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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most LIT Cannabis grow Channel on YouTube!

Now today I just got hooked up with an awesome care package from Reefertilizer up in Canada,

and this is a new nutrient company that is coming out with their own organic nutrient

lineup for a start-to-finish solution for your nutrients.

So In today's video I will do an in-depth review on this new brand of nutrients and

I will let you guys know how to use them as well as what makes them different from the

other options that are already out there.

Also get pumped because today I will giving you guys a quick sneak peek over here of the

seedling tent which has my NUKEHEAD seedlings growing in there right now.

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Smoke, and now that you guys know what we're doing in today's video let's get started!

All right guys here we are for your clothes up on the nutrients, and the first thing I

wanted to mention something that I forgot to say in the intro was I will be doing a

groceries with just this nutrient line so you guys can see the kind of results you guys

will get with them.

This is just kind of the unboxing and first look at the product so you guys can see what

they are and know a little bit about the company.

So I will be doing a groceries with these nutrients in the future, and right now I'm

doing the comparing between the fox farm and NukeHeads nutrients so I can't really fit

this in for that grow.

But keep an eye out because I will be adding it into one of my Grow Series!

So if you do end up going with this line-up by Reefertilizer, these are the only three

packages you'll need, you will need nothing else, no added cal-mag or any supplemental

nutrients as that is all already in here.

And what they say is from start to finish you will only need to use these three bags.

So it is a very affordable option and it makes things really easy and simple and it makes

the mixing process and using these nutrients really simple also!

Another thing I would like to mention as these nutrients work in all growing mediums,

so Hydro, cocoa choir, you can add them to soil even though soil does already have nutrients

in it, but you probably will want to go a little lighter with these in that case.

But anyways let's get started by looking at the different packages it comes with.

So first there is the start package and this package is really just for your seedlings

or cuttings in the really early first couple weeks of veg.

You will see it's actually an amendment that you mix into the soil, let's see it says it's

100% organic and it is 50% humates and 50% mycorrhizae.

So you mix three scoops which is 15 milliliters at the start for every 4 liters of soil.

So that so again you'll see These are pretty small packages but they will last for a very

long time for each entire grow.

You'll see you only after use 15 ml per 1 gallon of soil so for a 5-gallon container

that is only a third of a cup for your starter nutrients.

So first packet right here starter nutrients, let me open this up real quick and I'll show

you what it looks like.

All right so I rip the seal off and I've got the bag opened up.

What is cool about these bags also if they are resealable so it's not going to go to

waste and you can keep it fresh.

And keep anything from getting in there from go to the nutrients to go bad and you'll see

that it has its little scooper in there so you don't have to measure it out, you just

have to already pre-measured scoop.

And this is already, well I mean it smells almost like Coco and like chocolate it smells

really good actually!

But yeah, it is basically just like a brown powdery substance and it is again an amendment

so you mix it into your soil evenly just by hand.

It is not something that you water wants the plant is in there, it is something you want

to add obviously before you plant anything in.

So next stop is your vegetation nutrients which is in the grow bag right here, and this

is just basically your nitrogen Focus nutrients for growth for good growth.

But this is going to be put into a water mix and then watered once a week it looks like,

and all you will need is one scoop or 5 ml to start with and per gallon of water and

then you will eventually bump it up to two or three scoops per gallon of water.

Now this again same thing this bag is going to last you your whole grow or at least your

next couple of grows depending on how many plants you are doing during that time.

But very simple, all you have to do during the whole veg stage is just use this one mix

once per week, You don't have to use several different bottles and it does say it has Cal

Mag already included, so you don't have to worry about adding that as well.

So now this just looks like a white powder and again comes with its own scoop and it's

got these little I don't know if you guys can see some of those blue pellets mixing

around in there, or weird so yeah if you look up close it is actually just a bunch of beads.

And I guess those dissolved in the water but let's see.

Yeah that's pretty cool it's just some beads that dissolve in the water I guess.

All right guys last but not least is the bloom package and again that's another water soluble

nutrients so you will be feeding it after you mix it in some water.

Same ratio is just about for mixing, for the early bloom phase it's going to be one to

two scoops which is only 5 to 10 ml per gallon, and then you will work up to 10 to 15 ml per

gallon which is two to three scoops.

So again this is going to last or go a long ways even with a decent size grow just because

you're not going to have to add too much.

So let me open up the bag really quick and show guys what that looks like.

So again it is those beads that are going to dissolve into the water and it is odorless,

so nothing to smell their butt again this one did smell like cocoa which was pretty


So this is an odorless mix and it is Just again those beads in there again that are

going to dissolve into the water so this is the only one that really had an odor to it

was the one that smells like chocolate.

But anyways I wanted to show you guys really quickly this cool little grow guide that it

comes with for growing cannabis in 3 steps, and it is kind of there I outline on their


So the start is more of like a super soil conditioner for helping clones or seedlings

getting started and getting their root system going.

And again the grow is just a water soluble NPK fertilizer mix, and it is going to help

you again with that vegetative growth.

So for those of you who don't know, NPK is actually the ratio of nitrogen phosphorus

and potassium in the nutrient that you are going to be mixing, so that is important because

you're going to need more of certain ones of those during different parts of the growth


So for example in grow you want a lot more nitrogen because that is going to promote

vegetative growth that is, where when you are in bloom or the flowering stage, you're

going to want a lot more phosphorus because that is going to help with getting bigger


So that is where the blue mix comes in and that is there essential flowering nutrient

which I just showed you guys.

So you'll see on every nutrient bottle or bag like these ones here they're going to

have that NPK ratio so that you can check it out so let me give you a close up on that.

So okay here you guys can see on the bloom one like I was saying, phosphorus you can

see in the middle there is really high as well as potassium, cuz potassium is useful

during the flower face.

With nitrogen you do still want some of that in there but is a lot lower, where compared

to the grow or vegetative mix.

You can see it's quite the opposite in that nitrogen is really high because that's what's

good for vegetative growth, and then of course phosphorus and potassium are on the lower


All right guys that pretty much concludes the Reefertilizer nutrient review, again they

are a new company up out of Canada and I actually believe it is two brothers that started the

company, so go ahead and support those guys.

They are on a really cool Mission with their organic nutrients and are trying to make things

really simple for your beginner Growers so you don't have to use a bunch of different

bottles to mix things up.

All you have is one mix for each stage of the growing you are good to go from seed or

clone all the way to harvest.

All right guys now let's go have that sneak peek on those nukehead seedling so you can

see how they are doing so far in the grow.

Alright thanks we are over here at the seedling tent, and you can see here I have my NukeHeads

seedlings growing in here.

So I have 3 different strains that I started with, two of the Szkittles, two of the Pineapple

Chunk, and then two of the Grape Ape. and you can see they are all doing really well

and they're all on their third set of fan leaves, they have their two already there

and now they are starting their third.

Oh yeah say you will see I have here the NN and then the FF and what that means is NukeHeads

nutrients or Fox Farms nutrients.

And what I'm going to be doing is I've got two plants of each strain in here, so to Grape

Apes, too pineapple chunks and two Skittles, and for each strain I'm going to use one nutrient

so Fox Farms for one of those plans and then for the other one I'll be using the NukeHeads


So I am kind of doing a comparative grow of the dirty dozen and the nuke heads nutrients,

just to see how those work out.

So I'm very excited because I never used the NukeHeads nutrient line up, or their seeds


But together they are supposed to get you some really big buds and some really amazing

result, so we will see how that goes.

So yeah here is your sneak peek at the NukeHeadsline up, and I'm going to be coming out here with

the first video of the series probably in another week week and a half, I'm just waiting

for these guys to get transplanted into their final pots and then for when they go into

the big tent.

And that is when I will be uploading the first video of the series.

Alright guys so get excited for this NukeHeads Grow Series because I have a feeling we are

going to be getting some real monster buds out of it.

Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's product review on this new nutrient line by

Reefertilizer up in Canada.

Again you guys can check them out at their website at and that is

kind of like the two words reefer and fertilizer put together just in case you were wondering

on the spelling of that.

As always I got to remind you guys to smash that thumbs-up button if you enjoyed the video,

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As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time

Happy Growing!!!!

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