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- Hello I'm Jennifer McGuire and welcome to my happy space.

This is my craft room where I create handmade cards

and I shoot how-to videos to share with you.

Many people have been asking for a tour of my room

and I'm happy to finally do so.

But as I show you around, keep in mind that this is my job.

So this really isn't a craft room but rather a workshop

or an office.

I have a lot of tools and organization that help me

to stay productive and just like a carpenter

who has lots of tools, I have a lot of supplies on hand.

Remember to have fun with crafting you don't need this much.

But it really helps me with my job.

I'm just hoping that by sharing this room with you,

you might be inspired to try some of the organization

that I've done along the way.

So if you have more questions about what I talk about,

I have a lot of videos that give more details.

So be sure to check those out below.

When I created this craft room there were a few things

that I knew would really help me out.

One thing I knew is that I wanted a smaller room.

I used to be in the basement and twice the size

and it was really overwhelming.

I just collected too much stuff

and I didn't know what to do with it.

So I knew I needed a smaller room

and I also work better if things are behind cabinets

and tucked away, it just keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

I also found that if I work at a table

where I'm not facing a wall, if I'm looking out in the open,

it's much better for me creatively.

So I knew I wanted to kind of have an island

where I could work.

I had drawers near me with my top use tools

and I have things stashed away that reach for often.

I have a video camera set above so that I can film

the cards that I make to share with you.

Now the most important thing about a craft room

is making sure it's your happy place.

You want to fill it with whatever makes you happy.

For me it was bright colors and treasures

that I've collected from some friends.

I even have cards on display that some friends

have sent to me.

So whatever you do, make sure it works for you.

If you like things open, go for that.

If you like things closed up go for that.

Just make it your happy place.

So let me show you into the drawers

that are nearest where I work.

These are where I store my most essential products.

So this is my main drawer where

I keep my most used supplies.

I use these on almost every card

so I think it's important to have it close by

so I don't have to waste any time.

In here I have my craft knives and the pens I use often.

My favorite adhesives and tools.

I have baby wipes and even my stamp shammy

so I can quickly clean stamps as I'm working.

I have other little tools that I reach for often.

It's really important to think those things out

when you're putting your room together.

I like to have little dishes on hand

where I can put little pieces that I'm working with

that I don't want to lose on my work surface

as I create.

So in this drawer I have more things

I use on almost every card.

I have my acrylic blocks and tapes here.

Over here I have a pre-cut and scored note cards.

Some of them I buy already pre-cut and scored

but some I do on my own.

These are the top folding 4.25 by 5.5 inch white note cards

that I create from my favorite white card stock.

I like to have a bunch of these ready so I don't have

to stop and do it as I'm creating.

I also have my favorite white card stock

pre-cut to 4.25 by 5.5 so when I'm creating

I can just grab one of these and do my stamping

and I don't have to take the time to cut them.

And I even keep little scraps in here

so that I can use those also.

In the back here I have pieces of craft foam ready

so that I can put these on the front of my card

if I want some dimension behind my stamped pieces.

I find that by having things pre-cut it saves

me a lot of time.

So this drawer is one of my favorites in the whole room.

Here I have a lot of my favorite colors of distress inks.

I think distress inks are must have for any stamper

because there's many wonderful techniques

you can do with them.

Now this ink storage unit is meant to be stood upright.

That way you can have the ink

along with the matching re-inker.

However, I have mine laying down in my drawer,

it was a perfect fit and instead of putting a re-inker,

I've put the ink blending tool that matches that ink.

I like this because I can quickly find the color I want

by looking at the ink blending tool.

And then I have one ready to go.

However, it really isn't necessary to have an ink blending

tool for each ink.

You could instead use a piece of velcro

to stick on the bottom of the ink pad

and switch it out each time.

But this just helps me kind of get my work

done faster for my job.

I also have down here my clear and white embossing powders

because I use them quite often.

So I sit here when I create and there's a little shelf

under here where I keep my work pad and my trimmers.

I also have on this shelf my heat gun

so that whenever I need to emboss something

I can just pull the heat gun up and then tuck it underneath.

I even have a power strip under there that's controlled

by a remote so that I can turn this off when I leave

so that I don't have to worry about any safety concerns.

Over here I have my big shot and my most used inks.

These are the ones that I reach for the most often.

So I thought it'd be good to have it right next

to where I work so I don't have

to get up while I'm creating.

I also have my essential inks that I use most often,

like my black dye ink, Versamark in white pigment ink.

I have all the rest of my inks behind me.

Up here I have my Sizzix bakeshop machine.

I use this for videos but when I do my crafting

for myself, I use the Vagabond which is right behind me.

Now behind my desk I have a lot of cabinets.

I worked with a designer and a remodeler

to pick out the best cabinets and they happen to be

the same ones that we use in the kitchen.

I like them because I can close everything up

and I have pull out drawers.

In this cabinet I have most of my die-cutting supplies.

I like to use the Vagabond electronic die-cut machine

so I had a plug put in here so I could always be plugged in

so I can just come here, pull this out,

do my die-cutting, and collect the scraps below.

I have my plates on hand too.

Here is where I store my wafer thin dies.

I use these quite often.

I have them stored in little sleeves

so that I can label them and if there's multiple dies

in a set, they don't get lost from each other.

I have most of the wafer thin dies stored

in these pockets but I have some bigger ones

for my bigger dies in the back.

These are all divided by categories

so I can quickly find whatever I'm looking for.

Over here I put some magnetic paper

into my door so that I just have stuck to it

my favorite dies, the ones that I'm reaching for often,

so I don't have to go digging for them every time.

This has really saved me a lot of time.

Below I have more wafer thin dies, extra stamps,

some stencils and embossing folders stored the same way.

Up here I have many of my favorite coloring tools.

I have all of my Copic markers here

and it's right behind where I work

so I can come back here and grab which ever ones I need.

And I have my color chart on hand to help me out.

Up here I have some of the markers I use often,

Tombow markers, distress markers, shiver pens,

some extra white gel pens and even my paint brushes.

Above I just have extra storage and then I have

my mists, paints, and stains in this basket.

In this cabinet, I have most of my clear stamps.

I store each of my clear stamps in a sleeve.

This way I can label them and also store any

coordinating dies in the back.

Now some stamp sets are taller or smaller

so I just use whatever size pocket best fits them.

All of my clear stamps are stored in these inter-design

containers and they're split so they have two halves

and each container holds about 150 stamp sets.

I use dividers that I've cut from plastic folders

and I divide them by manufacturer

but it may make more sense to divide them by theme.

But for my work flow, manufacturer is best.

In the middle of my drawer, I store my larger stamp sets

such as my six by six background stamps.

This top drawer is where I put anything new

that I've gotten that I want to be sure to try to use

in an upcoming card.

So whenever I go to create, this is the first place

that I stop.

In the bottom of this cabinet

I have my wood mounted stamps stored.

I used to store them in baskets

but I couldn't see everything and I was rarely using them.

So instead, I store them on shelves, on spice racks,

so it's like tiers of stamps so I can easily see them all.

I do have more rubber stamps, they're stored up high

and in a basket also.

These are the ones I like to reach for the most.

I also store my Handmade by Jennifer stamps down here.

Up above I have more of my dye inks.

I showed you where next to where I work I have

my favorite colors.

These are the rest of the lines.

I have them broken down by ink type

but these are mostly dye inks and distress inks.

I have my pigment inks over on the other side

of the room.

Now for all of these, I put a little ink swatch on the side,

a little dot that has been stamped with the right color.

Because sometimes the color of the lid doesn't really match

the color of the ink.

So I find that's very helpful so you can see

exactly what color's inside.

Another thing that I do to determine what colors I have,

is I have an ink swatch system.

So when I get a new ink, I stamp with the color

so I know what the true color is,

I can take these out and take them to my workspace

and see what color matches perfectly

and I have free downloads for all of these ink swatches.

To go along with that, I have this little container

that's very handy, has my stamp cleaner

and my scrubbing pad but I also have this stamp

that's needed to create my ink swatches.

And also the little dot stickers that I use

to put the color on the side of the inks.

These shelves are from Organize More and I really think

they're handy to have when you have a lot of inks.

But remember you don't need this many inks.

I have these for my work but you just need

to find an ink line that you like

and pick out the colors you like.

Now in the corners of my rooms, I have some shelves

that hold baskets and books and just supplies

that I don't use often.

I also love succulents so I have a lot of those on hand.

And some pieces that I got as gifts from friends.

I have lots of handmade cards on display.

I didn't make any of these.

These are all beautiful cards that I received from friends

and I think that's so inspiring.

Here I have a long countertop where I can kind of

spread out my projects and look at the things

that I have to work with.

Below I have Ikea units.

These are the Ikea Alex drawer units.

They're inexpensive and they're very efficient.

A lot of great space in these drawer units.

So I had my builder build them in

so it had a nice finished look.

In this drawer I have my Misti stamping tools.

These tools are very helpful if you do a lot of stamping.

You just put your clear or cling stamp in the door,

put your paper inside, and close it

and you get a perfect image every time.

I have several of these Misti tools

because I usually have more than one project

going on at a time.

I have these fun sleeves that my friend Mary Don

made for me, I just love having them in that.

There are also many Misti stamping tools

and in one of these, I have the image

that I stamp on the back of my cards in there

so that every time I create a card

I can just put in, ink it, and stamp it

and I get it in the right place every time.

I think one of the best tips when it comes to creating

is to get paper pre-cut and you have it ready to go.

So I buy my favorite card stocks in a ream

and I take them to Kinko's and have them cut in bulk

for me, it's very inexpensive to do.

So here I have Nina Classic Crest solar white card stock

cut to 4.25 by 5.5, in both the 80 pound,

which is a little lighter weight,

and the 110 pound, which is a little heavier.

I have more of this right by where I work.

This is just a back up stash.

I also have distress watercolor paper

and the Nina desert storm, which is a fun craft card stock.

In the back I have same white card stocks

just cut differently.

This is just cut right down the middle, the long way,

and I can fold this and create a note card

so I have these ready to go also.

I have some of those in my drawer too.

So this is just additional card stock that I have ready.

I really like to add enamel dots and gems

to my projects.

However sometimes they come in a package

where there's multiple colors.

So what I found best to do is to cut them into strips

so that you could store all the pinks and reds together,

all the yellow and oranges together,

and then you can find whatever matches your project best.

This has been a huge time saver for me

and I find that I use them much more often.

People often ask how I store my color card stock scraps.

I have this column of drawers dedicated to those scraps

and I just divide them up kind of by color families.

This has saved me a lot of card stock and a lot of time.

I even have my specialty paper scraps in the bottom drawer.

In this column of drawers, I store more

of my coloring tools.

Each drawer is a different type of tool,

for example, this is markers, I have a drawer

for my watercolors and a drawer for my colored pencils.

By having everything together,

I don't have to go fishing for it.

Here's where I store little jars of embellishments

such as tiny sequins and some glitters.

I find it helpful to have some Swiffer dusting cloths handy

because that helps with clean up with those otherwise

messy embellishments.

I also use coffee filters to help contain it

as I'm creating.

I go through a lot of adhesives

so I have a couple drawers for adhesive.

I used to teach classes so I have a bunch

of my favorite adhesive which is the Tombow stamp runner.

I have them refilled so they're ready to go

when I run out.

I have some of my other favorite adhesives here also.

I really like heat embossing

so I have several embossing powders.

I have some of my colored embossing powders here

with a circle that I have heat embossed

so I know exactly what color's inside.

I have additional colors in larger jars.

And the powders that I reach for the most,

I have in little containers where I have

a cable clip that holds a mini spoon

so I can use the spoon to scoop the powder

onto my project and put all the extra powder

back into the container and then there's less mess.

On this side of the room I have more Ikea Alex drawer units.

This is the wider model and these are great

for crafting supplies.

In these drawers I have mostly office supplies.

I also have extra stamp and die pockets

and then refills for my label maker.

I find that by having all of my organization stuff together

I'm more likely to use it.

I have some more embellishments over here.

I really love buttons.

I don't use them on my cards very much

but I keep them for other craft projects.

I used to have them all mixed together in jars

and I never used them but once I divide

them into color I started using them more.

In this drawer I have all of my sequin storage.

I have these bead containers and you can take one out

at a time, take out what you need and then put them back.

This has been helpful in keeping them organized

and again, I use them more when they're all

in the same type of container.

People often ask about ribbon and twine storage.

I don't use ribbon and twines very much in my projects.

So I just bought these packs of American Craft's twine

and this is all I have and I found that it's really worked

well for me to have less selection,

I always reach for these.

As I mentioned, I have more inks in these drawers.

These are my mini-distress inks.

Now you really you don't need the full ink pads

and the minis but I have these so I can take them

when I go crafting at a retreat with friends.

And I have additional ink blending tools

and extra foam here in case I need them.

Here I have some more of my ink cubes.

Most of these inks are available in a big ink pad

but a lot of them are unique and only available

in the cube size so I have all of these laid out

in the top drawer.

This is the Tim Holtz distress ink container.

And you saw that in my last drawer

for my ink distressing cubes.

I actually use the same container for these inks,

they fit perfectly but I break the top off

so I just have the base to keep

them all straight and organized.

I don't usually take these inks away from this drawer

so that's why I didn't think that the lid was necessary.

And the rest of these drawers I have more inks.

In this one I have all of my pigment inks.

One of the things I like about pigment inks,

is the color of the ink pad is the true color

of the ink inside so there's no need

to put a little ink dot on the side showing the color.

Now with pigment inks, I like to have re-inkers.

They seem needed to be re-inked more often.

So I have all my re-inkers for my pigment inks here.

I do have re-inkers for my distress inks also.

I have those stored in a tin but for most dye inks

I don't buy re-inkers because I find

they rarely need re-inking.

Now in this drawer right by my door,

I have some projects to take on the go.

I'm always at kid's practices or heading out the door

so I have some things that I can take with me to get done.

For example, this has some finished cards, envelopes,

stamps, and return address.

I just take that and I can fill out some cards

to send to love ones and then mail them

when I get back home.

I also have some other projects that maybe have some

stamps and papers that I want to use together

in a pouch so that I can grab that and work with that.

For a long time, I really struggled with how to store

my 8.5 by 11 colored card stock.

I wanted to keep the colors separate

so that I could tell people what I'm using on projects

and I could order more if I needed more.

So what I came up with is these job ticket sleeves

like at an office supplies store.

They're nice and sturdy and I can keep lots

of 8.5 by 11 card stock in it.

And then if I have a scrap of the piece, I can store

that in there also.

I do label it so that if I need to know the color

or need to order more I can easily do so.

I have these sleeves in some magazine holders

and that helps to keep them nice and organized.

Up here I have my neutrals

and some specialty card stocks also.

This system has really worked well for me.

It keeps me organized and it also keeps everything compact.

Sometimes I like to add a little hand touch

to my card by using a bit of sewing.

So I have a sewing machine but I didn't want

to keep it out on my countertop

so I put it in a cabinet.

Whenever I want to sew I just pull the machine out,

bring down the foot pedal, and do my sewing,

and then I can put it away.

So I have plugs in these cabinets also.

That's really helpful to keep everything organized

to have those plugs in there.

If you can't do that, you could always drill a hole

in the back of your cabinet and lead that to a plug.

Up here I have some more tools

that are best stored in sleeves.

These are the same sleeves that I use for card stock.

So up here I have things like my double-sided tape,

my masking paper, that way I can keep even

the smallest scraps and put them to use later.

I do have it labeled on the bottom

so I can easily flip through them all

and find what I need.

Over here I have some pads of watercolor paper

and some more specialty papers.

And on the other side of my desk,

I have a spot where my kids can craft with me

or I can have friends over.

In this cabinet I have things that aren't so fun

but are really useful to have.

This is probably the tool that gets the most use

in my craft room, this is a hand-vac

and I can just unplug it, take it to my work surface,

use it to clean up quickly any little scraps of paper.

This really helps me to keep my room

a little more tidy than it normally used to be.

Here I have my organization bin.

In here I have stamp pockets with inserts ready to go,

die pockets, all of my organization all in this one spot,

so when I get a new product, I can go ahead

and put it away, label it, and then we're good to go.

Here I have my label machine, some pouches

to put projects in, and some dry clothes to clean up with.

I do have a shelf on this side also

to keep trimmers for whoever's crafting on this side.

A big part of our hobby is actually sending the cards

that we create.

So once I've completed a card, I come over here

and I put it in a sleeve with a matching envelope.

Sometimes I even stamp on the envelope

so it matches perfectly.

In this container which is the same kind of container

I store my clear stamps in, I have all the cards

that I've created and separated them by theme.

So I have sympathy, hello, thank you, and so on.

This way when I need to send a card, I look

for a perfect card for the occasion and just grab that.

Then I go up to this drawer where I have a pouch

that holds bunch of different postage stamps

and my return address labels.

I also have different fun decorative washies

that I can put on the envelopes

and additional envelops and other mailing needs.

This has really helped me to actually send more cards.

So the more cards make the more cards I can send.

On these shelves I have my 12 by 12 card stock.

I love the look of the rainbow.

Now these 12 by 12 card stocks are actually

back from my scrapbooking days but I kept them on hand

and I use them for card making sometimes.

I had a laminate put on top of the shelves

because I knew I'd be pulling these

in and out a lot and I didn't want to destroy

the shelves and it allows them to come out smoothly.

So lately my hobby has been to do die cutting of felt

and then do stitching while I'm on the go.

So I was struggling to find a way to store my felt

and I found it was best to do it

just like I did my paper storage.

I had each color stored in a sleeve

and I put the name of this color on top

and I put a little swatch on the edge

so I could see it when I'm looking through.

I have the felt inside and I can keep

even the tiniest pieces of felt in here.

This storage system has worked out really well for me

and it actually saves the amount of room

because I'm compressing everything down.

In the baskets in the container above

I have some re-inkers and some other supplies

that I don't use as often.

And below I have in my cabinets some giveaways

that I plan to send out to blog readers

and some shipping supplies.

In this corner, I have more shelves

with additional supplies.

I recommend finding a container that you like

and sticking with that and use that throughout your room.

I also recommend having some of the containers

be empty so that you have some room to grow.

I find that's really helpful and I don't waste

as much time finding new places for new things.

I also recommend to put up some things

that you find inspiring.

These are three of my favorite quotes

so I wanted them nearby so I could see them often.

Thank you for joining me on this tour of my craft space.

I hope that bits and pieces of it inspire you

to get more organized also.

But keep in mind, everybody's different.

Some people like a creative mess,

some people like me, like to be organized.

Do whatever you need to do to make it your happy space.

After all, this is all about creating cards

to make others smile and share

a little bit of handmade kindness.

If you'd like to see more on any specific area

in my craft room or bits of organization

be sure to check out the videos below in my description.

And also, if you haven't yet be sure

to hit the subscribe button.

Thanks for watching and we'll see you soon.

(cheerful music)

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