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What's up guys, this is Balazs from RacingBrick!

If I wanted to find a company somewhat similar to LEGO, with stylish and well designed products

that need some assembly after purchase, then the first one that comes to my mind is not

another toy manufacturer, but IKEA.

The concept is pretty similar, just the scale is different :)

When I found out that LEGO and IKEA will collaborate to create products, I was really excited.

We have a lot of IKEA furniture in our home and obviously even more LEGO, so I was really

looking forward to see what will be the result.

So when I first saw the photos I was a little bit disappointed, as I expected a bit more

than some white boxes.

But I still wanted to see and try them out, so when IKEA Hungary reached out to me and

offered a test opportunity I immediately said yes!

You probably saw the package on Facebook or Instagram that arrived a few days ago, let's

see what's inside!

About the name, according to google translate it means constructions game, but I cannot

even get close to the original pronunciation which supposed to be something like this.

The products will be available in IKEA from the 1st of October.

There are 3 different box sizes, actually 4 because the smallest product has 3 boxes

inside with 2 different sizes.

I received the biggest one in the package, and this is how it looks like.

I also received this small LEGO set numbered 40357 which is part of this product family

and will be sold in IKEA.

I think the guys there were afraid that I don't have enough LEGO at home so they added

a this classic set to the package.

This one won't be available at IKEA, but you can get it in every LEGO store.

The packaging is very minimalistic, there's not much information on it.

First I was looking for the traditional LEGO way of opening the box, but this time we need

to lift these glued flaps on 3 sides of the box.

I was wondering if we get LEGO or IKEA-style instructions, but apparently the Swedish team

won this round.

Some assembly is required - obviously, I would be really upset without it.

The top of the box has regular LEGO studs on it with the logo, actually it seems to

be made of the exact same plastic that the white LEGO bricks, so technically this is

a huge baseplate.

As you see it is exactly 2 studs high, and the surface is 32x44 studs.

There are no anti-studs on the bottom nor the regular LEGO tubes that would enable a

firm connection.

It sits on LEGO studs but does not connect to them.

As I only have a single box I cannot test how they can be stacked, but putting the bottom

on the top before the assembly will give us some idea.

As you see it moves a little bit around, but does not fall off immediately.

If I test it on the background of the Iron Man picture the result is similar.

The top actually has a better connection, it still does not attach to the surface but

there's less wiggling around.

Unfortunately the bottom does not connect to a DUPLO baseplate.

The top sort of sits on it but it has more play than on a regular studded surface.

Now let's assemble the box!

The process is super simple, first you need to assemble the 4 sides, and then add the

bottom to it.

This connection is actually very firm and requires some force to push the parts together,

you need to hear a loud click when they are properly connected.

A good advise at the end of the instructions, don't step on the box!

The top of the box sits in place and does not fall off easily, but there's no connection

with studs to the bottom.

This seems to be a bit weird, as the recessed sections on all sides seems to be the places

where you can grab it and pick it up.

But if you try this you will simply remove the top.

I think this is kind of a missed opportunity, if I compare it to the IKEA boxes that we

have, the top opens in a different way and they are very comfortable to grab and lift


I have another type of old LEGO storage box that looks like a giant LEGO brick, this new

one is definitely easier to handle and it looks more useful.

Now let's see the box with the LEGO bricks!

It's interesting to see the outline part list on the background, apparently we get these

items in different colors.

This one opens like the regular LEGO sets.

There are 4 unnumbered bags inside, and a folded paper that I would not call instructions,

it is more like a collection of different ideas that you can build using the parts in

the box.

Now let's open the bags and see how they can be used!

First and most obvious method - put them in the box for storage!

As you see this is really not much for the biggest box, I'd need to get more LEGO to

fill it.

Time to build!

I asked my daughter to help me exploring the possibilities with the pieces and the box,

the first thing she did was to make the box empty again.

She really liked the different colorful pieces, immediately started to assemble minifigs with

some wacky accessories.

I asked her about the box and what we should build on it, she asked for some stairs as

apparently there's no way to escape from the box without them.

The stairs can also go outside and then the box becomes a giant but empty pool, we'll

need to fix this going forward.

Now let's see the top!

First we tried to follow some of the ideas on the box and the paper, but it quickly become

clear that we need more bricks!

Opening the other box expanded the possibilities, so some new constructions were born.

I tried to add the window that came with the box, but apparently my daughter shares the

same concerns as I have - why would we put a window there if there's a wall behind it?

As you now I usually build with Technic so this is really not my style, but first I definitely

needed to get more bricks for a proper test!

After trying a few things I grabbed my daughter's DUPLO house, the box can become a nice elevated

terrace next to it.

This did not last long as she had other important things to do, so I was left alone with all

these bricks.

I had an idea but that required some parts from her house, luckily she did not see it.

So the white box quickly became a white mountain with some rocks, grass, trees, and a ski ramp!

It is quite fun to mix DUPLO and LEGO system pieces, and this big box and the smaller ones

fit in very well.

We did not have skis for the minifigs so this surfboard quickly became a snowboard.

After this my son joined me and we wanted to explore that idea with the pool, but we

did not have enough blue transparent bricks to fill it.

Luckily I still had some of the lava from my Darth's Angels project, so it was a perfect

choice to fill a pool.

A pool needs a jumping tower, also some sharks and so on.

As there's lava in it we had to invite some brave firemen to test the facility, they really

liked it.

So the top of the box is basically a huge 2 stud high baseplate.

I still have the second Iron Man picture unbuilt, I could use those pieces to make a mosaic

on it, I'm sure it'd look cool fully decorated!

To sum it up - I really like the product line, as a storage solution and a building platform

I think they are great, I'm sure I will also check out the smaller ones and use them going


I'm not totally happy with the structure of the box, the side recesses are useful for

decoration or to differentiate the boxes with some simple builds in them, but they cannot

be used to lift the box.

I also miss some stud attachment points between the top and the bottom section, and also under

the box to be able to connect more firmly to each other and to other boxes.

So If you are looking at these as simple storage boxes then you probably won't buy 10 or 20,

but they offer much more.

A 48x48 LEGO baseplate is between 8 and 15 EUR, so for a comparable price you can get

a storage box that has a 32x48 baseplate built in!

I definitely suggest to check them out when they will be available from the 1st October!

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See you next time, bye bye!

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