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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Yellowdig Overview

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Yellowdig is a social media-like discussion platform that integrates easily with your


In Yellowdig, students can bring in new content like news articles, videos, or text content

by creating Pins.

Once these Pins are posted to your course board, other students can interact with them

by liking or loving the Pin, and also by comment to keep the discussion going.

Yellowdig uses a gamified point system to keep students interested and to alleviate

some of the work of grading for instructors and professors.

Actions like pinning, commenting, and liking can be associated with a points value, and

as students earn points this value can be automatically passed back to your LMS gradebook

as a participation or discussion grade.

Students like Yellowdig because it's intuitive to use and more appealing than a traditional

discussion board.

Instructors like it because students tend to have more engaging and organic discussions

while still covering the material that they normally would in their courses.

To see a more in-depth demonstration of all the capabilities and features of Yellowdig,

and to see if it could work for you and your course, please contact us.

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