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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bolivian President | The Dalai Lama | Instagram - The Week in Rap

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it's flow care

this one's going out to who the mold in

middle school and mold in South Carolina

let's go

hey yes yes starless go to the cash you

know what we bout to do get poor working

in the lab that's right and we'll begin

him but Lafitte protesters told the

president we're gonna get prettier he

won the election but the people cried

out and said it was so cool but he still

stepped down our new president is what

they've gotta find cuz the next two in

the line of succession have resigned

next event importance may be going

through some drama when it comes to

who'll be named the next Dalai Lama last

their spiritual leader and he may die

soon and if he does China says they have

the right to Chu who's next cuz they

claim Tibet is land of their own in the

current Dalai Lama left many years ago

Hangzhou advocating independence for

Tibet so we don't know whose Dalai Lama

we're gonna get now on Monday mercury

began to trek across the Sun if there's

ever been a time to check it out this

was the one but she won't see it again

until 2030 to the transit of mercury

whoo enjoy the view in the world of

television here's a pleasant surprise

the ttq inclusions at an all-time high

last year glad call for industry before

now networks have met the standards that

was set forth last up Instagram is

running a test yeah I'd like so the

pressure when you post will be less

especially for the youth where

competition is hot I just want people

posting pics they think of fly

vocabulary coming out of hand by

delivering the news every week worldwide

that it's flow cabin air we gotta keep

it all right on the shout out contest

good luck and goodbye


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The Description of Bolivian President | The Dalai Lama | Instagram - The Week in Rap