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Here is the official count of infection cases.

The number of registered ones is

20,679 and 427 fatal cases.

These numbers are probably underestimated,

you certainly can multiply it by 10,

at least according to Yale University estimates

by this day, 4th of February, there should be

190,000 cases of infection only in Wuhan.

WHO declared an outbreak of coronavirus

an international emergency.

I'm concerned that this virus,

contrary to popular belief about its origin

In the market where raw animal parts are eaten,

could potentially have been created in a laboratory,

in this case you don't even know what to expect anymore. The fact that Wuhan's market

is not a root of the virus is not only known to the "Science" magazine but

to any lab that analyzed the genome sequencing.

For example, American scientist

James Weller

writes this: " The gap in the line shows the lack of

sequence homology between the most similar bat coronavirus and


The sequence that is not supposed to be here.

Guys, who understands this stuff

can read it with more details, there's just

raw science evidence.

Most likely, here occurs the recombined virus,

created in a lab in order to make a vaccine. Oh, and a very interesting chapter:

"In the worst-case scenario, if the vaccination strain is more highly contagious and lethal,

2019-nCoV could become the worst example of vaccine-derived

contagious disease in human history".

Actually, If you take this sequence and compare it to other albumen,

we can find out that this albumen of a related virus SARS,

which was implemented in coronavirus to make the vaccine better.

That's why this element is here, for

creation of more reactogenic vaccine.

It is about the danger of creating

a vaccine to the population in itself,

I don't know about you, but I afraid of all these mutated viruses,

including those created in a laboratory and

those, that become more virulent when suppressed by the vaccine. By the way,

now at risk are those who are immunocompomised, shouldn't be

the question of strengthening the immune system

of people at risk on the current agenda?

And not how to weaken the immune system of the rest of the population by vaccinating

and make them more receptive to the remaining 370 trillion of infections.

Or they are about to make 370 trillion of vaccines?

It's interesting if in this case they are going to talk about small dosages of aluminum?

Just one flu shot increases

susceptibility to others more dangerous virus infections.

I'll leave research compilation on this

topic in the information box below the video.

And if we're taking into account all the vaccines which impact on the immune system is still unknown,

even the experts of WHO on Vaccine Safety Summit in Geneva

say that many other safety

studies on vaccines are needed.

I thought that experts discussed it like... 50 years ago? They are just embarking on vaccine risk-management?!

We will get ourselves vaccinated to death,

so I don't know what's the most important thing now

State of Emergency because of the climate situation

or State of Emergency because of the biodevelopment in the labs and how the future vaccine will affect

the population, semi-sick with chronic diseases.

So, I support WHO's appeal to

fight against China coronavirus, but not the appeal to create a new vaccine.

And especially not the increased support costs to WHO.

How is it possible nowadays to trust WHO

when 80% of the corporation is tied to money? I let you decide for yourself

Here's what the German magazine

"FrankfurterRundschau" wrote about it:

"WHO lost its independence primarily because

more and more ministers refuse to financially support it.

Due to too low level of mandatory contributions from countries-participants,

WHO ended up in the hands of pharmaceutical industry.

Almost 80% of WHO's annual budget comes from comes from those pharma-donations.

Firstly it's Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which donates about 600 million dollars.

All the large pharmaceutical companies are presented in the governing body.

Since then WHO promotes profitable programs of medicine and vaccines,

and we're not talking about public healthcare anymore,

WHO only creates policy for the donators.

Let's download results report for the past year from WHO's website

On 2 pages out of 85, quite clearly for me

can be seen all the sponsors.

It's actually obvious that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is

an enormous contributor to their budget.

According to this money boost Bill Gates is a director there,

it's obvious that if he would stop transferring half a billion dollars every year,

the organization would have big problems,

up to an activity stop.

Logically, Bill Gates has a huge impact on the determination of its domestic policy.

It's just happens that to those companies, who now develop a vaccine

against coronavirus, Bill Gates provides grants

and/or is a stakeholder.

For example, Novavax is working hard on Coronavirus vaccine

and at tge same time is a partner of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Then, a British Pirbright Institute filed a patent

on coronavirus, which was approved

On November 20, 2018 by European patent office,

one of the sponsors of this Institute is

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Also Inovio is working on a coronavirus vaccine,

they were given a grant from so called "Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Inovation"

This coalition is supported by Bill Gates.

October 18, 2019,

long before the information about first infected went out,

Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum

organized an event in New York

that would imitate a coronavirus outbreak

Teaching called "201 scenario"

modulated an outbreak with

65 million people dead in 18 months. In those teaching they

handed out toys in the form of a coronavirus.

All this happened a couple of months earlier the first registered case of infection.

So, now the same globalists that possess

patent viruses, predicted the spreading of the virus,

now announced that they will create a vaccine

from the coronavirus.

Stock of all these companies went up,

Vaccines are 50 billion dollar a year for these industries

and foundations.

World monopolized medical trading platform in action

Taking everything in consideration, we should understand that

immunity is a very complex system

and only 20% is well-known and studied.

When a specific virus enters your body,

anti-bodies are being born for this specific stamp of virus.

From the time of a vaccine creation to the moment it's in your body,

some time passes

during which the virus will mutate

and vaccine becomes irrelevant.

Anti-virus vaccine never were effective in

fighting against the virus,

effective was and always will be strengthening your immune system.

Of course, the main part plays the nutrition,

for example, plant diet generally has

64 times more antioxidants than a regular one,

and antioxidants are the key to strong immunity.

Following this type of nutrition, a good thing would be to

cut out all unnatural sugar, because it weakens the immune system,

and also help your body with some

preventing methods like Vitaliy Ostrovskiy's selection of

herbs and spices, or use

special method of Dr. Brownstein which consists of

taking mega doses of C, A, D, E vitamins and

iodine, from seaweed.

Basically that's pretty much it but in the end I wanted to talk about

disproved theory that coronavirus has a natural origin

and special came from Wuhan's seafood market.

Specifically I want to draw your attention to

the word "natural" and how this all is presented to us.

"In wild nature these animals could've never met, but on the market

they are together and exchange different viruses,

that's how the viruses mutate and infect a human".

And here's one more article saying that the virus "jumped" on a person.

Yes, koalas, snakes, bats just jump into our mouth.

And of course, those exotic animals and other Chinese specialties

No one thinks about the world

consuming 150 billion animal annually,

even though infections transmitting from an animal to a person,

is far from being brand new. Many of pandemic killer

that we struggled with in the past, were gotten from animals.

Tuberculosis and smallpox were picked up from cattle,

flu - from pigs and birds,

whooping cough - from pigs and dogs,

It's known that HIV was passed to humans by slaughtering and consuming the infected chimpanzees

And it's true that just the consumption

of pigs led to swine flu,

but it's also true that pigs breeding for consumption

was the origin of swine flu.

This puzzle piece is always ignored,

our nature abuse goes through the whole cycle,

as for the consumer as for the producer.

There are whole teams which patrol

animal breeding points in order to analyze

danger of an epidemic.

People don't realize how filthy

and disgusting those processing factories are,

here's the excerpt of Gail A. Eisnitz book called "Slaughterhouse" :

"Floors are covered with fat, sand, cockroaches and flies.

Some of the flying cockroaches were enormous.

After the hens are hang upside down,

some of them drop into sewerage, that passes to the middle of the middle of the line.

Here cockroaches, intestines, limbs with sores, fecal contamination and blood are washed away.

Workers normally throw up there.

Supervisors told us to pick up the hens from the sewerage and put them back on the line".

So, no matter the real cause of coronavirus,

President Xi Jin Ping made a wise decision to

agitate Chinese to stop eating meat.

Makes sense actually, instead of decontamination,

and disinfection, pasteurization.... You can just stop eating meat.

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