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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Awkward Adventures - COMPETITIVE COOKING! | Thomas Sanders

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[Intro Music]

What is up everybody!

Okay, so one thing that I am very afraid to admit

but I have admitted to you guys

in the past

is that I still have yet to learn how to cook.

I am an adult and I don't know how to cook.

I can barely boil water.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Is it boiling yet?

Joan: No...

I even said it back in my New Year's video

ah, that's something I needed to learn

and that was one of my resolutions for this year.


I'm starting a new video series where I kind of put myself outside of my comfort zone

and try things that I normally am not accustomed to.

So the first thing is going to be


Yes, I am going to be learning how to cook.

and I'm going to do so with the help of some of my friends

who have had previous experience with cooking

and they're gonna help me out over the course of these next few days

In learning how to cook a basic dish.

My friend, Joan, has some experience

and they basically said a good one to start with

that kind of incorporates a lot of different skills

is making pasta from scratch.

So, I'm going to be getting help from my friends as well as from Skillshare.

Which is an online community which offers more than 15,000 classes

in design, photo, and more.

They offer classes that you can take, projects you take part in.

Even teach classes if you want to.

and you can tap into it from anywhere.

Android, iPhone, whatever.

Even offline.

And membership is as low as $10 per month with unlimited access.

So, if you're interested in taking any of the classes that Skillshare has to offer

You can either go to this link

or you can click the link down in the description to check it out.

We're going to begin the journey by learning some basic skills, creating a completely other separate dish.

Thomas: Alright we are in the kitchen.

Joan: Whaddup.

Thomas: Me and Joan. With a knife!

Joan: Yeah.

Thomas: Try and stay away. (He laughs)

Joan: Some of that chopping technique.

Let's see what you got.

Thomas: Oh my goodness.

I'm so nervous I'm gonna cut myself.

[Off-screen] Joan: Don't cut yourself.

Thomas: (He laughs) Thank you.


[Joan laughs]

Thomas: Olives have pits in them!

Joan: Oh, dude, you should put some deodorant in there.

[They laugh]

This is embarrassingly long, how long it's taking me to pit this one olive.

Joan: Good thing you're doing that Skillshare thing. [Overlapping] Thomas: Holy smokes.

Thomas: Yeah.

Joan: Maybe they'll upgrade your technique for how to pit olives. [Overlapping] Thomas: Yeah.

[Thomas grunts]

Thomas: That should not have taken that long.

That was easier!

Now we have to dice up these olives.

Joan: Yeah, dice 'em up.

Thomas: Okay.

I'm doing it.

[Thomas laughs]

Joan: Lemme see. Let's trade.

[Off-screen] Thomas: We're both doing a great job dicing these olives

Joan: Yeah...

[Thomas laughs]

That's good. [Overlapping] Joan: Yeah, that's pretty alright.

Thomas: That kind of looks like diced olives, right?

Joan: Yeah a little bit

Here we go, we got some cilantro.

Thomas: Okay, so this technique right here

Joan: Check the technique.

(Disappointed) Awww

[Thomas laughs]

Thomas: It's not working at all! [Laughs]

Oh, it smells really good!

Joan: Yeah, cilantro's great.

Thomas: This one leaf is not going.

Alright, but this is actually working

This is a nice little technique here

Did you invent this technique?

Joan: No, I didn't.

Thomas: I'm just kidding. [They laugh]

Can you imagine?

Joan: Totally based on observation

Thomas: Oooh! I know how to use a knife now!

Joan: This is- This is- [Overlapping] Thomas: That's good. You got it.

This is the one thing that my dad actually told me, in regards to garlic.

So you've to peel them

Cutting the ends here, right?

Ugh. Doesn't typically do that.

And then you just smash it.

[Garlic cracks]

On the other side.

[Joan groans]

Thomas: Well, things are not easily smashable.

And see it came right off there!

[They cheer]

And then you chop it up

Oh my goodness. It's already smelling so good.

Joan: Who woulda thunk garlic smells great?

Thomas: Then came the actual preperation for making the pasta

and it was me, Joan, and Talyn.

We went out to the store to pick up some necessary supplies.

[Off-screen] Thomas: So we're not going to do-

Joan: We're not making the pasta this time.

Thomas: -home. We're not doing pasta from scratch.

Joan: We're buying pre-made cause we're experimenting with- [Overlapping] Thomas: Yeah

Joan: -with making a whole dish.

Thomas: We're look for, like, a protein to go-

Joan: I'm a crab fan.

Thomas: I've had, like, crab in, like, ramen.

But, like, I've never cooked. Period.

[Thomas laughs] Crab.

Joan: Yeah.

This series is about branching out.

Let's have you branch out. Let's do scallops.

Thomas: Okay, okay. Scallops? Alright.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Lemons!

Talyn's got the lemons.

Of course, we can't forget some of the greens.

Why do you have pineapple slices?

Talyn: I really want pineapple. Uhhh.

[They laugh]

Thomas: Good enough reason!

[Off-screen] Thomas: So we've got some of the parsley being washed.

We got some noodles and some red pepper chili flakes.


Joan: Hey.

Thomas: We've got Talyn over there.

Joan: You look like a chocolate twinkie.

It says heavily salted water

[Off-screen] Thomas: Heavily salted.

Joan: We're gonna bring that to a boil.

We need to thank Binging with Babish.

Thomas: Yes, Binging with Babish

We're setting up the recipe.

[Off-screen] Talyn: Is this pot too small, because I feel like the pasta's growing a lot?

Thomas: (concerned) Oh is it?

[Off-screen] Thomas: Here's hoping that we didn't add too much pasta to this pot.

[They laugh]

Talyn: Oooh!

Thomas: Talyn asks how do we know when its done.

Joan: You gotta either take a piece of pasta and, like, rinse it off so that it's cool and chew on it and see how it feels

or you could, like, take a piece out and throw it at the wall

and if it sticks it's done.

[Overlapping] Joan: It's good!

Talyn: It's good!

Thomas: Throw it at that cabinet!

(louder) Throw it at the cabinet!

[Pasta splats]

Joan: It's done!

Thomas: (excitedly) It stuck!

Joan: Okay, cool.

[Thomas laughs]

Talyn: I'm not gonna eat this.

[Thomas laughs]

[Off-screen] Thomas: Half a cup. That's just so much.

That is a lot of oil.

[Pan sizzles]

Thomas: Ooh.

That's a lovely sound.

[Pan sizzles]

Thomas: Okie.

Well it smells lovely.

And then we add the pasta.

[Pan sizzles]

Thomas: Oh!

(panicked) The hot oil is getting on my hands!

[Thomas screams]

Thomas: (panicked) Fork!

I forgot where the forks are!

Thomas: (calmly) So the trick is to not panic.

Like we just did.

[Off-screen] Joan: Just a little bit.


Thomas: Boom.

And then we just massage it.

We massage the pasta.

Because pasta just needs love.

[Off-screen] Talyn: Pasta is love.

Thomas: You can taste the love.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Can I do that.

Can I lift 'em up.

Joan: Yeah. Lift 'em up.

Thomas: Lift.

Joan: Mix that jam.

[Off-screen] Joan: The lemon!

Thomas: It's smellin' delightful.

It's got a little spice. It's got a little lemon. It's got a little garlic.

[Off-screen] Talyn: Thomas! I think we did it.

Thomas: We can serve this now to Talyn

because they don't eat animals

Talyn: Um.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Is it good?

[Joan gasps]

Thomas: These are scallops.

They're gonna probably look better cooked.

[Thomas laughs]

Thomas: Alright so we're just waiting on that to heat up.

Oo! Oo!

Ooh! This one's gooey.

Joan: Alright so this process is gonna be a little messed up now.

Only one area of the pan was being heated.

Thomas: Well these are things we learn.

[Club Music]

[Off-screen] Ooh. Yes, Thomas. Get it.

Thomas: (Dramatically) We must suffer for our food!

[Off-screen] Talyn: Ah! Something got me!

Joan: Keep recording, Talyn. We need this shot.

[Talyn screams]

Thomas: I don't know what I'm doing with all these utensils in my hands.

[Off-screen] Joan: You look like Edward scissor hands.

[Thomas laughs]

Thomas: That looks good and tasty.

Thomas: You're saying it's a little too spicy.

Joan: Mmm.

If you like spicy it's fine.

Thomas: Yeah that's really good.

I really like the scallops.

I was surprised.

I kind of just half expected them to be a little too overcooked.

We didn't- I didn't know how long it was supposed to be in there.

It's perfect.

Thomas: So that was a lot of fun!

I learned some things there for sure.

But the next step was actually making the pasta from scratch.

Thomas: We're trying to make the pasta from scratch.


One step up on the difficulty scale.

[Thomas laughs]

Joan: We're doing a more involved sauce this time.

Thomas: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

A little less spice. A little more lemon.

Talyn: A little less spice for sure.

Thomas: You just did- You weren't a fan of the spice.

[Thomas laughs]

Joan: One and a third.

Thomas: One and a third.

Joan: Of this.

Thomas: Okay.

We're done!

We're done we cooked.

Joan: Yeah!

[Thomas laughs]

Thomas: And then how much of the all purpose flour?

Joan: Two thirds.


Half a teaspoon of salt.

Thomas: (intrigued) Oooh.


Joan: Yeah and just stir that up.

Thomas: Alright. And now you've made your pasta.

[Joan sighs]

Joan: No, not yet.

Thomas: Not yet?

Joan: No.

Thomas: Okay.

Joan: You're going to make it a little bit bowl shaped.

So that there's like- It's like a nest.

Thomas: Okay.

[Waiting Music]

Joan: That's good.

Thomas: Alright.


Two eggs.

[Egg cracks]

Joan: Just right in the middle.

Thomas: Right there in the middle.

Joan: Yes. Boom.

Thomas: Oh yeah.

Thomas: One giant egg!

[Thomas laughs]


Smashed that egg.

Two tablespoons water.

Joan: Go ahead. Pop 'em.

Thomas: Pop 'em.

[Waiting Music]

Thomas: Oh my goodness. I really hope I'm doing this right.

[Off-screen] Talyn: Would you hands be better?

Joan: You're hands might be better at this point.

[Waiting Music]

Thomas: Look at that!

Look what I just did!

[Off-screen] Yay! Thomas!

Thomas: It looks okay.

Bit of a "dough-verload" here.

I gotta say it. That's very therapeutic.


[Thomas sighs]

Thomas: It's like I'm making a pizza, a pie.

[Thomas sings] Making pasta from scratch.

Like that. Is it that thick?

Joan: I don't know. Depends. We can make it however thick we want.

[Waiting Music]

Joan: Oh. It smells like pasta.

[Thomas laughs]

Talyn: Wonder why.

Thomas: That's it?

Joan: Yeah.

Thomas: I mean it looks better than i thought it was gonna look.

Joan: You thought this was gonna be like a train wreck.

Thomas: Uh huh.

Joan: This noodles a little ugly but that's okay.

Thomas: Did you really?

Talyn: Uh huh.

I used to just steal them and hide under the table and eat sticks of butter.

Thomas: Pfffft.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Wait, wait!

Now we're cooking!

We just had to separate them cause we didn't make the dough thin enough this time around.

So we just, kind of like, make them a little thinner so they'd cook through.

Thomas: Looking good. Looking good.

Joan: They look a little like really long french fries.

Thomas: They do.

[Thomas laughs]

Joan: Let's dump that in there.

[Off-screen] Talyn: Get in there!

Joan: Let's get it all in the pot.

Thomas: Ooh.

They are some pretty thick noodles.

[Thomas laughs]

Thomas: They are-

Joan: French fries!

Thomas: -pretty solid.

[Thomas laughs]

Joan: I'm trying to see if we can make successful pasta

'cus I don't know how the current pasta's gonna hold up.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Yeah?

Joan: Yeah.

Thomas: Look at that pasta!

Good job!

Look at that.

We now have Terrence here.

Terrence has joined the fray.

Terrence: Hello.

Thomas: Of cooking.

Thomas: So we know now when you're rolling out that dough.

[Off-screen] Joan: Make it real thin.

Thomas: Real thin!

[Thomas laughs]

[Thomas sighs]

Thomas: Don't burn your hand.

Joan: That's not a good idea we should poor some in the glass first.

[Talyn laughs]

Thomas: Ooh!

[Thomas laughs]

Thomas: Watch Thomas burn himself!

[Talyn laughs]

[Waiting Music]

Thomas: Okay.

Garlic, onions, basil.

[Off-screen] Rafaela: I gotta see this pasta creation over here.

Joan: Oh we haven't mentioned. Rafaela's here now.

Thomas: (excited) Rafaela!

Rafaela: Ayyyy!

Thomas: We just keep adding more people to the party!

Rafaela: Yeah you do!

[Thomas sings] Makin' pasta with my friends!

[Pan sizzles]

Thomas: Seared to perfection.

Terrence: I think that's sear-y enough.

Joan: Yeah.

[Others talk off-screen]

Thomas: The finished product right there.

[Joan laughs]

Terrence: That's good.

Joan: It's good?

Terrence: It's citrusy.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Good?

Joan: Uh huh. It's very good.

Those noodles are thick.

[Talyn and Thomas laugh]

Thomas: Alright, so let's try this.

We definitely hit the, uh, citrus.

[Off-screen] Joan: Uh huh.

Thomas: Big time.

[Off-screen] Talyn: Love it!

Thomas: They're still really thick.

Thomas: I like it still.

Thomas: Yeah. That's really good.

Oh my goodness gracious.

Thomas: Okay so in order to help train myself just a little bit more.

I'm gonna go ahead and visit Skillshare.

It's this great website.

It teaches a lot of different vocational things.

One of which being a chef's guide.

Knife safety.

Knife skills.

How to plate.

You know. Kind of the bare essentials for cooking.

Maybe to get that extra edge. Get that extra handle on things.

[Drum and cymbal]

Handle. Knife.

I don't know.

Thomas: So we figured there has to be some sort of climax to all of this cooking.

This new skill that I'm learning.

And it was suggested that actually we participate in a little bit of a cooking competition.

and we're just gonna see what comes of it.

I'm gonna be on my own.

It's gonna be an interesting experience.

[Game show host voice] Thomas: Hello everyone and welcome to Now You're Cooking!

I'm your host, Thomas!

And tonight I am also a competitor.

Competing against me is my once teacher and now nemesis...

[Joan fake laughs]

Thomas: Joan.

Also competing against me is someone I've been very excited to work with for the very first time.

You may know him from vine, now he's on youtube, Drew!

Also joining us the judges for this evening are my friends

Taylor, Kate, and Alex!

[Alex clicks tongue]

Thomas: And helping us to capture tonight's events is Talyn.

Talyn: You don't have to mention me. I don't really wanna-

Taylor: (enthusiastic) Alright!

This is a timed competition.

Put the timer up on the screen.

Thomas: Does that- Does that say 24 hours?

Drew: Oh, that's not so bad.

Joan: F- [Bleeped]

Alex: Get ready.

Kate: Get set.

Taylor: Now you're cooking!

[Gas clicks]

Joan: I can't tear this galic.

[Thomas and Joan laugh]

Joan: Got it.

Thomas: That is the way to freakin' crack a egg, I guess.

Drew: Not a lot of people know this, but these actually come from chickens, so.

Thomas: Did I do this too incorrectly?

[Off-screen] Thomas: Not great!

Alex: I believe that they are cooking something.

Thomas: The tears forming are not because I started thinking about the end of, uh, Marley and Me.

It's the onions.

Drew: Now not a lot of people know this, but garlic actually comes from chickens.

[Hawaiian Music]

Drew: Look. These two pastas are in love.

[Hawaiian Music Stops]

Drew: (awkwardly) I wonder if I'll ever- [Drew coughs] -fall in love.

[Judges laugh]

Taylor: (happily) Probably not!

[Judges continue to laugh]

[Hawaiian Music]

Thomas: Oh my goodness. That literally elicited that much juice.

So a key to cooking is to maintaining a very clean work space.

[Hawaiian Music Stops]

[Dramatic Music] Joan: (angry) Guys, I messed up my recipe!

The judges are gonna take note of that!

Thomas: Alright! So now I have to use this stove top they have given me. It's a gas lit.

Really stepping out of my comfort zone.

Do a little bit of th-

[Gas clicks]

Thomas: Okay! That's scary! Fire.

[Pepper grinder clicks]

[Dramatic Music Stops]

Taylor: These fellas have some real skill. I can barely even toast toast.

Kate: My name's toast.

Taylor: Oh, yeah.

[Dramatic Music]

Thomas: Oh don't spill.

[Off-screen] Talyn: I'm not gonna lie. That kinda looks nasty.

[Dramatic Music Stops]

Thomas: Listen.

It's lemony.

Thomas: Drew.

Talyn: Oh, you're already almost done.

Thomas: Drew. That looks delicioso.

Drew: You're hyping this up too much.

Thomas: Yeah.

Look at those curly fingers, Talyn.

Joan: I'm just going to grate this whole thing of cheese.

[Dramatic Music]

[Off-screen] Thomas: Uh! I cut myself!

Talyn: What?

Thomas: I cut myself.

[Dramatic Music Stops]

Thomas: Some slack!

For not doing exactly what I needed to do.

Thomas: But I'm still doing okay.

[Dramatic Music]

Joan: I was supposed to have seven ounces equal parts pasta flour and all purpose flour.

Looks like I have about five ounces of pasta flour.

Drew: Bye, best friends.

[Joan shouts] Pardon me!

[Drew shouts] Pardon me!

Thomas: Letting it set was a good thing to do.

Drew: Something I like to do is let olive oil dissolve

and then I just put the pan back when I'm done.

Taylor: What is this guy? A scientist?

[Dramatic Music Stops]

Joan: I'm making one really tiny piece

and the judge that finds it gets 50 dollars.

Thomas: Woo.

Joan: (whispered) I'm bribing them.

[Dramatic Music]

[Talyn laughs]

[Pans sizzle]


[Off-screen] Taylor: Ohhh.

Joan: Oh no.

Thomas: (cheerful) Now we're cooking!

[Hawaiian Music]

Thomas: And just in the nick of time.

Taylor: You know I don't eat a lot of tofu, but, it's good.

I think I would have used a bit more spice.

[Hawaiian Music Stops]

Kate: Pretty good.

Drew: Monster...

[Happy Music]

Kate: The scallops are really good.

[Off-screen] Thomas: Yes!?

Kate: Yes.

Taylor: This one is much better seasoned.

Alex: One weird thing about this dish. It's dry and wet at the same time.

Taylor: It's a little lemony, but it is- it is...

Kate: But you get the garlic too.

Thomas: I've never had my food critiqued before

and this is a really genuinely unique and awesome feeling.

Taylor: This one explodes with flavour more than any of the other dishes that I've tried.

[Thomas laughs]

[Thomas laughs again]

Alex: It has a certain sea feel, like bacon that went swimming in the sea.

Taylor: I like this one.

[Happy Music Stops]

[Thomas whispers] Get out!

Alex: So, favourite dish was?

Alex and Kate: Scallops

Taylor: I liked the one with bacon in it.

Alex: I actually like the first one.

[Dramatic Music]

Thomas: The results are in. It's time for the judges verdict.

Taylor: Joan, your dish.

was number three.

[Joan gasps] Thomas: What?

[Dramatic Music Stops]

Joan: I actually am surprised.

[Thomas and Joan laugh]

Drew: I'm pretty surprised too. I had a bite of yours and it was way better than mine.

[Happy Music]

Kate: It wasn't what I was expecting. It was a little softer

and the texture on it was kinda off.

Alex: The salt, in my opinion, completely overpowered the dish.

[Dramatic Music]

Kate: The dish we selected as the number two was


Your tofu dish.

Alex: The thing that made me put you, in the end, in second place.

The lack of spice and your pasta itself was very tough.

Kate: I think it would flow a lot better if there was, like, some kind of sauce or something.

[They laugh]

Drew: That's exactly what I was expecting.

[Thomas laughs]

Alex: That means the winner is


Thomas: Well fantastic.

Joan: Ayyy.

Drew: Congratulations.


Thomas: Thank you! For teaching me.

Joan: Oh, yes. No problem.

Thomas: Oh my goodness.

Alex: We felt that you had the best dish because

your food was not too heavy, not too light.

It had a good array of spices

Scallops. This is the first time I've eaten scallops.

They were delicious.

Taylor: It wasn't it too much,

but it wasn't too little

It was just right.

Cause you got it, buddy!

[Off-screen] Thomas: Yeah!

[Off-screen clapping]

[They laugh]

Thomas: Thank you all

I really appreciate it. I would say that

we're all winners!

Now we're cooking!

[Narrator voice] Now We're Cooking is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Thomas: So that was a lot of fun!

I'm really, really excited that, um, I made something, but, I mean.

even winning that. I think that was all owed to my friends.

Who took the time to help me make those dishes and make them what they were.

I owe that all to my friends.

Like honestly, that was really cool. That's really encouraging.

It really goes to show, like, the stuff that I was afraid of doing in the first place.

You never know how you'll do until you actually try it.

If you have suggestions on anything I need to try and get myself out of my comfort zone.

Write 'em down in the comments.

Let me know so I can try newer, more extreme things. I don't know


Hope you all enjoyed the video!

Thank you so much for watching

Thank you so much to my friends!

Joan, Talyn, and everyone else who helped make this video possible.

All of their information is down in the description below.

Thank you also to Skillshare! For helping me to improve my culinary expertise.

I still have all my fingers so thank you for that.

Skillshare offers a one month free trial but the first 500 people that click the link

down in the description receive two months.

If you're interested in my previous videos click over here.

If you're new to the channel and would like to subscribe click down here.

And if you're interested in becoming featured fander click down here!

That's it and until next time.

Take it easy, guys, gals, and non-binary pals.

Peace out!

The Description of Awkward Adventures - COMPETITIVE COOKING! | Thomas Sanders