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Oh wait a minute, you're early. Well alright. Let's get this started! Hi, my name is Ivana,

and I live in Bangalore. In previous episodes of my vlog you could see how India went back

into full lockdown, to battle the second wave of Covid. Also monsoon was just around the

corner, and right now we're really getting into the showers. Despite Bangalore slowly

opening up again, in this vlog I'm living my best monsoon life at home. So if you're ready,

let's kick off with a moody, but very cozy, monsoon morning. [music playing] you off my mind


wake up see this guy see the clouds amongst the sun

see the day for everything it could be stop treading on that snooze button run

open your eyes and see everything it was and isn't will be all at once

It's the most wonderful time of the day: lunch. Today I was in the mood for a warm first soul

hugging meal, while the rain keeps pouring outside. [music playing] i wanna be next to you every night

I am so excited to have this lunch/brunch, because it so reminds me of my days

when I used to do yoga teacher training, back in Kochi. In case you haven't seen those vlogs,

it is the 2015 playlist. But I'll link it down in the description below, so you can catch up

if you want to. Also, in case you have never seen this before, this is puttu. Which is a flattened

rice I think, and then mixed with coconut, and then steamed. So it's basically a rice coconut cake.

With on top of that kadala curry, which is a black chickpea curry. I am drooling because

I really, really, want to eat this. Then I have a veg curry, and because we're in the south

there's a lot of coconut in there. Which I freaking love. In the meantime,

can you hear it? It's still actually quite raining outside. Bangalore weather right now, it's just all

over the place. Then the sun comes out, then it's raining a lot, and all in one day. It's still nice

and warm. So I really, really, don't mind the rain at all. It's really cozy actually. While I have

lunch, I actually want to watch some Netflix, and I really loved your movie recommendations last time.

I looked up 'Homeward bound', 'Balto', 'Padman' is still on my list to watch. But today I want something

light, so a dog movie. Unfortunately 'Balto' and 'Homeward bound' are both not available on the

streaming services that I have. But I can get recommendations based on those movies. So one

that I found is 'White Fang', which is available on Netflix, and I'm going to watch that one.

But of course I also want to give you guys some movie recommendations, because I have been watching

a lot of movies. If we're looking at adventure movies, survival movies, sometimes apparently

my preferences tend to go into horror waters. And one movie that I really like is actually

'Ready or not'. The horror in there is quite light I would say, in terms of like ghosts, and spirits, and

those kind of things. However it is extremely gory, but that is compensated with humor. So if

you need a good watch, 'Ready or not' I really liked it, I really enjoyed it. If you have any more

survival, or dog movie, or maybe cute animation movie, recommendations for me

let me know down in the comments below, But Netflix India was like 'hold by chai'. I saw this super cute

trailer for the Bollywood movie 'Skater girl', and instantly got sucked into it. I adore

any kind of Indian movies which teach me more about village life, as I don't often get the

opportunity to visit, and learn. If you've seen this movie too, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as

I found the ending quite odd. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it. If you're confused as

to why I'm off to do my laundry on a relaxing day, well I'll let you in on a little secret. Wait let

me first start the washing machine, and please your eardrums with one of the most soothing sounds ever.

I really, really, love doing laundry. I love washing laundry, I love folding laundry. I think it's

super, super, soothing to fold laundry, and I have this neat folding hack that I want to share with

you guys. Basically what you do is spread out pants, or a top if you have it, then you fold it

double, and then you fold in the crotch, let's just call it what it is. Then fold the top over, so it

makes for a little envelope, and then just roll the bottom until the envelope, and put it in. You can

do this with your pants, but you can also do this with the top. So with the top it's the same thing,

however you will have to kind of create a little envelope first. You fold in the left side to the

middle, then the right side to the middle, then you fold to the bottom as a little envelope, and then

you roll the top into the little envelope, and that's it. It's freaking amazing! My closet has

been so much more organized ever since I use that folding hack. What's your favorite household chore?

Or don't you have one? I can also imagine that. Ta-da, look at this! And how much more peaceful

is it when the laundry is gone? I absolutely can't stand it, this is a hot spot in my house.

If I just have one thing there, like those books, I need to remove them as well, somehow in my mind

pandora's box opens, and I'm like 'oh I can drop everything here! And within a day or two it will

be the huge mess that you just saw. Laundry is truly a super fun chore for me, and I feel

I deserve some chai. Apparently my use of ginger in the previous video was absolutely appalling.

So let's follow your recommendations in this video, and see what happens. [music playing] walking as a whistle

somewhere in the middle letting things be simple let it go let it go

Ta-da! I am fresh and clean again. I don't think it's even 5 p.m, so that's a massive win for today.

If you're wondering 'why are you wearing such a warm sweater if it's still warm outside'? Well

for me things get chilly very fast. Anything below 28 degrees celsius is chilly in my world. So

might not be the same for you. However do keep in mind if you ever want to visit Bangalore during

the monsoon months, it might be smart to carry something warm, in case the weather just cools down

after massive rain showers. I think the hottest months are from February, that's when it starts

to warm up, until the end of May. And then beginning of June the first showers are starting to show up.

Now it's the mid-June, so yeah sometimes it's a little bit chilly.

Well I definitely have more ginger flavor in my chai, but unfortunately I don't have this anymore.

So I guess it's called a pestle and mortar. So I don't have the pestle anymore. It fell down on

the floor. Tiles-stone, it doesn't work. Luckily I have chai to comfort me. I will just enjoy that.

[music playing] never gonna say in front of me Guys I have absolute monsoon heaven. This is a

'mirchi bhaji' or 'mirchi pakora', depending on which region in India you are in. Pakodas, or pakoras, or

bhajjis, are the ultimate monsoon food. Anything fried actually. So mirchi bhaji is actually

a chili pepper, which is sliced open, de-seeded, and then filled with spiced mashed potatoes.

Not always, but usually they are. Then the chili is dipped in a gram flour batter.

Which gives it a million times more flavor than if you would make it with regular flour.

And actually most pakoras, or pakoras, or bhajis, are all made with a gram flour batter. Usually

it's served with a mint chutney, and a sweet and sour chutney. I have them mixed here. For the people

who are going to complain 'how are you going to taste them if they are mixed'? I like them mixed.

It's okay. We all have different flavors. And yeah, so you dip the bhaji into the chutneys.

This is very typical monsoon food. For the people who have eaten baji, pakoda, pakora in

their life, which one is your favorite? Mine is always mirchi bhaji. This nice, hot, fried, crunchy

monsoon snack is obviously accompanied by some chai. Ah we need to have chai on a daily basis

here in India. Or filter coffee. Let's not forget the South Indian gold. Because, actually fun fact,

filter coffee is much, much, more popular in South India than chai. Filter coffee

in the North I think it will be quite hard to find. Chai obviously is there everywhere.

Especially when it's a little bit chillier outside, this is so nice to

hug your soul. [music playing] But i'm afraid it's too late to try baby

I'm bored by now, so decide to get on with some work. Does anybody else also get back

pain due to bad posture while working? I'm trying to prevent this condition

called 'Dowager's hump' and these exercises have actually been helping me tremendously.

Actually 'din' means 'day' in Hindi. So that sounds a little bit strange, 'day', 'day', 'day', 'day'. Anyways, for

all my Bangaloreans, or if you are coming to Bangalore in the future, there is this

restaurant called 'Oye Hoye'. Nothing sponsored here, this is just amazing, delicious, food

that I want to recommend you. So 'Oye Hoye' has this tray, which is six rotis, and I think uh two

compartments full of bhaigan bharta. In case you don't know bhaigan bharta is roasted eggplant mash,

masala, curry, whatever you want to call it. And then there is actually this subzi, so veggie curry, on

the side. It comes with six rotis, and actually when I order it, I can have it for dinner, and the next

day for lunch. It's an amazing deal! And they're bhaigan bharta is delish. I have to hold myself back from

not having this every single day, because it's that delicious. Oh you eat it with your hands,

and trust me, I am a rice person in general, but bhaigan bharta is so much better with rotis.

I'm just going to chill now. Watch some tv, and probably go to bed a little bit later. But I'm not

sure if i feel like filming back then. So I hope you'll excuse me for that. Do yourself a favor, put

a thumbs up if you want to see more of these kind of videos, and if you enjoyed it. Also what kind of

other 'day in my life' videos would you guys like to see? You guys only want to see relaxing videos, but

maybe you have some other ideas? I was thinking about productive, but that's not something you

guys want. Spa day, that's not something you guys want. So maybe you have some other ideas that

I haven't thought of yet? Ah so good! By the way you can also consider subscribing to my channel

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