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but up bop-bop finger-licking good let's

talk about that today we rushing in

another cavalcade of mythicality for you

will be getting pies in the face Rhett's

made some inspirational posters and I'm

told we're gonna hear our horoscope

first let's kick things off with some

fast food now every fast-food restaurant

has that one iconic item that it's

universally recognized for McDonald's as

Big Mac Burger King has the whopper and

Arby's has relatively clean public

restrooms so that got us thinking what

would happen if there were no walls

between fast-food restaurants and they

all played happily together and you can

mix and match and mate any combination

of fast food items that you wanted in

order to create the ultimate fast-food

experience that's what we're about to do

is the ultimate fast-food remix okay so

what we have done is we've gone out to

some of our favorite fast-food places

gotten some of our favorite fast food

items we're going to take our favorite

parts from each one of them and combine

them into super fast food items let's

get started the big first up let's make

a super burger shall we yeah I'm pretty

much gonna say that the most iconic

burger in the world is the Big Mac just

say it don't pretty much say it Jimmy

got it it is the most iconic burger in

the world city there's a there's a lot

to love about it but I'm gonna say that

whoo sorry that the best burgers and

potentially bun of any burger joint is

shake that we have determined this they

have like a nice steamed soft bun and

the meat is absolutely incredible so I

want you to look at these two separately

and we're about to mate them together

the less you could use the word mate

it's better for me person gonna be weird

so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take

the top bun throw that away I'm gonna

take this beef patty I'm gonna take that

away I'm gonna save the middle bun

because Shake Shack ain't gonna

and a Big Mac has got to have a middle

bun and get as much of the special sauce

and toppings as you can because we want

to retain the toppings that make Big Mac

the Big Macs of the lettuce the pickles

the special sauce this is a gator damn

spatula of course it is you know what

you want to do you want to put that on

the bottom bun of the Shake Shack burger

I can put it I'm keeping the middle bone

so I can put it right there don't put it

on don't put it down that cuz you want

to know each side of the middle button

you see what I'm saying

I said this is my new top rule and see

how the Shake Shack bun sticks together

it's not for all one that is a beautiful

thing it's got a hand you're gonna have

to break the hinge though cuz it's gotta

open up and let them the McDonald's bun

into it that's what no mating burgers is

all about so I'm getting rid of the

tomatoes open enough letting it in what

I'm gonna do is these are two patties

that are just making me so nervous you

shakin so much I'm so excited

nestled together all right so this is my

middle your middle going so put the

bottom then that goes there and now I'm

gonna scrape all of this back on the top

yeah that works just like Larry would do

you can fold that bottom bun all the way

around I think you got to break the seal

man I don't want to break the hips the

hinge on the top bun only makes it

halfway across the top you got to break

the seal on it okay right okay right

okay you gotta break the hinge it's a

sad moment but I'm gonna throw this on

there I know let's cut this in half and

we have created the big Shaq all right

let's get a cross-section of this thing

oh my goodness Wow look at that look at

that y'all

that is going to be big Shaq good thank

you dink it and then hmm maybe she's

some sort of Burger status that should

be illegal you're gonna see people and

you're gonna be one of them running from

the Shake Shack across the street to the

McDonald's or vice versa

you're just gonna put me with runner and

then we running a rut in the road man

mmm well that's if all shake Shack's are

across the street from McDonald's

Richard they are I don't believe it's

the case Mac and I'll try

okay now in our opinion and this may be

controversial but in our opinion the

best fast food french fries are from

McDonald's okay

so that is the base of this dish which

is gonna be the ultimate fast food

french fries mm-hmm now and if they're

fresh they're really good now some

people may not agree with our semi fresh

but the reason that they're so good is

because they use so many different sinks

in them there's like 15 different

ingredients in them and one of them is

natural beef flavor a lot of people

don't know this they actually flavor

their french fries with beef flavor

which is why if you taste them side by

side with something else you're like big

dogs ones is better that's exactly how I

say it

did the best french fry the topping on

the planet is animal style from in and

out now we put this on an omelet and it

killed and I I don't pass up any

opportunity to eat it again but what

what we're saying ultimately is that

it's the toppings that make it amaze now

a lot of people be like this is

sacrilegious because the French fries

from in-n-out are good well I think the

consensus here in mythical entertainment

is that they're not that good they're

super fresh yes they make them every

single day but the fact that they're

just they're just potatoes just makes

them a little bit boring

they are literally you're literally just

fresh-cut potatoes which I understand

from a purist standpoint that might be

the thing but even right now because

they're a little old or there's been

some time and getting him here the

McDonald's fries are holding up so much

better and incidentally will hold up so

much better for the next couple of years

yeah they will they will never go bad so

I'm just basically just we've not tried

this before right now and it's actually

working pretty well I'm like an

excavator yes and I'm going I'm getting

a double portion well there's still

cheese over here is the probable

blessing like you've got a don't get

those in and out fries in there oh did

that fall in yeah that was my fault

though I'm talking to myself but this

right here is more cheese you got to get

all of that cheese somehow yeah but I

don't want to get the fries I want it I

don't want to adulterate it well it's

like we need this is getting a little


we got a slough it off of the chip gosh

no I think we've done a good thing link

I wish there was a little bit more

cheese but I'm just I'm just gonna and

then I like to eat my in-and-out fries

which now what we have right here

machan out fries it low in with a fork

and come out with a smile it looks like

it went through a die sir

or you just scraped a lot of it with

your with your fork but that's a little

messy but it's real good and the

interesting thing is McDonald's

McDonald's could do this because their

special sauce is basically like they got

cheese espresso sauce it's basically

I'll do the alien dressing they could do

this without that without having to run

a rut across the street to the in and

out right so I think we've improved on

what was thought to be unimprovable

mm-hmm Jack in the chick just backtrack

a little bit to the most important meal

of the day breakfast now here's the

thing jack in the box has this loaded

breakfast sandwich which I'm told is

amazing I haven't had it but a lot of

the mythical crew members love this

thing because it's got sourdough bread

and then there's bacon cheese Canadian

bacon eggs that are cracked and fried in

the restaurant which is unusual there's

like one of the last fast-food places

that actually does that and then a

sausage patty and then another slice of

cheese I really respect the only choices

and then Jack in the Box is made about

this sandwich bookended by even more

sourdough and I do like sourdough bread

but here's the problem a B it can be

improved down south if you're gonna make

a breakfast sandwich of any kind or if

you're gonna even dabble in breakfast

you've got to have a biscuit y'all yeah

so we went over to chick-fil-a and got

ourselves a chicken biscuit now I know

what you're thinking the chicken is the

star at chick-fil-a but let's not forget

about the biscuit they got some good

biscuit and it may be small but it is

mighty so what we're going to do is

we're gonna take the jack-in-the-box

load of breakfast sandwich and make it a

biscuit it's a simple elegant let me

scrape it with a I want to get as much

cheese as possible and and it will

really feel extra loaded because the

biscuits are so tiny I'm losing some

cheese which is gonna be a casualty just


a little bit but I can't have a full

casualty leave no cheese behind okay and

then pop on the biscuits flip her over

remove this that one had a bacon

barriers bread didn't take any cheese

with and then bookend it with another

biscuit almost again let's not be

distracted by that cuz I love it cuz

ladies and gentleman this right here is

the Jack in the chick sounds a little

odd I don't question it I don't think

it's perfect yet link you know we'll

make it perfect please set it back down

oh I know making a trip to the KFC for

gravy huh tell me when link never hahaha

go go go go gadget alright and then what

I'm gonna do is I'm a gator done oh

please please do please don't harm a

sandwich I mean it it's like pick it

back up oh you're so excited like a bull

on the KFC man I've seen one of those

actually he's totally at home there cuz

they don't serve be okay but huh known

to dip dip the cross-section into that's

right you got to get a little stamp

action bring this over so stamp of

approval bring it up game kick and have

a nice breakfast hmm that's every food

group right there yeah it is mmm all the

best ones gravy is its own food group

where we come from wow there's a hat

gravy is not a complete meal that is

good that's a good breakfast then you

follow it up with this which I insisted

upon keeping just off camera so I can

keep eating it mmm-hmm we've done a real

good thing today I invite you real good

things to do the same thing mythical

beast and don't forget to click through

to see whether mythical beasts like you

would want to eat pie or throw it in

Alex's face check out the latest episode

of our podcast ear biscuits let's just

say the conversation got good like the

Grinch when it gave back Christmas

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