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Making my thumnail. Haha

epic fail because on the viewfinder the pink bags are not seen

BTS Pop up store Haul! We spent 200,000 :)

hi guys! we are currently in south korea with my bestfriends anne and glaiza, they are in the background minding their own business haha.

we will be doing a bts pop up store haul!

two days ago we went to the bts pop up store in gangnam seoul

the line was super long even at night and it was so cold!

and it was also raining and i was only using a heat tech with no coats hence why i have colds :(

i think the bts pop up store vlog will be uploaded first before this haul.

it's a dream come true as a bts army to go there because the place was really nice! all in one - museum, cafe, store.

let's start with glaiza's purchases!

the bag is super cute, baby pink!

before lining up, you have to register and you will get this loot bag.

let me show you guys what's inside!

this is the catalogue for mic drop merchandise,

and then, this one,

ad for their bon voyage!

i'm sure if you are an army, you'd know that they have a tv show/series in v-live.

this one, it is bingo cards but we never used nor experience playing with this.

card if you want to participate in their surveys.

one of my favorite part from the loot bag, bracelet. haha

a big catalogue with location

there's a lot of merchandise to choose from!

they will also give you a pencil with bts logo

unfortunately, i lost my loot bag! :( so what i'm showing is glaizas'

but it's okay because we are planning to go back, to check if there are other merch we want to buy and it's also near line friends.

we also need to go back there because of kstar road

these are glaiza's purchases!

ohh, super cute :')

i'll also get the catalogue so we can check the prices too.

1st purchase: key ring of jungkookie

it's so cute! 9,000 korean won.

thats around 450 philippine peso

if you guys are wondering how i can easily compute: here's a tip! remove a zero on the end and divide it by 2, that's the approximate conversion.

2nd purchase: 2 key rings of V

around 450 pesos each again. it's super super cute!

next we move on to anne's purchases! it's super big because she also plans to give some to her nieces.

wow there's a lot!

let's start with the small ones,

super super cute!!!!

3rd purchase: Jimin's luggage tag! 12,000 korean won, 600 philippine peso.

I will also buy this! Because we will go back. Haha

4th purchase: Jungkookie's key ring, 450 philippine peso.

5th purchase: BTS Jimin's key ring, 400 philippine peso too.

The last two, are the big stuff!

5th purchase: BTS Jungkook's doll. 29,000 korean won or aroung 1,500 philippine peso.

It's super cute huhu

incase you are curious what it looks like on the sides, let me tour you haha.

i can't stop saying it's super cute. haha

and she also bought bts jimin's doll.

outfits are from idol music video.

if you go there, even far from the place, you will see a lot of armys caring the pink bags! it will make you jealous and excited. haha

last but not the least are my purchases!

7th purchase is not from the official merch but from the bts pop up store cafe.

before i share that, let me share that an army was kind enough to give me this.

it's the rm playlist,

here's a picture too

rm namjooning :')

this is super beautiful and creative.

rm lovegram!

moonchild refrigerator magnet.

here's her instagram handle, i could not read what its written. hehe

thank you co-army!!!

let's move on to my purchases, this one from the cafe.

i'm sure you guys know what it is?

it's a cute tumbler!

7th purchase: BTS Pop up store tumbler, around 250 philippine peso

bag is for 100 won, 5 pesos!

move on to the official merch

8th purchase: Jimin's mousepad, around 300 philippine peso.

Last but not the least, i will have a separate video unboxing this classic merchandise.

9th purchase: BTS Official Lightstick version 3

I am so so excited!

This is 33,000 korean won so that's around 1,500 to 1,600 philippine peso.

I am so so excited! I will be doing another unboxing video just for this.

It's going to be interesting because it is my first time.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching this video!

If you have visited the bts pop up store, let me know in the comments below,

and please let me know what are your fave from our purchases?

Thanks again for watching and see you on my next video. Bye, Love youuu!

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