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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Grow Microgreens in Your Home & Make $100,000+ a Year

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Alright, this is john kohler with today with another exciting episode for you, and this is probably one of the coolest episodes

I've filmed and visited in a long time the dude is just super nice

Anyways where I am today in the world? I'm here in literally like a downtown Baltimore

Just kind of like the inner harbors just off in the distance over there

And we're about today is just sitting outside a farm, and you're like thinking John. Are you high no?

I don't smoke any kind of cannabis

Or anything for psychoactive effects or ingested in any other way for those effects personally?

So where I'm standing at is just outside a house

But this house has a farm in it one of the rooms has been converted into a bar that grows microgreens and the farmer makes

$100,000 actually plus a year from his farm. Which is actually quite amazing to me

You know furthermore for those of guys that are out

west and never been out east right the houses in the East Coast secession in big cities are

Like small like there's one big building, but that building is split into actually two individual houses


when this house was

Purchased as purchased many years ago for like thirty five thousand dollars right now of course real estate prices has gone up the neighborhood

a lot better, but also he

White are making a really good lineage


In their house which was formerly back in the days a

Bedroom so what I want to do for you guys today is actually take guys inside the house to show you guys this little

Literally a micro farm and actually the cool thing about the micro farm

Is that like she doesn't even serve people from outside his zip code cuz he has enough business he's maxed out his farm

But what he's also doing is he's training others to grow microgreens in their home

Or he set somebody up in a local area growing in an apartment also making lots of money selling microgreens

You know and this I believe is the future of farming is


No small micro farms and having many of them to employ more Americans so that we could all be self-sufficient and also you know feed

People in the local area, which is a lot more sustainable in addition

You know I want you guys to learn how to grow your own microgreens and eat them on a daily and regular basis

They're the most nutritious food literally on the planet anyways without further

Let's go ahead and go inside and show you guys just a small setup. They got in their kitchen

All right, now. I'm inside. I'm gonna show you guys the kitchen here, and this is check this out

They got a little mini

Gross setup right here that you know they sell and can set you guys up with

So you guys could grow your own microgreens just literally in the kitchen like they are so

Microgreens are probably one of the easiest

Crops you guys have grown if you guys have tried growing outside and have failed whether you live in an apartment and growing in containers

which actually can be a lot harder in my opinion than growing in the ground and

Haven't had so much a good luck right you got to try growing some sprouts and microgreens

They're by far the easiest things to grow I mean the answer is simply because how long they take to grow right?

Here's a little setup in their kitchen that you know

They also sell kits just like this so you guys grow microgreens in your kitchen like one flat a week

You know with little lights underneath here and just a little stainless

Chrome-plated rack and what the farmers here do actually is every day. They make it a goal to eat

one pad of these guys

At their breakfast meal and one pad at night for their dinner meal in the app

They actually skip lunch, so I mean super simple super easy and what I'm not telling you is that these microgreens?

They only take seven to ten days to grow to full maturity, so you know there's a lot less

probability of things going haywire

When you only have to grow for ten days and half the time you're just basically misting in with water, and they're just germinating right?

Super simple to grow I want everybody watching this to start growing some microgreens

And I'm glad that a city hydro here makes it really easy right they figured out because they've been doing this for over five years

in this very location

Growing microgreens, and they started out slow at first, but now they have an established clientele and people know about

City hydro, they're probably one of the most of you know foremost experts in the country

Growing microgreens on a small scale and actually talking with the owner Larry here for probably about the last hour

So like this guy definitely has done his research, and he totally knows the stuff

So yeah these guys only

Seven to ten days to harvest and these are four to forty times more nutritious than the large-size vegetables

So you know what they do is they just simply take some little scissors here, and they can just clip them off

And they're just gonna use these greens and just you know eat them

They're quite delicious they have a nice mild flavor

so if you've eaten like

B kale like normal Kelly's right and especially if you live here in

The Baltimore area and especially like in the winter when it's snowing outside

You know those leaves the kale that you're buying is being shipped in all across the country

From, California the nutrition goes down and also I'll be the first to tell you that the flavor also starts getting way bad

Right freshest is always bestest is what I like to say

And if you grow your own kale Micron's not only do they not taste like the nasty

You know old bitter kale from the store. They have to have a nice light flavor

You know you could taste the kale very lightly, but also they're way more nutritious a lot more water rich for you

And so I'd encourage you guys to get some micro greens in your diets every day

You know I get questions a lot John. What should I grow I live in a partner Connor? What's the best thing?

I should grow indoors. Can I grow lettuce everybody always wants to grow lettuce? What's this fascination with lettuce that everybody has well

That's two guys lettuce is so common. You've had lettuce probably you're a whole entire life, and you know it

the problem with lettuce is that it may take up the 60 days to get a whole a head of lettuce to grow and

Then you're gonna harvest it, and then you have one head of lettuce for dinner. That's not a lot of food guys

Meanwhile as you guys are going to see in just a minute

You know these guys once again 7 to 10 days to grow and you can grow literally a couple

pounds in 7 to 10 days and eat a plant of the microgreens which are more nutritious

More delicious in my opinion and are a lot faster, so you could really do major damage

To your you know grocery bill, right?

I want you guys to try to like

Minimize things you're buying I want you guys to be a producer instead of a consumer

And I want you guys to you know like one of my goals is to grow all my own food one day


Frankly I'm not in this place where I have enough land to do that so what I do is I grow as much food as

I possibly can and

Microgreens by far are is the best?

Strategic investment right so that you can offset the most and actually also most expensive part of your food bill

Which the leafy greens if you go to Whole Foods here in town. You know just down the street

I think a bunch of kale can be two three dollars. Maybe in the winter when it's more scarce. It's even more

And you guys in South Florida maybe in New York, so you can have it worse right?

But these guys you could literally grow fur for pennies for

Totally way less money and have it fresh and available for you guys so that you guys could actually eat higher quantities of these foods

anyways aside from this little cool little kitchen setup

I channel has take you up to the Grand Daddy which is actually so now about the head

into the indoor farm and this indoor farm before it was actually this farm here was actually a movie theater room as

Evidenced by the side of above it says digital

Sound this theater features DTS?

So before that it was actually a bedroom

But this was a theater

And actually through a long series events actually the owner of the farm used to be actually a hacker for the government to make sure

some of our you know most critical systems were secure and

He did that for many years. It was a good job, and he loved it in stuff, but one day unfortunately

He was in an automobile accident where somebody rear-ended him. He was stopped and somebody rear-ended him in 60 miles an hour and he

had traumatic brain injury

after that he couldn't work for the government anymore because he couldn't like remember stuff right as well as he didn't especially if you're a

Hacker. You got to know all these different things that you got to try when you're hacking and doing all this crazy stuff

So then he couldn't do that anymore

He's like he couldn't really do a lot of things actually anymore

So he's like what can I do and anyways his his uh?

You know wife had gone in the store one day and brought home a tomato that was like seven dollars a pound and he's like

Seven dollars a pound that's expensive

I could grow that so then he tried to grow tomatoes, and then you try to grow lettuce like indoors

and that didn't really work, so well and

Then his wife kept telling him

Microgreens microgreens so then you started growing my greens, and it worked really well

And this way they were able to save money from buying the expensive

Organic greens at the local Whole Foods and other places and then that basically morphed it got bigger and bigger

And he's like hey

I think we're these for other people and that's exactly when you started doing over five years ago now and

In his converted theater room

And I believe this is a much better use of the space instead of a theater that you might watch a movie

I mean if you don't have any if you don't have anything to do maybe once a day or maybe more than once a day

But what could be more important than growing the food that you guys you and your family you're eating

There's nothing more important, so if you have a spare bedroom

Extra space in your house you know park your car outdoors

I've been to places that grow food in their garage right now

You got a climate control it

but you know growing food is one of the most important things you could do so I'm glad I'm able to come and

Be here today actually on a fairly short notice to show you guys what they're doing because that this grow room is probably one of

The most impressive that I've seen throughout all my travels all right, so now we're gonna head into the grow room here

This is the home of city hydro there at City Heights

Hydro calm by appointment only and this is the ultimate in vertical farming

You know you'll see all these

Videos and all these people doing trying to do vertical farming and growing lettuce and all these big major crops, right

I really think vertical farming is what they're doing here is

microgreens because they take less time they're also more nutritious

And they could make you know a bigger change in the world and check this out

Just walking in here right all these racks and the nice lighting it's nice and warm

I smell the fresh air like just racks and racks and racks of all these beautiful

Microgreens it just goes all the way down there, and this is just not even a big room

I think it's like was it 15 by 20 or something like that

Not really that big, but yeah

They're using the best of the vertical space and you know they could have went higher because they got room up there

But then you know they're the routes the racks might start tipping over these racks

I think are about seven feet tall and these aren't any kind of special racks right you go down to your local

Costco Home Depot even Target, I believe sells these kind of metro racks which are actually

NSF certified

you know for food use and

You know they they're they do things a lot

Differently and a lot better than many of the microgreens growers that I've been to there

They're fully certified for all these food safety things and all this stuff

And they could trace and know where the seeds came from and they label like each rack

So here's some micro radish here, and that's what it says

It's growing micro radish, so we know what's in there number one number two

They have the date and the date is in the format of a month

second day first

that's because I use a European dating and

Then also they tell you where they have on here like where the seed stock came from and then you know

Where this is going to be going who is this gonna get sold to right and?

Yeah, look at these beautiful microgreens under these actually custom designed

LED lighting right they want to they want to be really

Energy-efficient and so they found this LED lighting that you know if I put my hand underneath here

You know actually I can put my hand all on this, and I'm really not feeling any heat in here and these are custom design

At the proper spectrum, I think it's like

5,500 K or 5000 K

Spectrum just white light they tried to use you know the other colors

You know the whatever the other color the lighting you know that they normally use

You know what the green or the reds or whatever, but yeah those didn't really work

So they just went with these and these they found actually work the best, but yeah

This is amazing and this is all on low voltage LED lighting. Yeah, all these racks and amazing

microgreens growing at different rates of speed

Inside here to cool depending on the time of year

They might use one or two different air conditioners as well as a dehumidifier here


Then also you know as you guys can see they have some small little fans

Air circulation is one of the most important things to reduce the mold as is

You know growing your microgreens properly?

I think what I want to do next actually is actually share with you guys the process they go through

To grow Mike green some of the special things they do that

I haven't seen anywhere else so you guys don't know the process and that you guys could do it, too

So one of the cool things about growing microgreens is that you really don't need a lot, right?

You don't need to buy a tractor. You don't even need to buy that many tools if any

You don't need to buy a hoe

Or you don't need to have a hoe or anything like that

All you need are a few things number one. You need basically seeds right and then you need water

and I think you might need some trays or something or something to hold the

You know the microgreens in and maybe some kind of bedding

Material or maybe not because they can also be grown in just water alone without any kind of bedding material

But I think the quality of the microgreens

Starts with the seeds the seeds are probably one of the most important things right if you have poor quality seed

Then it's not they're not going to germinate and not going to grow the microgreens you want

You know and so they've sourced some of the best

quality seed and you guys can see they buy the seeds in bulk and

That's one of the ways as a grower

You guys are going to get your cost down is to buy the seeds in bulk right they buy in twenty five

pound or 50 pound quantities

And that's because they're on a commercial level

That being said you know if you guys are home growers, and you guys are gonna grow a lot

I don't necessarily recommend buying this quantity of seed because then you got to store the seed and the longer you store the seed and

All this kind of stuff the germination rates go down

So I would recommend you guys bind like buy the 1 or 5 pound bags

Depending on the seed that actually you're buying something like radish seeds

Yeah Buy it buy the 5 pound

Buy the 10 pound to save some money because you're going to blow through those a lot because they're the cheapest and also easiest

Microgreens to grow they can also be very important when you're starting out to first learning how to grow microgreens

Start out with radish seeds because they're inexpensive your short start out with some kind of other seeds that are more expensive

And you mess up, then you just lost the money right if you mess up your radish greens

not a big deal brush it off put them in the compost pile outside and

Start over so you know they've done their due diligence and research with the seed companies right they used to use like Johnny seeds

But Johnny seeds

Sells some of their seeds is actually from Samantha's which is actually a month owned by Monsanto

So they stopped really buying from Johnny's unless they really have to and I don't maybe even they even don't nowadays

But now they use Mountain Valley seed company

I'll put a link down below. I remember when I actually visited Mountain Valley seed company in Utah. I visited the owner there

He's a great guy

And they just seemed like a totally legit company so it's good to hear that actually you know Larry. Here is actually using them and

the other thing I want to say about Larry is that he is a really cool guy right he came from the software industry and

open-source model so his method of growing sprouts and microgreens or microgreens here is

Open source you know, but he just wants the credits for coming up with his techniques and his credits

So make sure if you use anything from this video say hey, I learned this from not John at growing greens

But I learned this from Larry

At City hydro through John koehlers video, right?

But just let people know because I mean he's he's done a lot of work to actually make Mike greens even better than

Actually all the places I've ever been to that just kind of you know step in other people's footsteps

I mean this guy really blaze in the field

You know put it that way so you have a mountain valley season then you know store the seats properly right yeah the seats come

Shipped in bags, and if they're not going to have a seat along too long

They'll may be stored in the bag the brags are breathable

But you know this also can let moisture in which can be one of the worst things for seeds

So they you know also have these up

These up buckets here with these especial tops

I forget the I think they're gamma lids that you can just to screw off and screw on and access your seat

So I do recommend store your seeds in a proper way such as these nice food grade

Buckets so aside from having good quality seeds

Which we know they got already you got to have something else good quality water, and you'll be amazed to know that

City hydro here is just using the Baltimore Maryland tap water, but let's find out what they do to before they actually

Give it to any of their plants so this is the water that used at City hydro

And basically they take the baltimore city water, which is already you know certified safe for human consumption, although. I wouldn't drink it

but if many people do unfortunately

But what they do is they take that water and they basically run it through these two top pieces here, which is their specially designed?

Basically a filter filtration including some carbon that they replace the media on a regular basis

And they basically just let it kind of like a gravity feed down into a food safe

HDPE I think this is like a 55-gallon drum

and then they have a little spigot on here where they can actually get the water out and

Amazingly you saw some of this the overview shot of this gardener when I walked in but this whole

farm heater has literally only takes seven gallons of water a day and

That's totally amazing so this is

Probably the best way to conserve nature's resources to grow the most nutritious food on the entire planet

And they're doing it right here in downtown

Baltimore totally amazing so yeah besides having the good water another thing that's very important is having proper trades

And they figured out a better trade than any other

Microgreens farm I've ever been to today. I'm going to show is next so basically all the farms

I've ever visited that grow microgreens use this standard black style

Nursery flat to grow their microgreens in you know they come in like a 10 by 10 which is a half-size or a full?

10 by 20 like this right

But they don't use this style flat here for a few reasons

I mean number one of the reasons that I'm aware of that

I've known about this kind of style black plastic is that this style black plastic is some of the cheapest

cheapest crappiest plastic there is

These were designed to grow you know plants in roots not you know plants in soil

With the roots not like microgreens to serve the people right in the creation of this

Plastic is like this carbon black material

Which is like really nasty stuff right and also furthermore like these trays look at this

It's like all cracked up on the side, and it's bumped up these guys will deteriorate and go bad really fast

And that's not sustainable for business to keep buying plastic when they get bad. They got a hopefully recycle them or throw them away

Not super sustainable, so they don't do that here. You know they found the best practices of any microgreens company

I've been to and they're like what could we use that's actually food safe?

To grow the microgreens in right so then they they looked no further than their local

pizza shop or bakery right in bakery and pizza shops, they have like a trays that kind of look like this right here and

This is basically what it's called as a is a proofing pant and this proofing pan

Maybe they started out with but they don't use this one now either. You can't just use any old proofing pan

this one's actually made of fiberglass, you know kind of like my

1981 Corvette I used to have that actually got hit

It's fiberglass right and the fiberglass is a coating on there that may peel over time, so you know because these


Proofing dough trays were not designed to grow my greens are designed to proof dough without all this constant water

Contact so they're like how could we do even better than that then they found these guys?

And these guys are actually also proofing pans and these guys are actually quite large

I mean that I came to fit in the whole video without cutting it off

but these are special proofing pans that are made from the

HDPE plastic

Which is the best food safe plastic use that also lasts a long time?

You know some of these trends that they have here are actually five years old

They've been using these trades five years old and it's always better to reuse instead of recycle or throw things away

So I want to encourage you guys it because our monitor greens growers still using these guys right we're gonna start

Don't use these guys use the right you know product

And this is actually made by the dome eight and this model is the cpt

70 and

So you could contact them here at City?

Hydro to buy these because they are a dealer because they buy so many of these for themselves and also help set up other people

Growing now aside from these nice large style trades, which is a full tray which you know they sell a full tray of

Microgreens. I think it depends on you know the price

But generally I think they get maybe thirty dollars for a full tray and for a half tray

You know which is basically this this size, which is white I kind of like these a bit better

It's $20 and furthermore and that's the basically two restaurants who are ongoing?

regular repeat customers now at the farmers markets

They have different sizes, and then they would basically use this size for farmers markets

And I think this is like a ten dollar size of my greens, and then they have like a smaller like a strawberry size

Which is five dollars you know so you know they make a lots of money?

Just growing all these microgreens with their regular clientele

They don't have to deal with a hassle of going to

Farmers markets and selling you know five or ten dollars at a time

You know they have customers that take you know six flats or more you know per delivery

Which is you know every?

I think every week or maybe even twice a week so aside from the seeds the water and the trains that grow the microgreens in

You only need like one other major component for the most part. You're going to need the media

You're going to growin now some migrants companies may grow in water, and they're gonna actually be soon doing that here

Just water alone with actually know basically bedding material or growth medium and many growth mediums

Maybe like organic compost you know coconut coir

Peat moss these actually plastic

Spun fibers that make little mass used in

hydroponics normally the but they didn't want to use any of those things because you know some of those things to be messy they they

Splinter and they drop dirt everywhere and that makes things really messy plus if it's compost it might have possible contamination there

They wanted to do something really clean

That was more better for the planet than some of just the standard spun plastic mats

Which is creating excess waste so what they're doing here instead is that you know they're going to be using

This stuff which is basically this is just a coconut cooler fiber

Matting right, and I know those you guys that are like it's a hemp light. What about the hip matting John?

Well, you know what here's the hemp matting right here?

They try using the hemp matting and the coconut coir mat in and guess, which one works more better

The coconut coir many because they found this had and kept a better structure

Than the hemp that that's kind of like fell apart and didn't work so well in addition

There's other kinds of fibers that you guys can use kanaev is another one that I actually

Know about and have been experimented with myself personally, but it'd be interesting to see how that fiber works as well

But that being said coconut fiber is probably the best fiber in my opinion that can have you know

May be able to be used for other things

But you know so many places make all this extra coconut fiber that needs to go into something creative and useful

And this is probably one of the best uses now. This is a standard coconut fiber

They trim this down to their proper size and then they don't just put this in the tray and then grown this directly that wouldn't

work You know what they do is they soak this stuff for about 24 hours in pure water and to get it the right consistency

So over on this side. This is a soaked one, and this is an unsoaked one you guys see the difference in the color and

Once it's soaked for 24 hours, then they're ready to go on to the next step

Which is basically a seeding up this mat and putting seeds on it?

And then starting the germination show I want to show you guys that step next so the next step here at city hydro is

Getting those seats driven so first thing that usually takes some bamboo once again another natural material

and they lay some of these rods down on the bottom and now the reason why they're doing this is to get the map that they're

Gonna, then put in to the trays off the ground

They don't want the matting

Sitting on the ground of the trade because they can get too wet and that's not going to provide good air flow or circulation

For the plants inside then the next step is they they put some of these

Matting things in here that are cut to the proper size so that they basically

Lay in side-by-side super-tight kind of like a shuffling and dealing cards like you're a dealer in Las Vegas

But now they're dealers in microgreens so once they got all these laid out properly

Then they're gonna go ahead and just simply sprinkle on the seeds

which I'll show you guys next so here's a flat that will just seat it out with the

micro leaks all in there

And they basically just put all the seeds down and then after they sprinkle all the seeds

And they got really good coverage and that could take some time to make sure you get good coverage

And you don't get piles of seeds in any one location

You know for the best microgreens you want them as single file

Or single layer at a time as you guys could get across the plat the next thing to do is very important step, right

They're gonna take some hydrogen peroxide and make sure you store your hydrogen peroxide in a non clear

Bottle because if hydrogen peroxide is stored in a clear bottle

Basically the properties of the hydrogen peroxide will get ruined by the light

so they use a hydro peroxide a three percent solution and basically take the hydro peroxide and

Basically spray all their seeds down to ensure that they're going to be growing some of the cleanest microgreens

This is a very important step to you know potentially kill any lingering of

Potential pathogens that being said you know all the seats have been tested for pathogens before they started

so it's very important to go to a seed seller that you know test their seeds for the

pathogens before you even get them and that's another reason why I encourage you guys to buy seeds that are intended for

Sprouting and for growing Mike Greene's because these seats have been tested and the chances are

Potentially seeds are growth usually used for growing vegetables have not very important

the next step they do besides you know spraying on that is then they

Spray on you know they've got a pump spray over here, and they spray on the water

So they spray on a nice

Moisture level to get the seeds nice and moist they get the pads nice and moist

There's even a little bit of a pulling water at the bottom of the tray here

That's collected underneath the bamboo and you guys can see how nicely these guys are put in the next step

This is the easiest step of them all right. They got this specially designed cover here and basically. It's just a special

Cover like a styrofoam style cover with a toothpick sticking out on the end there if you guys can see them

And they basically just gently set that over the top these are pre-cut to fit in these


Perfectly, so there's no light is being allowed in this creates a nice environment for the seeds to sprout it creates the kind of light

Limit moist environments doesn't let all the moisture out this also acts as an insulator

You know to keep the temperatures constant at the nightstand proper germination temperature once?

This is done

Then they basically pick this up and they put it on a rack

So once the tray actually just goes right on the rack and actually this is the one I was looking at the micro leaks

You know it's set on this rack which is known as the germination rack as you guys can see this germination rack

You know has a really tight spacing and it has no additional lighting on there on this step

No lighting is required for these

Microgreens to start growing a matter of fact for the first several days and this depends on the specific micro green you guys are growing

You're going to leave this top over its up microgreens or the seeds Germany get no light whatsoever

And why is this important?

Well, this is important because it actually simulates

How seeds would grow in nature right in nature the seeds would actually be underneath the ground

They wouldn't be on top of something in most cases, and then you know the see they're like okay

I'm germinating I'm gonna send my roots down and then I'm gonna grow up

I'm gonna grow towards the light, but wait there is no light so they're gonna start sending their shoots up

And you know go for the light because they know the light will be from above lights never usually from below

And so they're gonna start shooting up and then at some point you know though it's gonna start shooting up

And then they're gonna go ahead and take the top off at a certain point and on this tray here

Just a couple days ago

They started you can now see they got these plants starting to grow up and these plants are trying to grow for the light

But you know what on this rack. There's no light so they might leave this on this rack for a day or two and

These plants are actually kind of yellow, and if they're yellow at this stage

That's alright because these plants are yellow because they don't got the light yet

They can't make the chlorophyll so these guys are pushing up for the light. They're gonna go hard and fast looking for light

They're not getting any until maybe tomorrow when this trait is actually going to go over

to one of the racks with the light

So let me go ahead and show you guys that net

So notice show you guys a rack with the lights actually so you know they've been doing a lot of

Experimenting here and all this kind of stuff

And you know I always like to do things

Optimally like if I'm gonna have a rack man on or the most food on the rack as humanly possible

or as a or as space emits our permits so actually on a rack that actually has a

Germination rack where you're actually not

You know having any lights you can fit, or should be able to fit about fourteen trays on there

So you could have a whole bunch of your trays

Always in the stage of the germination after a couple days you know four days or so five days depending

three to four

Five days depending on the seed you're going to move it over to the rack with a lights now the rack with the lights

Need a minimum amount of distance between the tray and the light here because these are special

LED lights that they've figured out and design themselves in Nice tubes, so they're actually a waterproof

You know they have minimal spacing so on one of these standards do racks, which is I think this these racks are like

18 inches by like four feet

There's a let's see one two three four five the little lines on the side between

The racks you know and that's how I like to gauge

It's all like put a little black piece on there and then count five then I'll put another one

You know and so let's see this one has one two three four five

Yeah, so about five is a spacing so you could have stacked these to the maximum

And I think set up in this way optimally spaced on one of these racks that are seven feet tall but no higher

You can fit about ten

You know light setups so I mean for a standard home if they only have four of you guys had two of these

NSM racks 7 feet tall

one with 14 germination stations and one with 10 for growing you guys could have plenty of

the healthiest greens to eat

Year-round and even if you're starting to going to production for yourself right you could start with one setup

And then you can start adding additional racks as your business grows

as it gets bigger and the coolest thing that I even get to tell you guys yet is that you know I came in and

Got a full tour of the place here, and you know what they do here is they do free training?

Which is totally amazing two days of full free training with purchase?

So you got to spend if you buy $1,000 kids right you get two free days of training so that you will be successful

Once you go home

You know this is not one of those companies that just wants to say the kit to make your money, right?

Larry here is committed to the microgreens to growing them and more important to teaching people about the microgreens

And how they are so valuable and how it is so easy to grow literally it takes them like about four hours each day

In this room to run a business that's making over a hundred thousand dollars a year

And you guys could do that too from your home if you want it now of course

you know the caveat is you have to have a market for the microgreens so big cities are a

perfect place for my greens, New York Baltimore you know Miami

you know all these Chicago all these big cities where they got all these rich people right now know and value the

microgreens in addition very important besides having rich people as having high

high-end restaurants that know with chefs that know the food right

chefs that start tasting the microgreens and start including them on their plates right they they know the flavor of the mic greens and

How their customers just love it whether they're just used as a little garnish on the side

or they're just making haystacks of microgreens with a nice rich dressing right and

Customers could taste the difference and then customers will come back to those restaurants

Using the migrants because the other restaurants are still using that dumb parsley stuff, right?

Microgreens way better than parse as a garnish because they also should be eaten tasted

They're so nutritious and more importantly just so fine and delicate

anyways, this is some a micro basil grown I mean and

Depending on the micro green you're growing it can be shorter

Or it can be longer to grow and the cool thing about the my greens is that you know at this?

Microgreens farm they don't sell cut my hearings right if you cut your my groupie and then sell him then you're going to be

Regulated more than if you just sell live plants so you know when they're ready to sell their my greens

Literally they just take out

You know one of these little trays here or one of these little uh you know cutouts of the microwaves

And we'll just sell this to people so these are lives so now the chef has the precious food of any restaurant or you have

The freshest food because you can harvest like this then just you cut off the mic greens as you need them

And you guys can see the root structure underneath their growing. Yeah, this is really wet I gotta get it put it back in there

so yeah

I really like the format of you know growing living foods right and even in their kitchen where they're

harvesting the food

They didn't just cut it and put in their fridge right they're leaving it growing in the pads that are 100% compostable

And they're only going to harvest them once they're ready to use and eat them

So another thing that I really like about city hydros that you know they've experimented with many different

Microgreens and Larry like me is kind of like in some respects a lazy farmer, right?

He wants to grow only the easiest

crops that grow in the fastest time that he could profit the most on and he's experimenting with many different kinds of seeds and

Using the techniques he grows with these pads. He's learned that certain

Microgreens grow better than others so he tends to focus on them

You know one of his favorites are the micro parsley?

Which is right here look at this look how beautiful that is he also has you know?

Kohlrabi, he likes a lot the micro cilantro super amazing

Micro kale micro you know leeks and onions he does the micro basil so many things do really well

But there's a few that don't really grow in this kind of arrangement

You know so like I think he said like this chard like it doesn't really grow a chard my greens

Because he'd have to you know modify his system to do a little bit differently and at this point

He just probably prefers not to grow them

But you know even so he grows I think over 20 different kinds of different micro greens

Which is still an enormous selection?

And my tip for you guys if you guys are growing my greens at home or even for sale

I would encourage you guys always to grow the deeply pigmented micro green so for example right here

We got some radish margaritas look at how beautiful these guys are they're nice and filled in on the tray

These guys grow really fast, and he's got a green in there

But he's also got a lot of purple ones mixed in there as well now

They kind of look really cool E in his mix

But if it was me and I was going for my own home use you know I would be brewing like as

Many purple varieties as I possibly can right the purple varieties of the micro greens as well as the full-sized vegetables and fruits

You know contain?

Anthocyanins which are more nutritious than just the standard green kind the anthocyanins have been shown in

scientific studies with rats to actually reduce your weight

Lower your blood pressure and help with blood sugar regulation, which is totally amazing?

All this whole system here is automated olive lighting, so he doesn't really have to do anything

he gets us to make sure that they're plugged in and you're thinking John how much does the electricity to run all those lights and

Well sung-hee told me on average

It's about $100 to run this whole room to have this farm growing and of course seven gallons of filter

City water and so this is not a lot of input for a whole bunch of outfits output

So this is probably the you know your the best way to utilize your local resources to grow food for not only you but also

Your family another cool thing about the farm here is that they don't use any kind of pesticides or chemicals?

Or they don't spray their stuff down for bugs cuz check it out. It's indoors

It's an isolated environment, and if just the farmer and his wife literally. We're here all the time. They'd have no

Infestations of anything but because they do tours that your classes they get people in here they're training all the time

People are in and out you know they've been to the produce section at the farmers market bringing bugs in and stuff, so

one of the easiest ways they use they deal with bugs is just simply a five-gallon bucket with water and

A little bubbler and they put in a hard cider, that's sweet right oh

And some soap in the bucket with a bubbler right and this attracts all the fruit flies that they may have

To come in here, and they basically get trapped and drown in addition on the wall

And if you guys saw when we walked in they have like one of those uh

UV fly traps you know so it's very important them to have clean food in a matter of fact their

Food is labeled a hundred percent pure

And this is something you guys can't say about most food growing these days especially been organic food

You know if it says organic and you're buying at the store

Hopefully, it's organic

But you just never know unless you're doing it yourself

Or come to a place where they actually have an open-door policy like Larry has here

Or you know I can see everything he's doing he has no kind of toxins yet

He has some grapefruit seed extract, so I'm still in the house some azomite. You know some hydrogen peroxide these are all non-toxic

products anyways I think

What I want to do next for you guys is actually a taste some of the Mike Greene's to show you guys how I?

Like to eat them so aside from just some of the standard microgreens that they're girl

And they're always trying to like you know grow new and exciting and different things so right here

You know they've got some actually some crow barrage. You know barrage micro, and it literally grows in my garden as a weed

I like to harvest and pluck out the flowers to eat

But you know they're growing in for the microgreens which are right here

And you know I want to let you guys know real quick the definition of microgreens the true definition of microgreens are basically

Greens that actually have you know just the two baby leaves

When the plant is at the stage of just growing from two baby leaves the you know

Majority of the nutrition in the baby leaves is actually from the seed, so if you're going to go buy seeds

It's important to specify you get seeds that have the least number of seeds per pound this means the seed is

Larger the seeds are healthier

They're going to contain more nutrients than the same given seed that actually weighs less that are actually smaller seeds

so that's the true definition so they the majority of what he grows here is basically the two leaf and

Once it starts to you know put out the third leaf and forth then that's when the plant will require some

Nutrients so you know he doesn't feed any nutrients here as you guys saw

He just uses the seeds and water so you know microgreens are a hundred percent veganic which is something you can't say for

Organic produce even at your local Whole Foods or our whole paycheck store, maybe because the Amazon bottom

Hopefully maybe I won't call them whole paycheck because they did reduce the prices a little bit

But nonetheless you know most organic produce is actually be growing be growing with manures as many home gardeners will also use manures

You know I do not advocate the use of manures because in my opinion the only reason why there could be

contamination with microgreens is because of


Manures in animal and or animal contamination, you know in the seeds

You know plants and animals do not share diseases

I can't get you know a cold or the flu from microgreens right two different things

But I can get you know cold flu or other illness you know from chickens for example

I mean what they got the bird flu, right?

So these are completely safe to grow provided you have good practices and have

Uncontaminated seeds can it can be considered beginning and in my opinion

This is the most important vegan food if you guys are vegan out there

You guys need to eat on a daily basis because they're more they're the most nutrient-dense food on the planet

which means they have more nutrients phytonutrients phytochemicals vitamins minerals as

Compared to the calories and unfortunately most Americans are eating high-calorie foods

Too many animal foods in excess, and this is that great health expense to our

Country to the healthcare or I like to call it sick care system

You know eating the improper foods will cause you to gain weight get unhealthy

Cause sickness illness and disease and actually that's another reason why the farmer here got into growing the microgreens because him himself

Was overweight and he lost lots of weight by eating

Healthier and especially including some of these some of these nutritional powerhouses in his diet

I think the next thing I want to do for a little bit is actually sit down with Larry and interview him

So you guys can learn more about?

Microgreens more about the work that he does here to teach you guys about the my Koreans

How you guys could actually come here and get a full two day training?

And you know I've never really said this before but you know there's a lot of different gizmos and gadgets and round

Barrels with a little different slots you can buy for like $400 to grow food in right

I'll tell you guys this if you guys are serious about growing food

the thousand dollars you spend with Larry to get a set up and get two days of full training here with him is probably the

Best $1000 you will ever spend to grow your own food because you know this can be done anywhere

It's guaranteed you're gonna succeed whereas

You know one of those big $400 bins with all these holes in the sides, right?

I mean that may look cool in a video

But that's not super functional because you really can't grow as much bottom of food as you grow with the microgreens

Alright, so here's some Mike greens that Larry said I can eat here

And these guys are the kohlrabi you know and encourage you guys to grow kohlrabi Mike greens

And here are some kale Mike greens now my favorite way to eat. These is probably not giving your favorite

It's just like this you go to the living light greens while they're still alive

Still growing water dripping out the bottom. You can see all the roots there, and I just take my mouth, and I go huh?

mmm, honey

This is the best thing in the world to eat your food right how does animals and nature eat the food do they have things?

I have the refrigerator

Did they have things that are packaged in bottles and jars no?

The deers of the woods go to your you know your trees and here we are of

Citrus trees and just eat the leaves right off the plant eyes are still living so this is by far the best way to eat

Them that being said you might be calling me a caveman or something like that

I don't really care so what most normal people do is

They would actually just clip this off

And then you know add it on top of salads as an Abbott at it as a topping

I mean I would just if I have this many microgreens. I'll make a micro green salad every day

You know Michael you didn't eat two pounds of leafy greens one of those micro greens or Bigley peas from my garden

You know greens are probably one of the most

Healing foods in the entire planet especially these guys which are the cruciferous greens. They have properties called

Isothiocyanates, you know they've studied broccoli John Hopkins. You know studied broccoli nets and

anti-cancer food right and

Also, these guys are also anti-aging as well and will help actually keep you young at the same time so now I'm here with

Larry the owner and barber here at City hydro, and this is one amazing place you got here Larry. Thanks so much

Yeah, no worries

It's been a pleasure like coming out talking with you and showing you guys out there what he's got grown on here

Which is totally amazing so Larry the first question I have for you is why did you start all this?

I mean I kind of went into the little bit of that earlier

But why did you start growing microgreens as a business actually to sell the people but not just that?

You know spread the information of my greens as an open source model provided

You are credited and also help others grow their own microgreens

Whether there are people at home

or you know somebody wants to start a good business or whether it's a chef in the restaurant if it's start up a rack and

Harvest the freshest food for their customers right so back in 2011 I was

while stopped in traffic like somebody traveled about 65 miles an hour, and I thought

What the hell am I gonna do for an income and my wife came home with these tomatoes from Whole Foods?

At $7 a pound then I thought I can grow those so we started trying to grow like microgreens are sorry

Tomatoes under LED lights and they're just not enough power to grow the LED lighting under tomatoes under LED lights. You need the Sun

Yeah, and so then we thought she I thought Oh lettuce is we're gonna grow lettuces

Everybody's growing lettuce is we can make bloody growing lettuces

So we had this entire room full of lettuces this room right here this room right here

We harvested it went to the farmers market and got $35 wow man. You're rich

And I thought that ain't gonna do it and the whole time Giada my wife is saying to me

You know there. You should look at microgreens so after the farmer's work and everything I looked at her. I said you know Jenni

We're gonna grow

What do you think she didn't go ahead a chance great idea microgreens that guy is always a hard-headed one maybe sometimes

It's the girl team I'm gonna dip it right so we started growing microgreens

And we and I would used to be a chef

So I knew that I wanted to be everything to be food safe

And I wanted everything to be pristine that

clean and everything had to be able to be used in the kitchen so no soil could be used and

The first plane we brought it to he looked at him

He said these are living and I'm like yeah, you got to cut them to order you placement

He said I get to use a wall. You're not having water rotting and stuff, and I said yeah, 100% utilization and

After that chef after you did one gig showing our microgreens we're off to the races

Wow so is it true that you know you got so much business here that

You're fully to a capacity you can't grow any more and that you actually only sell in your zip code

So this is like a micro farm only serving is literally immediate area right so we actually have a micro carbon footprint

Which means we only sell with instead of our zip code and our concept was to empower other people to grow

So people will call me and say hey

I want to grow and I need some clients and stuff like that so we not only trade people out of growth

Will also refer clients to them like a chef will call me from

DC. We don't service DC, and I'll say wait a minute I got a I got a grow in Rockville that'll service DC

So we turn him over to DC

We turn that shop over to this guy and he starts to grow with it same way

We have a grower called some arukou here in Baltimore her husband came to me and said hey Larry

We're doing 12 trays a week from you. No microgreens my order and I said all chef can't be heard

I don't have the capacity I said I'll tell you what we teach your life to grow

We'll set up a burr room for your life, and she gets something like the greens back to your restaurant

He said you're going to give me a business. I said yeah, I said, but I'm gonna make money

I'm gonna sell you the equipment

I'm gonna say the coconut fiber of course

But now he grows his own microgreens sells them to the restaurant sells them to the restaurants in DC

She probably makes more than he does Wow amazing and that's why I'm so excited about this episode

Cuz you know as you guys know. I'm an entrepreneur right and if you guys need a juicer

This is a shameless plug you guys need a juicer blender dehydrator. Please support me by making your protec that's how I'm able to travel around all these places and make cool videos with people like Larry

But not only is Larry an entrepreneur, but he's in power and you guys be an entrepreneur

This is what really and truly it's gonna make America strong again. Not some puppet. Dude at the frickin government anyway

We're gonna talk about politics in this episode, but anyways yeah

That's what's gonna

Make American strong is by all of us having our own business being independent for the man

So you guys could work just a few hours of the day and actually Larry how many hours you work a day doing all this

Making over a hundred thousand year, so I work about three to four hours a day

But the only thing is it's seven days a week so growing microgreens is like having children

You got to take care of but at least they don't talk back that security

I don't talk about and but you gotta water every day. You can't miss a day of watering so that's the only caveat

That's a little bit of a

sale pain

But a commitment is to be there 24/7 seven days a week for the microgreens


if you got a kid

Child you want to go for the weekend you have em one

As long as they know how to do it and not mess up right I mean

Yeah, just like any business though

you need to pay attention your business or it's going to get late from you know I

Even though I work my own business

You know I'm literally on call

24/7 to answer emails and handle customer service issues and do what I need to do to make it happen if that's what's important because


You know I do not want to go to a job

Where I got to be there at a certain time and clock out and not even get paid what I'm worth right so I really

Want to encourage you guys to you know take up O'Leary on this opportunity if you guys are looking for something

You know I've visited so many different farmers and so many different. You know things you could do in farming to make money

You know farm of other people's lands and their front yard their back yard and all these kind of things man

That's too much. What to way too much work much easier to invest literally for a thousand dollars starting

You could get set up with a kit and get two days of training with Larry celerity when I explain that to my viewers

Right so we sell it we sell your rack the racks about 1,200 bucks complete

Then you get two days of free training

So you come here for a day you learn all about the system you learn about our substrate you learn about the water systems we


My wife teaches you how to cut the mats

how to process the mats and all that stuff

The next day you come back we teach you how to C we teach you how to sell we teach out of water in?

Two days you get the full training for twelve hundred dollars with a rack and what we tell people is don't buy a whole brewery

Don't invest $10,000

Supply unless you've got unless you want to

Buy our one rack get that one rack go and get clients for that one rack make money doing that and say hey

I need another rack because it's modular you can build your system as you go

You don't have to put up

Fifteen thousand dollars to buy a grow operation you can buy one rack at a time and go from there

Right exactly in 12 hours with the rack, and if you don't want to get the rack and source your own rack

It's a thousand dollars, so that's what I'd personally do and recommend for you guys, but some of you guys know

What a house will would have enough figure out the rack and all this kind of stuff so Larry will provide that for you

So man, I think that's an amazing business opportunity

I know a lot of you guys have a thousand dollars available on your credit line and your credit card

So you could charge it and start your own business

in addition you know Larry has

Additional training growing the market greens is one thing that he'll set you up on and train you guys to do

but selling it is a whole nother thing and that's an accessory that Larry will also literally take you guys around for a week and

Show you guys going out on sales calls and following up and how to sell at farmer's markets

I talked to this guy for a while. He's got all the tips and tricks down anyway said Larry

I want to talk to you more about actually the product you grow in here

So sure are the microgreens are growing are they organic

Yeah, so we had an issue with organic and beans we grow hydroponically

There is a big issue whether a hydroponic is actually organic and I have a lot of friends that are actually organic farmers

And I looked at my process and everything and I thought

You know we want. We don't want to go for the organic certification

We like we kind of want to stay true to what we're doing

Hydroponically, so what we do is we call ourself pure when people ask us. What pure is until we use nothing

They said use nothing I said we do is no fertilizer. We use no pesticide movies new soil

We use strictly water and coconut fiber and the coconut fiber that we use is organic by nature

And the seeds that we use aren't always organic

We try to use organic and conventional

But I know every farmer that we can buy our seeds from Mountain Valley guy Rob out there

He can shake the hand of every farmer. He gets eats her so we are very very

Conscious about what we're doing, but we don't want to grow organically we grow up here

And I tell people it's it's 100% pure pure water. No fertilizer

No pesticide and no soil and the seeds are untreated very important. He would retreat. He'll reject treated seeds

I don't encourage you guys to use treated seeds either

They're treating seeds are really nasty stuff out there, so Larry's a true. You really only grow in water

You really don't add anything else. No she love it some of these microgreens look amazing

Nope, just water because the micro green really doesn't need any fertilizer. It doesn't need anything

It's like the chicken in the Inca it gets all this nutritional value from the show mother Nature has figured this up

We didn't need to figure it out and actually we found that when you added soil or you added four

To the microgreens you actually distracted from the flavor

And so we decided that we wanted to sell a living product that was grown with just pure water

And we used Baltimore City water that we filter six times. Oh six times

Yeah, so I showed him their filters together earlier, but yeah

I mean I've visited many different microgreens grows and farms all over the country

I mean check my other videos if you guys haven't seen before I've over 1300 videos on this channel and by far

This is the cleanest best margarines facility that I've ever visited so Larry

Did you design all the systems here to grow the microgreens like the trays like I've never seen these trays anywhere else

I've never seen these specific lights anywhere else. You know I've never seen people actually use a coconut fiber

I mean, this is all like this is all like how did you come up with it, right?

So so so I just be a chef so I knew that

The microgreens that we grew or the produce that we grew had it go into the kitchens

And so you couldn't bring soil into the kitchen so we had to figure everything out

And I also knew that everything that I did had to be food safe

That I wanted to make sure that we didn't have any of those 10 20 black trays

And I contain lead and Mercury and everything else that everything had to be food safe

so I did the research I figured out everything that we're doing and then we started using we started looking at our lighting system and

At first we were using the red and blue spectrum lights

And then I started doing research about then and it was like no microgreens

We can just use full spectrum bright white LED lights. We don't need the red or blue. We're not burning

We are not honoring something right nothing flowers

It's straight fidgeted

And then we actually found that the red and blue spectrum lights were changing the structure of the plant

They are making a little more rubbery and and not so natural-looking the LED lights the designer tuned at 5500 Kelvin

Bright, white that's all we use

We designed it we designed the power units to do it we designed the trays that we grow and design the system that we grow

It because we wanted every to be food safe and at first we weren't planning on selling our systems. We were growing microgreens

That's what we're going to grow growing selling and people are looking at our pictures on Instagram. That's City hydro and going

Where did you get that equipment and I said I designed it. We built and they go be a seller. I said we do now

so that's how we got into the

Quitman business Wow so I'm totally glad you guys are actually you're making the equipment available for people and even training them to use it

Some of the best stuff I've ever seen

So Larry one of the things I wanted to ask you is like about food cost you know if you're a chef

You're always concern about your food cost because you're trying to cut it down and of course you if you're a chef and you grow

your own food you can't cut it down any more than that and if you're a

Producer and growing food that you're selling

You know you want to also lower your cost and also sell for as much as you possibly can

next to grow in cannabis

I think my greens are the most valuable crop on the entire plant if you go to a local store

They'll sell one ounce of my greens per

I don't know 4 or 5 bucks super expensive

And they're cut they're not even living so they're not viable and you're gonna have part of them

I probably look bad, but the way Larry does it here is he keeps them alive for you

So you're not going to have any losses, so how much does it cost to grow a pound of microgreens?

You know in your system, right?

So how do microgreens on average cost to produce between two and four dollars Wow and they sell anywhere from twenty-five to?

Forty dollars a pound wow man that's like 10 to 25 ten to 20 times your guys's money

I don't know any of their investments that you guys could make you know to make your money that much better

So if you guys are like our stock market

Brokers or them people we mess in the stocks you guys should get into

microgreens opening small Maya greens farms in some of the biggest cities of the country right and let's talk about that how many different countries

And farms have you actually put in all over the world Larry right so today. We have about a hundred and twenty-five

Growers worldwide this morning before you were here

We actually had four growers in to learn how to grow one was from India

And then three of them from Baltimore here that are sending operate up on their own

We've had people come in from Turkey, Dubai Israel, South America all over the United States, Napa Valley

Texas, Florida

Washington, DC upstate, New York

New York City in fact we have two interns right now working that'll be here tomorrow

from New York City Wow and then are going to move to San Francisco and open their own corporation in San Francisco Wow

so yeah

No matter where you live in the world as long as you have a comfortable environment for you to live in

Right then the microgreens will also grow they don't need to be in a greenhouse and price shouldn't get me put a greenhouse outdoors

Right throw them inside if you're comfortable the microgreens are comfortable as well, and they can't be grown in anywhere

you know and I want you guys if you guys have been looking for some kind of opportunity, so

Called Aries this comes from my heart because I see how clean his operation is is here

I see how he's doing things and simply this is just the best way to grow microgreens

Ever and even if you're just a home you know user right for a thousand dollars you get two days of training

Come to Baltimore here with and Larry will teach you personally

You know come with your life and your husband or your husband and wife or whatever both you guys

To learn so you guys can become more sustainable grow your own food grow the highest quality food if you want to start a business

Hey, like you said start with the twelve hundred thousand dollar investment

And then just keep adding shelves on I want Larry to have more growers, and this is really cool

This is the future of farming so actually let's talk about that Larry's. Why are you open sourcing all your information?

You know that you've learned on how to grow and sharing it with others to us is about everybody doing this

It's about nutritional value

It's about people eating healthy I used to wait 300 pounds and all the Fat Boy diseases diabetes

High blood pressure high cholesterol, I was a GMO train wreck right. I learned I started eating microgreens

I'm down to 205 now

I'm off all my Western meds no meds for diabetes no mint for high cholesterol high blood pressure all gone

And it's because of what I eat now and people have to learn that we have to eat right and what better way to learn

to eat right is when somebody shares it freely and somebody gives it for the

Tell you the amount of stuff we have coming back to us by giving away things really outweighs anything

But the games that we get whether even monitoring games begin by giving things away for free and training people. It's just

Astronomical you're making me cry right down the head this

that's why I make these videos for you guys right I spend my afternoon before I actually got a rush off to the airport as

soon as the camera turns off to catch my flight to go back to Vegas tonight all for free because I want to make the

World a better place you know people that come up to me one about different shows and see I'm John you saved my life

I lost weight. I'm growing my own food. You've motivated me to grow food

You know you open my eyes up to how the industrial system is working

You know and Larry's how am I trying to protect his trade secret, so I'm not sure with you guys how to grow microgreens?

I'm gonna do it all myself and try to like make make himself all over the world or franchiser all this crap

He just wants to sell you a system, so he makes it a little bit

He could be a business

But more importantly he can help people of the entire world to be more sustainable

Right, and there's so many other reasons aside from the standard sustainability the health just helping people helping others

This is how the world is gonna change for better is through a more open source kind of model instead of a trade secret model

That come big companies like

Monsanto and DuPont and Bayer and all these they have these crate secrets because they want to make the money off people

Larry as well as me we just want to help the world so Larry are there any final comments or thoughts

You'd like to share my viewers today now visit us on instagram at sydney hydro one word

We post pictures about all our lengths greens

We post recipes about what we grow and how to use microgreens as well because for us

It's not just about growing the microgreens

It's also about how to prepare them how to use them in your dishes put them on your soups put them on your fried eggs

In the morning put them on on in a breakfast burrito put them on your hamburger

instead of a lettuce Pilate don't cook

Yeah, don't

Know whether zoomin like that means it's cookin

We're just have a micro green salad

Or you know fresh?

Raw just like you guys saw me do earlier Wow and you know so I'll post links down below to Larry's Instagram

They're also post a link to its website, but I will say that you know there has been so busy farming

He doesn't have time to really update the website and all this stuff, so I'll put also his phone number and contact information below

He's a really nice guy give him a call if you're at least at all interested in

Starting your own business or at least getting your guyses

You know to grow your own food for you, and your family once again as I said you know

This is the best thousand dollars

You'll ever spend on growing any kind of food for you

And your family or even starting a business in growing simply the microgreens so Larry. I guess that's pretty much it for today

Thank you so much man. Dude if you guys enjoyed this episode with Larry me coming to his farm city hydro

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The Description of How to Grow Microgreens in Your Home & Make $100,000+ a Year