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Oh here we go something is stirring on YouTube but what is it? what is actually going on

at this moment on this channel? well today I was going to go outside and do a super duper

live stream but sadly it has been raining all day it started raining last night it rained

all night it's rained all day and now everything is very wet outside so I have decided instead

to do a live stream in the house something a little different unprepared this is a spontaneous

live stream and we are broadcasting live now from England as usual so that is the same

as always and I hope there are some people watching now or else this is going to be a

very strange live stream because I will be talking to no one so here we go oh can you

believe it the Sun has actually just come out so a few moments ago the Sun actually

came out but now it's gone back in again it's gone back in and it looks as if the rain is

on its way oh hello there there you are I wondered where you were hi everybody this

is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy are you

really happy I hope so I hope you're feeling good today I hope also that you can hear me

we always seem to have some sort of technical problem these days whenever I do a live stream

so I hope you can hear me all right let's have a look oh the live chat is already very

busy I will be with you for one hour also coming up later mr. Steve will be here he's

been very busy today which is very strange it's rather strange because mr. Steve is supposed

to be on holiday he's supposed to be taking a break this week but he's been working very

hard in the garage I don't know what he's been doing maybe he will tell us later on

yes it is raining here I suppose I should say some hellos I wonder who was first on

the live chat it looks as if Oh Kaiba hello Kaiba it looks as if you are live and you

were first on the live chat as well oh thank you very much for joining me how lovely also

Alamgir is here as well thank you very much for joining me what a surprise says Lilia

I just thought about you hi everyone oh I see was I on your mind you are always on my

mind you are always on my mind I like the music that appears at the beginning of your

live stream thank you very much that's very nice of you to say Maria Maria is here I'm

doing something slightly different today I'm not outside but I am in the house and you

can see behind me the outside is looking a little gloomy today we've had so much rain

you might be able to see the squirrel behind me at the moment there is a squirrel running

around where's he gone I think he's gone now I've scared him away so thanks for joining

me it's live English and it's a Wednesday it feels very strange being with you on a

Wednesday I don't know why because normally I don't appear during the week but lots of

people have decided to join me right now hello - Ana also mean Pham I think you are watching

in Vietnam I think so how can I start learning English with mr. Duncan well you can watch

my videos on YouTube there are lots and lots of available to watch on my YouTube channel

and you can follow me live every Sunday I am with you every Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time

and we we normally spend two hours together on Sunday today I'm only with you for one

hour but on Sundays you can catch me live and this is a great way of improving your

English listening and also your word power you can learn some new words and if you are

very lucky you can also watch the live stream using the subtitles as well so some people

can actually watch the live stream with subtitles what are we talking about today ask Selena

well this is what I like to call a spontaneous live stream everything you see is spontaneous

nothing has been planned I was feeling a little bit lazy this morning I must be honest with

you I was feeling rather lazy because mr. Steve is on holiday and I must admit I was

feeling as if I was on holiday as well and then I suddenly realized that on Sunday I

promised that I would do a live stream so mr. Steve is on holiday and I was feeling

a little bit lazy today as well but in the end I decided to come on live and do a super-duper

live stream and for those who are wondering yes Abdo this is rather extraordinary rather

unusual something of it is different from what you would normally expect hello from

Fouad hello i'm Fouad from morocco hello to you as well thank you very much how are you

today are you happy I'm not too bad thank you very much even though I wanted to go outside

today but sadly I couldn't it yes there are squirrels in my garden this morning the animals

were going crazy because at the moment everything is wept and there are very few insects around

because it's early spring yes when someone in your family is on holiday it is extremely

contagious I think so if you have someone nearby if you have a family member who who

might be on holiday but you're not on holiday it's very hard to resist being lazy as well

so that's what happened to me today I decided to become a little bit lazy today for which

I apologize we have a lot of people on the live chat it's not very light in here let

me just see if I can adjust the lighting on the camera is that better I think you can

see me now a little bit more clearly if you want to improve any part of your your English

skills if you want to improve anything and that includes remembering words or learning

new words or reading writing and speaking the best way to do it is to use it so try

to learn some new words every day and that is one of the reasons why my live streams

have become very popular because now you have a chance to listen to English being spoken

and being used spontaneously so everything you hear now has not been planned what does

it mean contagious asks Hassan if something is contagious it means it it is easily passed

on to another person so if something is contagious it means it is passed on easily so you might

find that if you are sitting next to someone who has a cold it's oooh-ooh and they sneeze

near you you might catch their cold we can say that the cold the fever or the virus is

very infectious it is passed on very easily so I hope that helps you infectious something

that is easily transmitted something that you can catch very easily thank you for the

class says Louie you are welcome something slightly different I'm standing up in the

dining room I'm I'm not doing anything special today I'm just standing here talking to you

so I hope you are enjoying this spontaneous unplanned live stream lolly hello lolly lolly

lolly I haven't seen you for awhile a big bonjour to you watching from France meeker

is here oh how lucky I can join you Thank You Miko and that is one of the best parts

of changing the clocks because here in the UK we changed the clocks we move them forward

by one hour on Sunday so now people who are listening and watching ahead of the UK time

they can actually now join earlier so that's brilliant Oh Pedro is here hello Pedro I suppose

many regular viewers didn't receive the notification oh okay then well this is as I just mentioned

a very spontaneous unplanned live stream so I'm having a lazy day I don't know where mr.

Steve is I was expecting mr. Steve to come down and join us but I think he's in a very

lazy mood today oh thank you lolly lolly says bonjour to you as well I've got an itchy nose

my nose is itching I don't know what happened yesterday I couldn't stop coughing I was coughing

all day yesterday and I think I know why because we've had we've had a man come to the house

and he's been cutting all of the trees but I think a lot of the pollen from some of the

trees has actually gone up my nose and made me unwell so uh I have been feeling a little

unwell over the past couple of days I think I might have early hay fever I think I I might

have early hay fever mr. Duncan would you like me to teach English with you on the live

stream for a while like mr. Steve well if you want to get on a plane and fly here you

are more than welcome to join in if you if you want to there's plenty of room here in

my dining room so don't worry if you want to join in no mr. Steve will be here soon

don't worry for all those fans of mr. Steve and what was happening on Sunday mr. Steve

was acting very strangely on Sunday maybe he will tell us what was going on yes I think

I might have hay fever now normally I don't get hay fever until June but this year I seem

to be getting my my hay fever my allergy earlier hello from Algeria princess koala oh hello

to you what a lovely name hello princess are you a real princess really you are Wow I've

never met a princess I've met a few Queens but I've never met a princess ever in my life

have you eaten lunch I haven't had my lunch yet but mr. Steve has because he's been busy

this morning working in the garage I don't know why he should be real sing like me allergies

yes you can get allergies from pollen so you become very sensitive to certain things and

in my case it is pollen the pollen from the trees and the plants mr. Duncan what is the

secret behind you always looking young I've been watching you since 2009 and you still

look the same thank you very much that's very kind of you I don't know I think maybe because

I try to be happy every day I always like to have a smile on my face and a spring in

my step so perhaps perhaps that's the reason why I I still look very young as I approach

60 I'm on my way towards 60 can you believe it talking of which here he is I know a lot

of people have been waiting for mr. Steve so here he is we don't have any applause but

if you would like to clap your hands you are more than welcome to do so here he is it's

mr. Steve oh hello everybody yes it's mr. Steve I'm on holiday today I heard Mr Duncan

upstairs I was upstairs I heard him while I was upstairs describing the fact that I'm

on holiday and that he's been very lazy and I said to him go on you've got to do a live

stream you cannot let your viewers down you promised them on Sunday so get on and do it

he wanted to go outside no but it is raining and I've been very busy mr. Duncan tidying

out the garage for garage for carriage because I mean I'm a bit lazy last year I bought some

shelving some self-assembly shelving are you impressed that I could say that I've said

the one thing I am impressed by is that you bought bought those shells over a year ago

well that's what I'm saying mr. Duncan I bought them a year ago because the garage is very

untidy and I wanted to buy these nice methyl shells that you put together yourself and

and then I can store all my bits and pieces on there and it will be nice and tidy and

I will know where everything is nice and tidy and I'll be able to go yes I know where that

where that hedge trimmer is it's on that shelf I know where those books are there on that

shelf or that trowel or that rake or anything that I need for the garden have you really

put a rake on a shelf it seems like a very big object what about your lawnmower maybe

you can put your lawnmower on the shelf but the thing is now this is something I've noticed

because I like to be nosy when I'm looking at my neighbour's houses so as we walk around

I have noticed that it is common for people to have a lot of rubbish in their garages

yes and we are no exceptions to that we have plenty of rubbish but I like to do have a

nice clear out every now and then and I've found lots of old bits of cardboard boxes

to burn so I'll be burning those later I've just I just it's nice to tidy things out isn't

it have a good tidy up if you've got a room it's actually been shown that it does cause

your stress that you know it's sort of low level stress you're probably not aware of

it but if there's untied enos in your room it creates stress I it stresses me so when

everything's tidy and neat and in its right place then then I just feel a bit more relaxed

to feel a bit less stressed because there's nothing there's nothing worse if you go into

a shed or a storeroom a garage and you're looking for something and there's so much

clutter everywhere you can't find it so I like to have all my tools hanging up and I

want to put these shelves up so I can put all the garden implements garden implements

is this sentence ever going to come to an end so they say that tidying up can be very

therapeutic therapeutic I love that word can you say it Steve a therapeutic something that's

very therapeutic and I suppose you could say that something therapeutic is something that

you do or see or hear that makes you feel better it can make you feel less anxious or

less stressed it can make you feel better in some way so maybe it makes you feel better

physically or mentally so something that is therapeutic so when we when we say therapy

therapy is the thing that makes you feel better it is therapeutic yes that's right mr. Duncan

it must derive from the word therapy and there are various forms of therapy and just tiding

something out gives you psychological therapy as you tidy the room up your mind also I think

becomes less cluttered yeah and as a result you've free up space in your mind to think

about other useless things like brexit for example oh for God's sake well can we just

say we are not going to mention I wasn't going to mention it but you can imagine that Steve

wanted to talk about it we're not going to talk about brexit today because between you

and me I am sick of it so we're not going to mention it instead let's have a look at

the live chat well one of the questions on the live chat was what do you think about

brexit well we're not going to talk about that I talked about it on Sunday we talked

about it far too much so let's have a look yes but it's a huge subject that's affecting

not just us but the whole of Europe okay goodbye Steve there Steve Steve's going Nye well we're

not really we are not going to talk about it maybe we should ask no people want me to

talk about Rex it then maybe you know just like the public vote then we have to obey

the public vote and I just send a message to a person called Ismail Mohammad can you

stop writing the same thing on the screen you only need to do it once we we don't have

short attention spans here now if Pedro is watching can you please put the person in

timeout yes Ismail we get it we don't do religion here you've come to the wrong place okay this

is not a religious Channel this is talking about the English language secular we are

secular secular we don't do it we don't do God here okay bye-bye thank you Oh Lilia is

here I like the fact that Lilia joins in now all the time also Alamgir I think you should

be going outside to get some people to do interviews if I press that what happens mr.

doing you can press that you stop the how do I get the knife chatter do I go down like

that yes somebody spoke just to a spoke then about oh it was Lilia are you in to milem

minimalist living minimalist minimalist living well yes interestingly enough yes that's the

concept that if you've got less if you own less things then you are less encumbered aren't

you unless attached to material things and you're free to go off around the world do

what you like you don't have to worry about about looking after your property or your

garden or your cars or all these that is a problem with with materialism and and colour

as you get older but you collect more and more stuff and as you collect more and more

stuff you have to do something with it and as you go through your career you probably

more money and the temptation is to buy a bigger house and then buy a car and then maybe

a second car and then lots of furniture and then if you have a garden you've got to buy

with a garden furniture and it goes on and on and on and eventually like our neighbours

we won't say which one though okay then Steve that's good no no no tensa me please please

don't mention anyone we know but you just kind of did you know you know our neighbours

don't mention any names at least oh yes we'll just leave that so they're so big

don't mention the neighbours right I'll make do like there's somebody else we know in another

part of the country who you've got lots of possessions and in order to store all those

possessions then they've had to buy a not one shed but two sheds so they fight first

by one shed and they have took their calm got room to store it all in so this becomes

just this becomes more and more of an encumbrance to you well where do you put all these things

so the concept of having a minimalist the concept yes as Lilia was saying of having

less material things around you is frees you up and you don't have to to worry about what

to do with all these material things yes and then you can just get on with whatever you

want to do in your life I want to just just to say what minimalist meant go on then so

minimalist if you are a person who is a minimalist it means you have few things around you now

it's very strange because all of the rooms in our house have very few things in them

so I think Lilia might be right I think we are kind of minimalist in in our deckle and

the way the house looks there's one room in the house which is anything but minimalist

and that's mr. Duncan studio yeah but that's functional yes but you wouldn't describe it

as minimalist no no that is a bit similar I would say yes but that's that's a room that

provides a certain function so the studio you can't have an empty studio because you

need cameras and lights and microphones and lots and lots of tripods how many tried positive

think mr. Duncan has at the last count I think it was nineteen and I think he's secretly

ordering them when you go in there so it's a huge trip hazard can I just say there are

more than 19 tripods there must be about 23 24 I need to do that I I need to do another

count I can't get my words out today mr. Duncan I'm getting excited you're all getting excited

this is like last Sunday what was going on last Sunday you you were acting a little I

want to say unusual but you seemed very excited what was it because you're your holiday was

about to start I think that's what it was mr. Duncan my holiday was starting I don't

like the fact that you've got this microphone and you can censor me at any point by removing

you know I can do that normally anyway because I have the controls so it doesn't actually

make any difference I've got to start my own YouTube channel and I can say what I like

completely uncensored let's talk about brexit all day and cars yes we remember what happened

last time about eight years ago Steve started his own YouTube channel and he only made two

videos that was just I was just trying to prove that I could do it as well mr. Duncan

and then I thought well I can do this I don't need to carry on the point has been made I'll

relieve mr. Duncan to develop his English Channel and I will assist wherever possible

which is what I'm doing right now mr. Duncan I'm not I'm not sure if you are actually assisting

if I wasn't helping you I'd be in the garden mr. Duncan maybe that's where you should be

well I was all yesterday we had to have every year we have somebody to come in he's he's

a sort of a tree specialist he's sort of a tree specialist that means well he is a tree

specialist yes well the thing is we have lots of high hedges around the borders of our garden

and they're so high and a lot of the trees are high I don't want to see I'm fine doing

gardening and a bit of clipping here and there but I don't want to be getting on ladders

and more than you know more than sort of I don't like to be further off the ground than

say about six feet even if Steve climbs on a chair he starts to start to vomit everywhere

I get vertigo so I dangerous it's dangerous getting up on ladders and everything's very

sloppy in our garden we're on a bit of a hill and it's all very sloppy so to do the difficult

stuff I have somebody to come in once a year and each at charges me a fair price but he

does two days and he does all the difficult work that would take me probably a week to

do and I could end up in casualty or AE so if you if you need your your bush trimming

if you have a bush that is overgrown we can recommend mr. Kiwi he's very good yes he's

very good anyway as I said he but he was there here for two days and then now i yesterday

spent all day doing all the noah stuff and it's hard work our garden isn't mr. Duncan

well not for you you don't do anything it's not hard work for me because I don't have

to do anything he there's nothing in the garden absolutely nothing he'd be got fitter and

slimmer if he helped me in the garden okay calm down I can't keep this up for much longer

mr. Duncan levels will sync to my boots something really funny happened earlier Pedro was trying

to put someone on timeout but he accidentally put someone else in timeout he accidentally

kicked Lilia Lilia out of the live chat oh dear so this is what happens when you press

the wrong button can we get Lilia back Lilia is back I think Oh arguments sorry on your

cable miss me Steve you're you you are you are the most clumsy person you notice I changed

I change and to my gardening clothes just for this I thought you were still wearing

your gardening clothes I can see mr. Steve that your skin is much better today so you

can now continue drinking vodka wrong with my skin oh yes I was Green wasn't I on Sunday

yes I've got to admit it was the vodka I don't know what was happening there like all of

my equipment in the studio on Sunday was going wrong guy I have no idea what happened yes

Lally I'm a little excited that's because I'm live talking to you that's why I'm excited

that's the real reason I always get excited when I'm on the live stream no Charla let's

go back to the live chat no Jonas's mr. Duncan sometimes I hear you speak American English

what do you mean American English words because I don't have an American accent my accent

is definitely not American but maybe sometimes I might use American expressions or euphemisms

like the other the other day Steve I said gotten gotten which is straight from American

English so gotten well the thing is we are heavily influenced through television programs

and films by American culture and American words and we often find ourselves using the

American version of words or Americanisms in our day-to-day language because there is

so much influence from from television and it works the other way as well so you will

find a lot of British expressions creeping and becoming used in American English like

one good one is Tatar now that is the thing I say in every lesson at the end of my lessons

I always say tat ata ta for now but now I've noticed that sometimes it's used on American

TV shows and movies so I don't think it's my fault I don't think they've heard me say

it but that is a British expression so sometimes you hear American expressions used in British

English and British expressions used in American English that is correct mr. Duncan but we

do watch a lot of American programmes don't we mr. Duncan because we find them a bit more

progressive a bit funnier if they're comedy and we love law and order don't yes there

is a TV show that was around during the 1990s and also the early 2000s called law and order

and that there were many different versions of this show made so you had law and order

it's all about people who commit crimes and how they are brought to justice they go to

court and they are found guilty or not guilty and sometimes it gets very dramatic because

they are executed they are sentenced to death can you believe it murder one yes murder one

so when you are charged with murder one in the US there is a good chance depending on

which state you are in because some states don't have the death penalty whilst others

do so in some states I think New York still has the death penalty so if you are charged

with murder in the first degree there is a good chance you will be executed well we don't

know enough about that to really make comments but we do like the program it's very clever

it's you you think we like the actors we like the acting it's very fast-paced it's clever

there's lots of twists and turns in the plot and just when you think everything's sorted

out there's a little twist or something at the end and it's just a very well put together

program very good work very well produced very well acted and I always like the beginning

as well there is a bloke a man who has a great voice in the criminal justice system and whats

the other the other thing which makes us laugh is that they don't waste any time showing

you the crime which is usually well it's always murder isn't it on this bro I mean literally

within seconds there's a body on the screen they won't be prosecuting shoplifting will

they yes I mean they're there they are homicide Department on a homicide yes so there's a

good word and it says it's but what's so funny is that that we always laugh how many we sort

of set our watches to see how quickly it is before the dead body appears they don't waste

any it's not one of those programs where it takes sort of half an hour to get around to

the crime it's literally within seconds so the music for the TV show starts and then

literally literally within seconds you have a dead body if you blink you've missed it

that's it so so law and order do you ever watch that show it doesn't actually exist

anymore that particular version stopped around I think it was around 2012 but there is another

one called law and order special victims unit and that is still going not keen on that one

let's go to the live chat Steve before we Lally said earlier that I do we speak posh

English the answer is I've always been accused of being posh so I certainly do mr. Duncan

I think has adopted some of my posh a bit of my posh accent I haven't I think my accents

fairly neutral I mean I can go into a very posh accent if I choose a but most of the

time I just speak like this. I can't tell the difference here mr. Duncan right what

did the live chat trying to say to his mr. Duncan what is it trying to say to us I want

to improve my English well everybody says that yes Zakariya hello to you thanks for

joining us today apparently Guadalupe is going to work but I will watch the live stream on

holiday we're on holiday oh it's wonderful well Steve is on holiday I'm supposed to be

working still are you ever working mr. Duncan you just sort of I go out to work and I come

back and I can never see any evidence of any work being looks actually taken place actually

I'm normally sitting in front of the television watching Law & Order yes sometimes I go away

he's watching Law & Order or I come back in the evening and he's still watching Law & Order

so that's the reason why Tias asks why isn't mr. Steve at work because he's having the

week off he's been so busy serving time off a bit of a holiday actually I'm using up holiday

that I carried forward or carried over because if you don't use all your holiday our holiday

period at work runs from January to December and you get I get we get so many days and

if you don't use it all you can carry over up to five days fascinating but yet well some

people might be able to do this in their jobs and others might not you can carry it over

but you have to use it those carryover days by a certain day so it's we in our company

it's the end of April so I'm using up those carryover days in order to de-stress and also

to do some gardening tidy up the garage helped mr. Duncan and just sort of you know relax

yes even though it doesn't look like it so we have oh I am jealous of you says new juin

Tuan also we have let's have a look the Dewan Tuan actually says my IELTS is 6.0 well done

that's very high that good mr. Duncan that is very very good quite good although eight

would be nice maybe after watching this live stream you go to eight mr. Duncan do you like

sports people always ask this we don't play sport do we Steve we're not we're not very

sporty well III not team sports no I used to like tennis I used to like cross-country

running I've never been very good at team sports I like exit I like running I like running

a lot I think I think something very strange has happened on the live chat I think Pedro

has accidentally banned Lilia I think so I do I haven't seen Lilia since since Pedro

pressed the button so what have you done what have you done Pedro if you have you pressed

the wrong button there oh dear better bring Lilia back I want to see the design of your

t-shirt would you show it for me oh I see do you mean the t-shirt I'm wearing now okay

here it is you don't have to there it is yeah I like the way Steve still talking and he

doesn't have a microphone so do you like my t-shirt there it is can you see it can you

see it there it is my lovely t-shirt holiday t-shirt isn't it yes one of my friends from

Malaysia bought this many many years ago I think I've had this for over 20 years so this

was actually given to me by one of my friends in Malaysia so yes so that's that's the story

behind my t-shirt might not look twenty years old from where you're standing but from where

I'm standing it definitely looks twenty years old well I know I know because it has a whole

look disgusting mr. Duncan put your arm down cause I want to see your holy armpit look

let it stop my armpit that has a hole in it it's the shirt so there we go you see

don't be so pedantic you can see 'pedantic' there's a good word

you okay again now are you are you alright Steve so I'm trying to show something so you

can see we don't want to see it you can see that this shirt is very old so there we go

you've rotted the armpit well you show me a t-shirt that you've had for twenty years

that hasn't got holes in it well I suppose the answer to that is to get a new t-shirt

mr. Duncan yes but I like this t-shirt well are you can't wear it when we're going we're

going on holidays okay okay please you don't trust me at all do you no I don't trust you

because you are the worst secret keeper in the world that people tell Steve to keep secrets

and the next day I hear him on the phone talking to people and he in he's telling other people

the secret that the day before he said he would keep I'm not very good at keeping secret

room so don't say anything but in a few weeks time in fact the end of this month we are

going on a special trip that mr. Steve was given by his company so we are going somewhere

special but we won't tell you where until we are actually there so there will be a big

reveal from the place where we will be anything special Steve on the live chat I can't see

anything at the moment mr. Duncan so we have to return to brexit that's the only solution

No dear mr. Duncan and mr. Steve I can't listen because I'm just going to work but I look

forward to downloading this lesson you are really great thank you Pavel for that you

still look young teacher well we try our best we try our best we take care of ourselves

we get lots of exercise but the big thing the most important thing is to stay happy

are you happy Steve yes I'm very happy mr. Duncan you can tell he's happy look look at

that face that is that is the pure image the pure image of happiness there I'm happy mr.

Duncan because I'm standing next to you doing a live stream what could be better than that

I think so the best way to keep a secret is don't tell anyone I think that's very good

advice yes it's very difficult to keep secrets even murderers apparently even if you if you

committed a bad crime most people they have to confess it to somebody at some point and

for cimes some crimes don't ever get sold do they they never find who the culprit is

who committed the crime but then quite often you find out many years later after the person

who committed the crime died and because they confessed it to somebody on their deathbed

or before they died because they just can't keep that information in it sounds like Steve

is just telling us about an episode of Law & Order wasn't this in an episode of Law & Order

I don't know I think it was there's no idea wasn't there a guy who committed a murder

and then many years later someone else mentioned that this guy had murdered someone because

the wrong person had been put in prison so I think that that's what it is I think that

that might be an episode of law in order you just mentioned I think it's true if you if

you committed a crime or have a dark secret would you be able to hold that secret for

the rest of your life or would you have to reveal it to somebody I would I could I couldn't

hold a secret in like that mr. Duncan you can't you can't hold any secret that is true

I can actually I can hold some secrets they are difficult to to do that my energy levels

are flagging mr. Steve cannot keep secrets never tell Steve any secrets I don't know

how but whenever I press that screen it goes wrong mr. Duncan that's because you are you

are useless when it comes to technology yes Pedro says can't mr. Duncan you've got to

bring Lilia back he said he can't do it okay well hmm this this this is awkward there we

go let me just yes wait there Steve let me just see if I can find the last messages wait

there Steve you've just got to bear with me I'm just so don't worry it's okay Steve I'm

trying to find lily let me have the microphone or we won't give me the microphone those won't

let me have the microphone so while you find Lilia I'll talk I'll give you a brief update

on brexit shall I no wait there Steve we've got to do this people we've got to put this

right because Lilia might think that we've kicked her out but we haven't she's going

to be angry at Pedro she's not the only one so do you know how to restore Lilia back to

the live stream mr. Duncan fortunately I do oh that's good and there are you truly the

only one with the power to be able to do this I have the ultimate power on this channel

no one beats me yes you see if I try to grab mr. Duncan's microphone is he just he just

won't let me Steve is not having this microphone he has to have full control over the microphone

I am the producer he's you having to go back a long way mr. Duncan there we go I found

it let's see if we can just put that right it's not working you might have to go to your

computer yes okay I'm going to the computer I'm taking a big risk here so hold the microphone

don't shout into it Steve Oh rush I've placed it into mr. Steve's hand and now he is holding

it very tightly the microphone there the microphone control ream leader the micro go up you go

mr. duncan microphone yeah we know that that's the microphone how do I hold it should I hold

it like that mr. Duncan like a rapper know what don't rappers hold it like this no I

don't know you don't know your hands are freezing cold mr. Duncan just keep it off you go off

you go mr. Duncan I'm in charge now Oh Pedro thank you very much and this was something

we spoke about I sent you that email didn't I do something wrong on the live stream mr.

Duncan will have to go off so a brief brexit does anyone to want to know about brexit or

do they want to know about my gardening oh I don't know Oh I've broken it mr. Duncan

I've broken it I don't know how to how to operate this at all Lally says don't give

him the microphone back I won't I'm going to I'm going to strap it to me so how do rappers

hold it then I'm obviously wrong is it like that who somebody holds them like the various

ways of holding a microphone Arthur have you noticed over the years some people hold it

like that some people hold it like that other people

I'm back everyone and so is Lilia hopefully Lilia will be back now so just a little word

of warning or a suggestion if you are if you are kicking people out make sure you kick

the right person out of the live chat who dear with me was Steve shouting then into

the microphone I'm very sorry about that what what were you doing then but I somebody said

that rappers don't hold their microphone like that well no rappers don't hold their microphone

like that never well how do they held their microphone mr. Duncan can you look as on the

room look at this on the room I don't know what you mean by that do you mean can you

show us your room so you want to have a look at this room ah interesting where you can

have a look behind us because the garden is looking a little nice at the moment let's

just have a let's just take that down a little bit look at there's the garden can you see

the garden behind mr. Steve so there that that looks rather nice today even though we

had a lot of rain earlier he was absolutely throwing it down it was it was very very rainy

this morning are we lighter now can you guys read my text yes Lilia Lilia is back oh can

I just apologize on behalf of Pedro Pedro accidentally kicked you out he didn't mean

to kick you out or did he or did he Oh conspiracy theory ooh I've noticed on the table here

mr. Duncan you've got an orange yes very observant I'm just trying to figure out why you got

an aura are you going to eat this live in front of the rest of the world well first

of all this orange isn't alive it's dead so mean that mr. Duncan is you well no I meant

are you going to eat it live oh I see thanks everyone thanks a lot mr. Duncan for going

the extra mile to give me my voice again well don't worry I will I will go round to Pedro

later and I will smack his bottom with a shoe I wonder if if Lilia could hear as well we

were but if you don't Steve I don't know but I'll press cancel there we go oh look at that

mr. Duncan I'm getting the hang of this nice garden well it's a nice garden because I have

spent a lot of effort that's I me not mr. Duncan who just enjoys it whereas I maintain

it and as you can see those hedges at the back have been very well maintained by yours

truly if we say yours truly we mean we're referring to ourselves why do we say yours

truly I don't know it's sort of it's just a different way of saying me yes just referring

to yourself so you are saying yours truly almost like you are referring to yourself

in the third person imagine if if our noses look like oranges wouldn't that be amazing

so imagine if your nose actually looked like an orange wouldn't that be weird imagine if

you walked around every day and your nose looked like this Oh Lilia is very forgiving

and has said that Pedro didn't mean it which is wonderful it's not how wonderful people

we've got on the livestream they don't argue with each other they recognize when a genuine

mistake has been made and we just move on but the question somebody has asked is so

is this true that if somebody Pedro can't put somebody back on once they've been taken

off is that true I have the authority to reinstate but no one else does so only the owner of

the channel can actually reinstate someone so you can remove them but you can't bring

them back so I hope that's where are you going Steve I couldn't read the screen signer says

that where is my hair where is your hair yes I think your hair is in 1983 approximately

yes there you are actually correct where is my hair it's in 1983 probably not the best

way to word a question like that it's not like it's could come back at any moment it's

a rather blunt question yes I started losing my hair around 1983 and it's gradually been

disappearing since then so that's the answer to the question mr. Steve's hair is in 1983

and also it's a little blunt as well we don't normally ask questions like that you might

you might say oh I couldn't help noticing I couldn't help noticing that you you appear

to have lost your hair when did that happen so sometimes you have to ask a personal question

but you have to use something called tact tact so you ask something in a in a polite

way but it's true yes mr. Steve did lose his hair in 1983 gradually it didn't suddenly

all go at once it's called male pattern baldness and boy George was in the pop charts that's

how long ago it was so Boy George was actually in the charts I think he was at number one

with karma chameleon I'm not sure about that mr. Duncan but if it's it's a condition that

afflicts a lot of men more so in some countries than others but certainly in western white

men it's very common you never see you never see a bald Eskimo that's because they're always

wearing hats no no it's true you never see I don't know why I think it might be because

of the cold weather so they have to keep their hair to keep them warm but you never ever

see a bald Eskimo but I don't know if I've seen enough Eskimos to actually make a conclusion

about that mr. Duncan some of my best friends are Eskimos but yes it happens to about half

of all men I think there was no chance for me because my father was bald and also all

my mother's brothers are bald so there was no chance that I was ever going to retain

my hair I think it's safe to say that baldness runs in mr. Steeves family yes and III just

have it very short at the sides because I've got nothing here so I keep it short at the

sides because I think it just looks better that way of course I have no room to talk

because I've been losing my hair over the years so because my dad my dad had no hair

when he was 1990s and my father started losing his hair when he was 19 and then he joined

the army as well so my dad was in the army and he went to Cyprus and he was in the army

and he caught an illness a disease that that made all of his teeth fall out and he was

only about 20 21 so my mum told me that when she met my dad he had no hair and he had no

teeth but strangely enough for that used to afflict people in the forces when I say the

forces I mean the Army Navy Air Force my father was a it was a sailor and he lost all his

teeth when he was went to sea as well so I think because of bad diet and mr. Duncan wants

to say something he's just itching to say something and I think it was a common thing

to happen to you if your diet wasn't very good and you that didn't have access to a

good dentist that you would rapidly lose your teeth lots of people have my sort of father's

generation used to lose their teeth lots of them had false teeth because they didn't used

to go to the dentist so much and they didn't look after their teeth as well as we do today

yes apparently you caught it from the drinking water so they drink water that was not very

good and the illness the disease is called pyorrhoea so pyorrhoea is actually I think

it's like a virus and it affects your your gums and all your teeth fall out I imagine

it must be very similar to gingivitis it's okay so I know I don't mind I don't mind you

talking about I know you didn't mean it I in a nasty way I know we're just joke I don't

mind talking about it actually but jokes very yeah I used to be very upset about it when

I was younger or joking but I've got over it now Oh sue cats got to go to work as well

see you Sunday so you must be maybe sue cat was in her lunch hour her dinner break yes

it was earlier so sue cat is behind behind us with the time so maybe it was morning even

Oh Hiba says oh what a great mum you have mr. Duncan well that's that's open for debate

and the debate I think we won't go into that was your father army rank my father was I

think he was a corporal so my father was a corporal but what he used to do he used to

make all the food so he was actually at what part of the catering Corps but he did learn

how to use a gun and also how to stir soup as well two very important things for survival

he he was very deadly with a whisk he could he could he was he was deadly with a whisk

so my father was very good with with a and a gun did he have a whisk in one hand and

a gun in the other just in case so when your father was in the Navy was he was he surrounded

by seamen did he ever go on the poop deck you're just disgusting mr. Duncan you really

are and I don't know why I come on these live streams with you because you always try and

insult me and make me look the fool I'm just asking about the people that he was serving

with he was serving with lots of seamen I can't I can't imagine mr. Steve with hairs

or even what we would say is we wouldn't use the plural form of the word there we would

just say hair yes so often when we just describe a person or an animal we say that it has lots

of hair or it has hair so we don't say hairs we say hair so that dog has very long fur

so not hair actually sometimes people say hair when they mean fur like mr. Steve you

see so a horse does a horse have hair or fur well its hair mr. Duncan horse hair yes exactly

what about what about a dog a dog has hair a dog has fur I'm not sure about that mr.

ding hone I was going to say something and hair so quite often people will say dog hair

all dog fur but cats cats have fur Giordano says use minoxidil mr. Steve well interests

interestingly enough I did try that drug when I was in my early twenties did it work well

the thing is I it didn't really work and I stopped using it because at the time it was

very very expensive and it would have meant having to apply this drug forever and who

knows what the side effects would have been and I was I was quite very in India when you're

younger I think you're a bit more conscious of your appearance you still are and I wanted

to I didn't want to lose my hair so I rubbed this drug on called minoxidil which was interest

interestingly enough that was a drug I think it was don't know what it was developed for

but they discovered the side effect of it was that it would make your hair grow back

but I think it was a blood pressure product or something I can't remember but you know

do you really want to be applying lotion see a scout for the rest of your life I decided

to accept it shave everything off and move on you know if everything is shaved everything

even even the hair you can't see but of course when now it's very trendy to shave your head

but back in the eighties it wasn't so I stood out a bit at the time it always looks better

if you're black I think I think every black guy who cuts their hair short always looks

so cool what I always think of that the guy from pulp fiction okay pulp fiction you know

who I mean you are right though yes because there isn't you don't get this when a white

guy shaves his head you get that you get that the outline color of the hair here and then

a white head whereas if you're black you don't you don't get you get that sort of you don't

get that color differential between the side of your head and the top of your head so if

you're black you're great it's great it's super duper matter if you go bald doesn't

matter you just shave it off and you look cool and no one can tell anyway it's great

so if you're black and you lose your hair you still look cool and what it what a lot

of white people do is then slap on lots of lots of fake tan to take the whiteness away

so that they don't look quite so you know you haven't got this white forehead on the

top of your head or you wear a hat which of course now I am bald I have to wear a hat

when I'm outside otherwise I risk getting skin cancer oh dear we don't want that I already

had to have one nasty-looking thing burnt off a number of years ago you definitely don't

want skin cancer definitely definitely not so it's a hat for me forever when I'm outside

Oh mr. Duncan yes oh yeah that the father of my sister-in-law went into World War two

I always passed away oh but sister-in-law receives a fat pension so if we say a fat

pension it means she gets a large pension from the army the army well that that can't

be bad that is good actually what can what country is that sorry Pedro I was it yes because

it were often criticized people in the Army in the UK and I think in America as well often

criticised the fact that they don't get looked after enough after they leave the Army so

maybe where you are Pedro they look after their ex force personnel a lot better than

we do especially if you're injured I think the big part is if people are suffering from

physical injuries or mental injuries so I think I think there is a lot of criticism

about people who fought in the armed services and then after they've served their time they

find that quite often people just throw them on the scrap heap this happened a lot in the

United States after the Vietnam War came to an end that's that is true mr. Duncan yes

I find it incredible says Lilia when people look at a baby and say oh she looks like her

mother or he looks just like his dad is it ever possible to spot any resemblance when

a baby is a newborn I think all babies look like Winston Churchill yes but I suppose you

might the color of the eyes maybe but people always do say that don't they all doesn't

doesn't he look like you doesn't doesn't she look like her mother people always do say

that it'd be interesting to do to find out if the people that say but what the babies

grew up to who they grew up to look like and whether they work whether the people that

said they don't like the mother or father we're actually correct at the time I think

people just say that as something to say don't they I do look like my mother a lot of people

used to say when I was younger that I look like my mum you look like your father a bit

I think your father and you look very similar you have you have the big proud knows there's

no comment a Roman nose it's often described as it's certainly Roman all over your face

haha it's not that big mr. Duncan how long are we staying on for because I want to go

back into the garage and carry on tidying out and putting up my shelves which I may

need assistance from somebody you know to help me with that hmm I may need an assistant

I need an assistant actually outside because one of the conifer trees the branch is drooping

and I need to tie it back and I need you to push it mr. Duncan on the front so you need

you need you need me okay then Steve we get it I live the way Steve explains things and

then Kara's on explaining it for about another hour afterwards hello mr. Lincoln mr. Steve

and Montenegro Montenegro its Marella hello Marella nice to see you back again we're just

well I'm going in a minute well we're both going because we've been here for over one

hour I can't believe it already we've been here folk for well over one hour so it's 23

minutes past 3:00 in the afternoon M little m says the first of April is that a bit of

a cultural thing in the UK the 1st of April I think everyone has the 1st of April I don't

think it's you I don't think the UK only has like I'm staring to April Fool's Day oh I

see well you've said the 1st of April I think I think everyone has the 1st of April but

of course they do is to dunk especially especially on the 1st of April but I think that's maybe

what what capital M little m is referring to April Fool's Day April Fool's Day which

sort of past and notice this year but yes April Fool's Day is is is in the morning up

until is it 12 o'clock on the first of April so you can only make the jokes you could only

fool people up until midday and I thought that Theresa May on April the first was going

to tell everyone that brexit was just an April Fool's joke that would have been fantastic

but yes so I don't know I wonder if other people have April Fool's Day in their country

but yes so up until 12 o'clock you can you can do a prank on somebody yes and then at

12 o'clock you have to reveal that it was a prank you tricked you tricked you and trick

them and you can say all sorts of things yeah and in the hope of tricking people because

often people don't remember that it's the April Fool's Day my favourite April Fool's

joke was many years ago in the nineteen I think it was the late 1950s when there was

a television program here in the UK and they they went to Italy and they went to a spaghetti

farm and and there were these trees and they all had spaghetti hanging from the trees and

they they had a documentary they made a serious documentary talking all about spaghetti trees

which of course turned out to be an April Fool's joke because spaghetti doesn't grow

on trees it grows in the ground yeah somebody's asked what was the colour of my hair it was

like a dark brown I had a full head of hair he's very curly my mother used to say to me

that when I went to the hairdresser my hair was so thick and luscious that the the barber

couldn't get his comb through my hair is it true that you had a big afro no Steve Steve

had this massive afro it was it was huge he was the only person in Morton in Marsh to

have an afro Oh Lily is going and we're going soon as well so lilius thanks is for the live

stream today and we thank you for for being there with this yes we're going are we well

I will see you later Steve okay then I'll go and I'll let you wrap up and I'll say Tatar

for now and see you on Sunday bye there goes mr. Steve we will be back on Sunday I think

Steve has got back eight I think so hello mr. Steve what's the history of April Fool's

Day how do people live in England how do people do it in England well people play tricks on

each other they they might pretend to be ill or my or maybe they pretend something has

happened but it hasn't so there are many types of April Fool's jokes that you can play but

only on April the 1st and only until midday so I'm going now it's time to leave you I

hope you've enjoyed this very unusual spontaneous live stream and if you like this then I might

do more who knows so I'm going now thanks a lot for your company we will be back on

Sunday mr. Steve and myself of course we might do another live stream before then but normally

I am here Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and so is mr. Steve thanks for your company today thanks

to everyone on the live chat it's been interesting this is mr. duncan in the birthplace of English

saying thanks for watching us live and I will see you later and of course until the next

time we meet here on YouTube... ta ta for now.

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