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- Hi guys, welcome back to my channel.

It's your girl, Jackie Aina, Aina like China.

(rapping) Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie

(rapping) Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie

MAC-eesha cosmetic-a, aka MAC Cosmetics just came out

with a makeup collection inspired by the newly refurbished

Aladdin movie that is now in theaters.

I'm actually going on a date tonight to see it so...

I'm excited 'cause I'm already going to be where I--

I'm wearing, look, I'm gung-ho

going all the way out for the movie.

I have some facts here.

Basically, ever dreamed of being a Disney princess?

Hell no, I dreamed of being a billionaire,

how 'bout that... Mac?

But with a fully empowered modern twist,

fulfill your wish with Disney's Aladdin collection by MAC.

I don't usually get that excited about collections

that are inspired by television series or movies

or whatever but when I saw this,

and I have the collection right here,

these are all PR samples so we're gonna be testing them out

and seeing how we like it, is it a bop or is it a flop?

Shout out to Zachary Campbell.

We're gonna go ahead and jump right in.

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OK, let's roll up our southern bell sleeves

and jump right in.

So MAC pretty much handed us on a platter,

on a platter bleurgh!

We have a nine color eyeshadow palette,

which, I mean, these pans are just, like, way too small.

That's just my first first initial reaction.

We'll get there a little bit later.

We have two powder blushes.

One of them looks to be, like, a bronzer or something?

It says it's a powder blush, I'm just gonna go with

the bronzer for 300 Alex.

This is a highlighter, got one loose shimmer pigment,

four lipsticks here badababaaba swing,

four lipsticks four (nonsensical)

Three lip glosses, actually I'm the most excited

about the lip products.

MAC is still supreme as far as lipstick collections,

as far as lipstick variety, their formulas are amazing,

the shades are amazing, they smell amazing

and they're just all around lip--

(something crashes onto the ground)

We have an eyeliner and then we also have a Crystal

Glaze Gloss, seems to be like a multi-useful product.

I'mm start off by priming with the Milk Hydro Grip Primer.

I'm gonna apply some Hyper Real,

I don't know why we call this foundation

but it's like a liquid highlighter.

This is from MAC, the color that I'm gonna use

is Bronze FX.

Stop asking me if I'm pregnant people.

I'm just hydrated and highlighted.

A whole new world, a dazzling highlight for you hoes. ♪

I'm gonna do some color correcting

with the Live Tinted Huestick.

Now this product is very special to me

because my friend created this brand.

Deepica Mutyala, here a fellow YouTuber, fellow influencer,

she wanted something that she can throw on,

lips, eyes, cheek, it's like a multi-use stick

and I'm gonna be using it to correct.

The shade that I'm using is Rise

and the package is just like, so beautiful.

I'mma use the fatty fat edge and really go in.

OK this don't gotta be blended out perfectly

or nothing like that but the foundation does

and I've been using the Mented Foundation Sticks.

I'm using M20 on the bottom half of my face

and then M10 everywhere else.

Can your friends do this? ♪

Can your friends do that? ♪

All these damn Disney songs are stuck in my head now.

Do your friends go la la la la la, let it rip! ♪

Aw rest in peace, Robin Williams.

(gasps) Is there anything dedicated to him?

They should have something dedicated to Robin Williams

in this collection.

Now do you see why we did the under foundation highlighting?

Look at this, look at this, look at this.

Brown sugar baby, I get high off love gonna... ♪

I just hope I don't fall asleep during this movie.

And I'm using a little bit of the Fenty Setting Powder

in the shade Cashew for my under eye.

I'm gonna top my lids with the Too Faced Concealer.

And you guys, I've really been liking this ABH primer.

Apparently they're coming out with more colors

'cause it really goes on more like a concealer so

I'm gonna blend this out first.

I'm gonna use the tiniest amount... blegh that much.

'Cause it's so light, I like the way it looks

blended in with my concealer.

So according to my infographics, the shadow palette

retails for... $35 dollars!

I still think these pans are just way too tiny.

Like, when you consider how big my blending brushes are

I dunno how this is gonna fly but you know what?

We're gonna do it anyway, why you're here, right?


I think this color up here might be a little too light

and ashy for a transition color

but I'm gonna try it out anyway

and just see how we like her.

(soft music)

So you know what?

She's all right, she'll work for now, for the time-being.

I'm gonna blend out this shade into my crease area

all the way from inner to outer corner.

Ooh, this is real smooth so far.

Friends do this? ♪

Can your friends blend that? ♪

This color's definitely not gonna work

on a lot of really deep skin tones and you know what?

That's really the only transition color

in the whole palette, that might be a problem if you ask me.

You don't remember asking me?

Oh well.

Next we're gonna take this deep purple here,

which I love.

Well this color, I'mma heavily pop along my outer V area.

First, by placing it, then we gonna blend it out a bit.

That's my little trick that I like to do

when I want the shadows to really be impactful.

You cannot be a Disney princess if you start

blending stuff out too soon, you better calm down.

This shaping for eye socket, like,

the shape of your eye's not hooded.

You still have a socket, you just have to find it

in that skin.

Uh-oh, uh-oh, what's going on here?

Aladdin sit your butt down, let's talk about it.

It's really weird.

Might have to do with the transition color

being on underneath it.

I'm just not used to seeing that in back shadows.

That's very very un-MAC of you.

I'm regrouping, I've resorted to now padding the shadows in.

Not here to start no beef...

just here to blend.

Definitely not a fan of what's happening here

but because I'm probably gonna go

and add more base and throw on the lid colors,

this will probably be covered anyway

so I'm gonna let it slide, I'mma let it slide this one time.

So with that being said, I'mma go back

to the ABH eye primer we just used

and I'm gonna start popping that back onto the lid.

I'm doing this because I really want the lid colors

to just be vibrant and I want them to really stand out.

And as you can see, I'm kinda going over that little

patchy, crusty, rusty, dusty, musty area anyway.

Like I said, not something that I'm used--

that's never happened to me with MAC Shadows before,

very strange.

Have you guys ever seen Anastasia's bathroom tour?

I think they did it on the Allure YouTube channel,

but she's just like, so my kind of people,

she's so fabulous.

Keep that head tilted back, don't want your lids to crease,

don't be looking at nobody, don't be talking too much,

don't be blinking excessively, don't start sweating.

No, the lines are probably not gonna be perfect,

that ain't no problem.

I'm gonna go back to the outer V area,

blend that dark purple one more time,

just in the outer V, not going up here.

You see what's happening?

Mama Jackie is not amused.

Now because this look is going to look good, by golly.

I don't care what forces of nature try to say otherwise,

I'm gonna run real quick into my PAT McGRATH palette.

I wouldn't normally do this, but like,

I think this is grounds for an emergency phone a friend

and I'm just gonna, like, use that as like a

replacement color, throw that on,

just try to hide the patchiness

because you guys, like, this is very very very strange

for MAC Shadows.

And this was actually the color

that I was the most excited for from the whole palette.

And before anyone probably might say,

"Well if you had blended in your transition color after..."

I understand that everyone has their own techniques

but I'm used to doing it the opposite way

so I typically, I mean, if the shadows are good quality,

just saying.

But typically, I'm OK going in with my transition color

first and then putting a darker color on top

without that happening, it's my experience,

my review, my experience, my opinion.

The second most excited color from the palette

is this one, it's like a dual chrome,

blue-ish purple, it's got a little bit of both,

razzle-dazzle, I'm going to pop onto my lid.

She doin' what she's gots to do.

I'd be curious to see what this looks like a little damp.

I know they did this aesthetically

because it's prettier but a part of me,

just give me a mirror please, come on man.

I'm gonna take this, where is it?

There you are.

And I'm focusing that color more on the center of the lid

so that it does look like we had a color

in between these two, these two friends, lovers and friends.

We're gonna go to this color here

and blend that a little tighter towards the outer corner.

I feel like the eyeliner in this collection

is a little random, especially because it's just

regular black, not like a cobalt dual chrome back flip

Olympic gold-medal Grammy award-winning color.

What's the point 'cause it's limited edition, you know?

Like, what's the point?

I'm gonna pop that into my water line.

This is a technical liner.

It's in the color Graphblack, it's not a sharpening pencil,

it's just the one that, like, swivels up and down,

which is kinda nice, you don't have to sharpen it.

OK so I like the eyeshadow look.

(with voice-changer) Love the look Tony, you look great.

But I feel like there's just something...

There's a little something missing.

I would love to have seen another berry matte, yeah, mm-hmm.

I think that the gold and the silver's cute

but I could have done without one of them.

I get why they put it in there though.

I totally get the vision.

Naturally, I would've boot this one out

but I would like to see, like, a berry matte shade in here

to kind of like warm up the look a little bit more.

I'm cheating again, I grabbed my Urban Decay

Naked Cherry palette because I wanted something

that I can throw in my transition color

just to make the look look a little bit more finished.

I don't feel like this is finished just yet.

I'mma take Bing and if Bing is just a little too punchy,

I will go for something else.

So I'mma start off with a little bit of Bing

around my creases, this needs to be

a little bit more colorful.

You know what, already I like that.

I'm happy with that already.

So Bing is going in the crease and I probably will have

to clean this up a little bit.

I'm feeling like this look is a little bit more warm,

a little bit more completed, you know?

Ultimately, I just decided that that transition color

was too light and was not gonna cut it.

If I was doing a more basic, neutral look

and I wasn't using the dark purple,

it probably would have worked.

But for this, she just wasn't cutting it sis.

Pink has, once again, come to save the day.

Pink is a worthy and upstanding committee member

and citizen but no-one listens to me.

All right so I'm gonna next pop this shade here.

That is going along my bottom lash line with a pencil brush.

That is a lot of fallout, when the heck did that happen?

OK, I don't know how I missed all this fallout but wow.

It's definitely not a deal-breaker but I'm just

pointing it out.

For falsies, I'm gonna throw on Batty Lash,

#batty from Batty B Lash.

This is the perfect lash to keep me awake

during the movie hopefully.

I'm so tired, I've really been on work mode for you guys,

trying to get back to regular upload.

I really miss having a steady stream of videos

but also, also I will say, I got a lot of stuff going on

outside of YouTube and necessary sacrifices

have been needed to have been made.

You'll be finding out what those sacrifices were soon,

well one of them is soon.

I'm using the KISS by the way.

I'm gonna be using the KISS Super Strong Hold Lash Glue,

I freakin' love this lash glue, it's so good.

I'm gonna take the Prime Beauty bronzer

in the shade Bronzeville.

I love this brand, I think it's black-owned.

I'm almost positive it's black-owned

but anyway, we just gonna go in

and add some warmth in these cheeks here.

Adding to that to my crease was like well played.

I don't make a lot of good decisions,

sometimes I question the decisions I make

but this one was one of the better ones.

As well as this bronzer, this bronzer's gotta be

my perfect shade and the reason why I chose that

and not this, which I did confirm,

this is meant to be a bronzer,

that wouldn't bronze me in the winter,

that wouldn't bronze me during the long night.

This would not be my bronzer shade if I was inverted.

This just isn't mmm... it's a nice eyeshadow.

Moving forward.

But if I'm ever reincarnated as, like, Sandra Bullock,

I think it might be a pretty nice summer shade.

I don't understand why putting certain things

like complexion products, like, it just doesn't make sense

to put a bronzer in a collection, right?

Unless you're gonna give us a full line of them, you know?

Like, this one size fits all, it doesn't work.

It simply doesn't work and I'm tired of people

pretending that it's a thing, it's not a thing.

Ugh I can't wait to eat warm, unbuttered,

I don't like butter, leave the butter for the farmers OK?

I love movie theater popcorn, like there have been times

where I have just gone to the theater,

bought popcorn, walked out unscathed.

I'm just excited to see this movie and eat popcorn,

I haven't had popcorn in, like, a month.

(blows) I'm not a vegan but I'm vegan-adjacent.

I took a little bit of this pigment,

it's in the shade Rose.

I'm gonna pop that on the sensor of my lid,

even though it didn't really do anything

but, like, add more shine, I just...

thought it looks pretty, it's cute.

It's cute as I-- (coughs)

They think I just wanted to throw that on

just to say we tried it and we did.

This is a pink blush from Bare Minerals.

It's in the color Strike A Rose.

(laughs) Isn't that cute and corny?

This is so we have a little color on our cheeks.

And then taking the highlight.

Always One Jump Ahead.

That's really cute and a really long name

but it's cool, I mean, it's cute but I can already tell

it's probably gonna be a highlighter I can live without

but let's put it on and see.

It looks like the powder equivalent of the

Hyper Real Foundation from earlier.

It's definitely very yellow, very champagne-y,

more golden than it is silver.

I like this one.

This actually complements the purple really nicely.

Ooh, ooh, I'm feeling froggy.

I'mma take a little bit and put that, like,

right in my brow, just a little dash of that.

Course we gotta hit the inner corner.

I'm gonna finish it all off with some Fix Plus

because why not MAC's cult favorite?

This one is in the color gold light,

it has, like, little specs in it.

It doesn't really show on the face though.

(quiet mumbling)

The highlighter on the skin and the brow bone

is a great touch.

Back to the Crystal Glaze Gloss,

yeah... I don't really have a lot of direction

on what this is or how it's used.

I'm gonna check my pamphlet again.

Clear with multicolored pearl,

doesn't say what the pearl's used for,

doesn't say if the pearl was sourced from the

Atlantic Ocean, I don't know much about the pearl.

I'm just gonna put on my lipstick,

my lips are dry as hell.

I can't tell if that's a lip product or not

but you know what?

We've already applied it there, so what are you gonna do?

So for the lips, I'm gonna give you guys swatches.

I feel like, lip swatches are, like,

the one thing that you can't really cheat.

This is the lipstick in the color Rajah.

Ooh, that's really pretty, that's a rosy, red-ish raspberry.

This is

A whole new world. ♪

A dazzling place to get your butt whooped. ♪

A whole new world, a whole new lace wig.

This is Princess Incognito, which is a nude pink.

And lastly, this--

we already tried Rajah.

OK, Friend Like Me, and lastly, we have Friend Like Me.

Oh, I would not touch this with a 10-foot pole.

That is a milky muted not on its own,

I wouldn't use this color on its own, but like,

I'm low-key tempted to kinda wear it now.

I think I'm gonna go with Rajah.

Something inside of me wants to ignite Rajah.

Before I continue though,

let's just see what the glosses look like.

This is Jewels On Jewels.

Ooh... this is pretty.

It's got pink, it's got orange, it's got gold.

This next color is Magic Carpet Ride,

this one's a little bit more purple.

I see here iridescent, that's a very magical color.

Perfect name. Perfect name.

This one is Diamond In The Rough.

So I see what they were trying to do

but, like, this was, like, a missed opportunity

to make it, like, icy.

The glosses are actually all cool.

They're all shades that I would wear.

I think they're all really pretty.

The lipsticks are pretty diverse.

You have a berry tone, you have a nude,

you have a bold color.

OK so, I want my lips with brown liner,

just use something that matches your complexion,

whatever, doesn't matter.

And even though I think Friend Like Me is quite atrocious,

I think it would make a nice highlight color.

I feel like Rajah is gonna have popcorn specs

all over it so you know what?

I'm gonna keep it light, I'm gonna keep it neutral,

I'm gonna keep it cute, you know what?

I'll throw on Princess Incognito first

and I'll leave some space in the middle.

Blending in of my liner beautifully.

I mean, it's nude pink, you cannot mess up nude pink.

Friend Like Me, the milky atrocious lavender color,

now that I look at it more, I actually kinda like--

And I'm gonna pop that in the middle right over the pink.

That just muted the color a bit more.

And then for gloss, do we want a gloss?

Since you're here for it and you're dying for it,

I'm gonna take Diamond In The Rough.

She's got that icy, crystal-y little hope of glimmer

we can use today and I'm just gonna apply that

in the center of my lips.

I love the MAC signature vanilla lipstick scent.


Well that completes the look.

It's now night time, sorry guys, I've lost

some of that beautiful golden sunlight we had

to light up our background, she's gone now, she's gone now.

To wrap up my overall thoughts of this collection.

There are collections that sometimes I take on

that I don't really care about but I review them

'cause I know they're gonna be super trendy

or I'm getting a lot of requests.

This isn't actually one of those collections.

I was really excited about this.

I like the idea of it because the movie Aladdin

is such a vivid beautiful movie.

I don't know if what I have here represents that.

We didn't need these highlighting powders

because the bronzer's not gonna work for anyone

but maybe Caitlyn Jenner and Jennifer Aniston.

I mean, the overall presentation in the packaging

is giving us Aladdin but other than that,

the most Aladdin part of this collection

was probably the shadow palette.

The pigments, why didn't we get more of them?

Just one random Rose?

I think what makes a good collection is

how pissed am I gonna be once this is discontinued

because I won't be able to buy it again, right?

I feel like the only thing that kinda did that for me

would maybe be the glosses

but the glosses are very replaceable.

One thing that I was thinking about earlier

when I was going through my beauty room is

I would have loved to have seen some dazzle shadow liquids

from this collection.

If we had kept everything as is in its current state

of emergency and you threw in five dazzle shadows.

OK, listen, listen, a green, a green that's the color

of this little info pamphlet, OK?

A purple, duh, maybe even like a cobalt blue?

Dare I say a red?

And then maybe, like, a golden silver to finish it off.

That would have given me Aladdin.

I feel like Aladdin is such a glamorous theme.

You have Princess Jasmine, it's so romantic,

it's vivid, it's bright, it's fun, it's whimsical.

As far as the shadow palettes go, I mean,

you saw my struggles.

I think it would've been cool if they had maybe

another version of this palette with other colors,

other, maybe cool tone colors

or something a little bit more fiery.

I did like the palette.

Do I think there was a couple of shades

that could have been, kinda swapped out

for what's in there?


All in all, as someone who really loves purple,

I saw this palette and I was like, ooh,

ooh in my efori voice.

Now that I think of it, I have a really really similar dupe

that came out from Bobby Brown last year.

I don't know if you can still buy that palette

and I actually did a look on that palette.

Yeah, I'd rather use that.

As usual, the lipsticks probably save the collection

because I just think MAC is phenomenal at lipsticks.

That won't change anytime soon.

Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

on today's video.

I really hope you guys enjoyed and if you did,

please give this video a thumbs up.

I don't really ask that enough and I feel like,

you know, closed mouths don't get fed

so I'm asking you, if you enjoyed the video,

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Speaking of more videos, I'mma just put one right here,

right next to my one million plaque.

Isn't she pretty?

I don't show her off enough.

I don't know what to say after that but you know what?

Just watch another video.

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