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Hey, everyone, so today I am 22 weeks which is crazy,

I felt like I'm giving >> Yehey!

>> Yehey, there's Bird, come here, want to touch mommy's belly?

>> Yeah >> Can tell everyone I'm 22 weeks?

>> Okay, two weeks, two weeks.

>> That's right, so you wanna measure momma's belly?

Help me, let's see, and then what they do were is, then we compare to see

what size you are at 22 weeks, so let's put it up right on this belly button.

So, mommy's belly,

around 38.4 inches.


Being in isolation and having Artem and Nicole next door has been such a treat.

But Artem is an insane cook and he has been making us so much amazing food.

But it's been banana bread,

we did this insane eggplant parmesan just feel like he's been very happy.

>> [INAUDIBLE] on that on my belly.

>> You want me to do your belly?

Your belly is 21.2 inches.

So my due date is July 27 and I went to the doctor this past week and

it was actually really cool, because we planned my C section date.

So if I can carry, if this baby decides not to come the way Bird did,

I can keep he or she in my belly till August 1st and if not,

I'm trying my water breaks before that and maybe I can have a back.

So and you will see and, yes, so everything's good,

we're healthy, we are entertaining ourselves.

We're trying to look at the positives of everything going on.

Even tough, it's been really hard and Bird and I,

trying he's stir crazy, but every night we read to the baby.

We have a special book we read and I don't know, we're starting to plan our nursery.

I'm going with a neutral woodland theme, so

I will show you guys as I slowly get that together.

We'll be another couple months, but, yeah,

so 22 weeks you guys, everything is going good.


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