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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Буткемп перед DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 | CS:GO

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Hello, everyone! Today I'll be showing you our bootcamp. Let's get to it!

And we're greeted by the nanotech of this business center - fingerprint locks!

[Thank you.]

Thank you!

Let me show you the room where we practice, play, and... just gather together to prepare for the tournaments.

There it is! It's quite packed now - everyone's playing, and Dastan is observing and preparing demos

for our future opponents - BIG. Let's go left to right - AdreN is playing CS right now.

Here's our whiteboard - it's our overall schedule for future events.

DreamHack is in just two days, after it - GG.BET in London.

Then we have Macao where we'll be playing in WESG Asia qualifiers.

After that - Katowice, after that - WESG itself, and, finally, The Rio Major - our main goal.

But it's so far away that we can disregard it for now.

Let's take a look around. Dauren is preparing by watching the top-2 player's highlights.

By the way, he ordered a pair of Yeezys which didn't fit - so hit him up in DMs.

He's gonna sell them with a 50% discount! adrencsgo is the way to go.

Hol' up.

Okay, fine, 70%. 30%? 40%?

70% discount? Huh? Okay, fine, 70%. 30%? 40%?

70% discount? Huh?

His size is 12. So, guys, blow his DMs up.

Here's Timur showing how it's done with the AWP.

And there's his strat notebook which he reads during practice to refresh his knowledge.

Well, that's all. Just a man with a mission.

Here's Jame practicing his movements with a bottle of... what's that?

What do we have here? A bottle of juice - and not what you all thought!

Remember this name - Dzyusha!

Our captain is just practicing his movement. There are his notes, too - If I can have a look?

That's where all of the calls during our scrims are stored!

Next up - my desk. This is the place of thorough practice - and watching Dota 2 streams. Notice the 2 juice boxes, too.

Mouse, keyboard, phone, and a notebook. The usual!

Here's Sanji. Nothing out of the ordinary here - he's practicing too. The scissors? They're for when someone's being an ass during scrims.

If someone trashtalks Sanji when we're practicing, he would lob these scissors straight in his eye.

That's why there are so few conflicts within the team.

Here's our food, and Dastan.

Two days worth of food already.

Mashed potatoes, Chicken Kiev, rice, sandwiches... That's all. Oh, and also salads.

And that's our coach's desk. He's watching a Kazakh team Se7en eSports play in some Asian tournament.

Somewhere in China, I think.

They're going [to WESG qualifiers], too, but, hopefully, not the ones we're playing in.

And here's the view from our business center - I think it's awesome. It's so cool here.

[ about preparation for the upcoming tournaments.]

We kicked off this bootcamp on the 13th of January. Dauren arrived a tad later because he had a vacation overseas.

Today's the seventh day of the bootcamp, five of which we have spent consistently practicing.

All in all, it's your usual bootcamp. At the beginning I was worried that we'd have a hard time snapping back to working mood after the vacation, but

I think it only improved our morale and we found a perfect timing to get back to practice and regain our form.

Remembering how to play CS has been a bit tough. I should work even harder in this bootcamp.

I would rate the guys' individual levels at... Well, it's a bit tough to judge now as the official games decide everything,

There are some moments where we're playing really well, but also moments where we're mediocre.

There's no consistent high level to be seen yet at least during scrims.

But there some inklings! Sometimes we have great games with nearly no mistakes.

I've noticed a trend where when we play against high-tier teams, the guys are more focused and serious, so we show good results against good teams.

But when we play mid-tier teams, it's almost always 50/50 and close games.

On this bootcamp, we're focusing more on individual plays as well as how individual players work within a team.

About my form approaching DreamHack - I feel like I'll be ramping up as the series go, so it's gonna be fine.

I haven't forgotten how to play CS, so I feel that I've already regained my form in this bootcamp.

On this bootcamp, our priority is the following: teamplay, communication, and, obviously, aim.

We decide what to do next based on the results.

We have 5 or 6 series ahead of us.

We've established a schedule that culminates with a Major.

It goes without saying that the Major is our main goal.

But we'll have to go through DreamHack, the first event of the season, first. Actually, I really like DreamHack.

I think it's a very cozy tournament with a lot of good teams, and its host-cities are always keeping it fresh.

I see this tournament as a stepping stone on the path of regaining our form, but at the same time, our goal is victory.

Next up is London series - and while the opponents will be stronger, I wouldn't call the event tier-1, either.

We want to use these tournaments as a way to find our game and improve our results.

Then we'll play in Katowice. I'd say Katowice is next month's main event.

After that, we'll have the Major. Again, we're not looking at these events as some throwaway practice series - our goal is to win, loud and clear.

Our DreamHack Group is going to be BIG, Renegades, and, if I recall correctly, Cloud 9.

It's hard to rate these teams outright. Every participant of this series is undergoing some phase of re-inventing themselves.

Everyone wants to show their best and claim the prize. BIG with their 2 transfers, in my opinion, are going to be extremely motivated to "redeem" themselves and show high-tier CS.

Cloud 9 has a new roster that breezed through the qualifiers.

I don't know... We have always played well against the Americans. We never overestimate or underestimate them.

It's hard to judge them. We'll see how well our practice pays off when we face each other in a match.

And for Renegades... They're formerly known as Grayhound Gaming. They're a good, experienced lineup.

So that wraps up for a solid, well-rounded group. There's no room to underestimate anyone. Every team is on a high level - after all, it's 2020!

CS:GO is even more popular than CS 1.6, and even a mid-tier team is in a great form nowadays.

So we can't waste time underestimating anyone - we just have to buckle up and f*ck 'em up!

My favorite chant? Well, just hearing "" is good enough for me.

Anything goes for us.

The most important thing is that you root for us - and what exactly you're chanting isn't a big deal!

You might as well just chant "Sanji!".

I think if any of you guys come up with something based on our Kazakh origin

that'd be fun! Something like "Alga [forward]!" would be nice. But I can't come up with anything myself.

If you come up with something catchy, that'd be a blast. We enjoy having something like that to banter:

"Look at us, we're the Bears now". "Alga, Bears", yes!

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