheel choice you choose and it's actually true.

You'll get different range based on the different

wheels you use and that has a lot to do

with the weight of the wheel.

Tesla, I believe the range is about 10-15%

on some of the cars,

people have reported upwards of 20% on the Model X

with 22 inch wheels versus 20's.

It's a sad fact they have to choose between what looks cool

versus what will get you a further distance of travel.

So we try to do both.

The wheels that we make are definitely more expensive

than the wheels that come on the car

and there's a reason for that.

It's just much more expensive to make forged wheels.

- Okay, so to that point, that's a really good point.

You probably didn't see this, Ben, but I did a video

getting rid of our Tesla and I was kind of trolling

people 'cause you don't see videos of people just

getting rid of it.

So I listed all the reasons why we're getting rid of it

and one of the main one was, it was a rear-wheel drive car

and in Utah, I had the 21 inches on there,

and the performance was terrible.

We couldn't even drive in that much snow,

it was too dangerous.

So everybody's like, "Well, you should have got

"19 inch wheels."

I don't want 19 inch wheels, I don't want that.

It's a Tesla Model S, it's a beautiful car,

it's fast, it's sexy, I don't want it.

So that makes sense.

Like this one, you're getting the bigger tires

but they weigh less, so you're driving faster, right?

- Yeah, so, we're able to make a 22 inch wheel

that weighs about 22 pounds,

which is lighter than most car companies make

19 or 18 inch wheels.

It's not gonna help you in snow 'cause a lot of that

has to do with the tire you choose as well,

but overall, there's something to be said about

taking weight out of the car, especially off the wheels

or off the brakes.

You'll notice our brakes are super excessive on this car

but they're really cool and they're carbon ceramic rotors,

so it brakes exceptionally well at high speed,

which for this being a P100D is a useful attribute to have.

But besides that, they're actually much lighter as well.

Even actually the lug nuts, if you look at it,

notice they're a different color, they're blue.

And they're titanium lug nuts that are I believe

46% lighter than the factory lug nuts.

In our case, if we can get 100 pounds out of the car

in key areas of the car, it actually will make a difference

as far as range.

- Let's say that your car comes out,

your Roaster, your fancy car, comes out like next week.

If he brought it here, like, what kind of thing

would you wanna do to it that you could think of

to make it faster or would you even need to

because it's already fast enough?

I'm truly putting you on the spot, I didn't even prep you

with this at all.

- The first question would be whether you'd want it

to be any faster.

At ready it's gonna be ridiculous.

- Yeah, I think I'm still fascinated with the idea

of breaking that two second barrier, 0 to 60,

which, there's no practical need for that

but I would love to see, because I understand it's,

there is a theoretical limit based on the physics

of just how cars work that if you don't have drag racing

tires or something like that, it won't work.

So I'd be really curious to figure out what we could do

that is somewhat practical to break that barrier.

- [Announcer] This will be the first time

that any car has broken two seconds at 0-60.

- Alright, we're giving you a impromptu

what's inside video right now.

If you've ever wondered what's inside a Tesla airbag

on the car, well, here's the front of it,

and here's the back, you can see.

Watch it just explode in my face like right now.

But yeah, that's kinda funny, he just randomly had this.

What's cool about it though is it makes it looks like

the inside of the car is completely autopilot,

look at that.

That's what it looks like when it's off, right there.

Can you see that right there, like as you turn it,

you can see the little gear that runs through it?

Whoa, that's super interesting.

I did not intend on showing you this

but that is super cool.

Okay, now, the inside of this car,

you know we are big BYU sports fans.

Blue and white, Lincoln's room is blue and white,

we love 'em, blue and white.

This car is sweet, so you'll never see a Tesla like this,

never in the world, except for this one.

Check out this blue leather.

This is the factory leather right here,

this blue leather right here and right there.

I'm getting in it, I wish you the best.

This blue leather right here is from a Rolls Royce,

they actually sourced it from Germany.

Some of the Rolls Royce's they make it with blue leather

and so this guy was like, "Hey, I wanna have

"blue leather," so they reached out to some company,

some supplier in Germany that makes the blue leather

and here we are sitting in a Tesla that has

blue, fancy, fancy leather.

The exact cost of this car is somewhere around

a quarter million dollars, maybe more,

I don't know the exact amount but it is somewhere

around there with all the modifications.

This is carbon fiber, this is real carbon fiber on here,

this isn't some wrap that is placed on there.

But they actually put carbon fiber on here, on here,

all along this, down here is all carbon fiber.

(upbeat music)

Alright, one thing that you'll notice on this Tesla

that's different than my Model X is right here,

there's a lip that comes out more, it just comes out.

Because of that, look at the logo, it's like almost

if you're sitting straight up, you can't really see it

because it's on such an angle here.

What is the thinking behind this, this part right here?

Why is it sticking out?

- Well, for one, it looks awesome, that's always important.

But usually people add wings and they go really high

and that creates down force and creates drag

so the car basically will lose range.

This is super sleek, it actually doesn't stick up at all,

it just kinda comes out.

And it's really just designed for airflow management,

just to bring air off the back of the car

in a really seamless way.

So it's sleek and it's kind of a modern,

aerodynamic version of a racing wing,

but more for aero-efficiency than for down force.

- So, to give you an idea of what the heck he's

talking about, there's a car over here,

some of you guys will know what it is in the comments,

I'm not much of a car guy other than Tesla.

I think it's called a Get 'Er Done.

- Get 'er done.

- That's what it's called, it's called the Get 'Er Done.

Check out this, this is what he's talking about,

this is what a race car has.

This giant spoiler that puts all this down force on here

so that when you're driving, these tires will stick

to the ground more.

- [Ben] That does not help range.

- It does not, huh?

- [Ben] Not at all.

- But, you can look cool,

you get 'er done on the race track.

It's a GTR, I know it is, but get 'er done sounds funny

because I'm dorky.

So Model S, Model 3, Model X.

Let me know in the comments, like,

even the grill, the front of this is different looking.

That is all replaced.

So, we just showed you a bunch of things with the Tesla,

we've got the interior on the Model X that's different,

we've got the wheels and the brakes that are different,

but then we also have the back that is different

with it sticking out.

You know me, I wanna do all of them to the car.

You know Leslie, she's really economical

and she won't wanna do all of them.

Let me know in the comments, like which one of these

things do you think is cool?

What things do you think that we should do

to our actual Model X, if anything,

to make it look better.

We did the wrap but I think we need to do a little bit more.

We're gonna go make a video right now with everybody,

both Ben's on your channel and talk about your car

'cause your car, what year is that?

- 2013.

- 2013.

- You had a 2013 also, right?

- I did too so I'm curious, we're gonna talk about things

that maybe I didn't like about the Tesla Model S

that maybe could be fixed and he may even do some

of those things or sell his car, so go check out the video,

we'll link it right here.

And yeah, thanks for watching.

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