Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What is the Tstud™?

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The Tstudis a new engineered building product

with an internal wood truss system

that uses two wood lumber members

made from dowels

and a poured in place

closed cell foam that

has a global warming potential

of less than 1 and is EPA compliant for 2020

The Tstudis fully code compliant

for all of North America and

is made to replace standard framing lumber

but has extensive benefits

that the standard 2x material cant offer.

The biggest benefit is the improvement in

energy efficiency!

The foam between the two wood members

creates a thermal break.

A thermal break reduces or prevents the

flow of thermal energy between

conductive materials.

The Tstudprovides a

99% thermal break between

the outside and the inside environment.

Meaning, the temperature outside a structure

is almost completely blocked by the Tstud

allowing the inside ambient temperature

to stay more consistent

regardless of the outside extremes.

The Tstudoffers homeowners

a significant reduction in heating and

cooling bills for the life of the structure

which of course depends on

how many times you let the dogs out.

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