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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 생후 60개월 만에 줄넘기 완벽 마스터! 급이 다른 줄넘기 신동┃A 5-year-old Whiz Kid! Another Level of Jump Rope

Difficulty: 0

Among men showing off their talent,

This kid stands out for sure

His supernormal talent is incomparable!

Production Crew: How old are you?

Im 5

60 months after birth, he mastered the jump rope

We introduce you a 5-year-old jump rope whiz kid, Su-hyun!

Double-under and criss cross jump rope are my appetizers

Guys LB for my slaying jump rope ;)

Production Crew: Wow! You are really good at this!

(HUMBLE) I just practiced

Normal 5-year-old kids cant even jump rope once...

Whereas Su-hyun can double-under flawlessly

Production Crew: Can you do the same?

No ~ xD

Su-hyun, You are the best!

What about a teacher vs Su-hyun?

Isn't it unfair for Su-hyun?...WHATTT?

There is nothing more to teach. Go graduate, Su-hyun

Production Crew: Do his peers have a hard time with jump rope?

Yeah, they do take it difficult.

Production Crew: Can you give us a tip for jump rope?

You should learn. (Yah.. We know…)

Lets just say that Production Crew asked a silly question

He carries his jump rope everywhere

He arrived at the Hapkido Martial Art Center

where he learned jump rope for the first time.

Sy-hyun is the youngest here


Unlike when he jump ropes, he looks so clumsy

Production Crew: What is happening?


I can beat him with jump rope tho!

He gets braver when he is with a jump rope

But a 11-year-old boys talent seems exceptional, too!



Jump rope match is always a winning game for Su-hyun

There are 10 different classes in Jump rope association

and Su-hyun has the first class certificate

Class 1 means you are highly certified

since even adults have a hard time earning it.

Regular/ Skip Jumps/ Rock-Paper-Scissor Jumps/ Front kick Jumps/ Side kick Jumps

High-side Jumps/ Criss cross Jumps/ Backward rope/ Backward Criss cross Jumps/ Double-under

He jump ropes in 10 different styles

He mastered these within 5 months!

Youth must double-under six times to earn class 1

and Su-hyun can do more than 50

Is 50 double-under w/o stopping even possible?

Full version of video! (Dont doubt plz)

I'm literally doubting my eyes...


His endurance and stamina are outstanding.

Let us begin the final match!

Jump Rope Final Match: The last man standing wins! (with the same jump rope style)

Final match usually last for at least 4 minutes

Anyone betting on a 5-year-old boy?

After few minutes,

Only a few were left!

Check if he is wearing Iron man suit

He doesnt even look tired (SUCCESS)

Most of the time,

Su-hyun is the last man standing.

There is a zero sign of tiredness

Production Crew: Are you alright?


Look at those jump ropes. Its definitely the whiz kids house!

Production Crew: Why do you have so many?

The more you have, the better it is!

Me too big for this jump rope. Me choose this one!

(Im now a grown-up) His choice varies depending on his mood

Even if he is not jump roping, it follows him anyway

His love is unstoppable

Music will explode my jump rope vibe

Beat, Rhythm, SoulIts on point!

He slayed it..

What made him fall in love with jump rope?

As he took a special lesson at Hapkido center,

he really enjoyed it and felt passion in it.

He even beat older brothers

I think that gave him a sense of accomplishment

And improved his jump rope.

Hapkido Center introduced him the world of jump rope LOL

He is a certified jump roper!

I wanna be a king of jump rope~~

We wish Su-hyuns dream comes true :D

The Description of 생후 60개월 만에 줄넘기 완벽 마스터! 급이 다른 줄넘기 신동┃A 5-year-old Whiz Kid! Another Level of Jump Rope