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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Eng]하트시그널2 스페셜ㅣ 출연자들의 근황 l Heart Signal 2

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Is JangIMi in Korea because of the special heart signal?


I was supposed to move in last year

She has many things to do

It's good to be here

I was very embarrassed from the airport

Even in airplanes

A sudden fame

The response in the United States is

I went to a concert

As soon as one goes in

A heart signal? A heart signal?

Im Hyun-ju

all on you at last heart signal

Recent status of job seekers Im Hyun-ju

Did you get a job?

Become more interested

I'm taking a step toward the bag designer


speak through the nose with the broadcast

A topic of interest Oh Young Joo

Many people cheered

Do you realize your popularity?

to work take public transportation route

I feel popular whenever I ride public transportation

Thank you

I don't believe it yet

How is it at work?

An acquaintance of employees

have a Oh Young Joo in your company?

the status of Song Da Eun, an aspiring entertainer?

You went back to your main job as an entertainer, didn't you?


Thank you for finding so many people.

Male residents appear

Nice to meet you

Jung Jae Ho A few days ago, I went to Hyun-woo store?

Still a roommate

I wanted to see him

A drastic change in 13 weeks

I went to cheer for fear of being hard to Hyun-woo

Fortunately, he was doing well

Lee Kyu Bin Did you enter the training center?

In May next year

next year?


I am still a student now

Do Kyun

Do you visit many oriental medical doctors after the broadcast?

It doesn't come as much as I thought

Do you have a fan in the patient?

Chinese Fans on a Trip to Korea

A fan came to the oriental medicine clinic on a trip

With a Lesser Panda doll

He received a gift of butter Eco bag

Have you seen the butter controversy?

Handling talent vs naive act


was watching that video

Listening to the panel

I'm right that I did a Handling talent


Im Hyun Joo

Didn't you feel uncomfortable?

It was okay before the broadcast

In the middle of the broadcast

The attention of the people around me was burdensome

I do not see him well



Taking the time to think

It's burdensome to meet.

unexpected popularity

Everyone knew outside

How about Oh Young Joo?

Drifting rumors

Oh Young Joo & Kim Hyun-woohad a fight at the store

Young Joo slapped Hyun-woo's cheek In the alley of Gyeonglidangil-street


Did you go to Hyunwoo's store?

I wanted to clear up the misunderstandings

I wish could talk to Hyun-woo and me

cleared up each other's misunderstanding

Song Da-eun and Chung Jae-ho

Da-eun ,Jae-ho,Do Kyun Three in the theater?

watching a movie with Dokyun

Dokyun, I'm sorry

Have you ever been to Jeju Island?

Got caught


chicken foot house?

Wearing a mask because of tiny dust

People go around without masks

can see better with the mask on

wish you both happiness

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