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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 베트남항공 비즈니스석과 베트남출국의 모든혜택/A321

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Hello, this is SSUN TV

Today is Business Class review of Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is a 4 star airline

I belong to the SkyTeam member of the airline alliance.

SkyTeam grants Sky Priority to Business Class guests

There are many benefits

Listed above

But these benefits are not the same for all airports

Varies by airport

Benefits 1 through 6 apply at most airports.

Benefits 7 and 8

Dedicated security screening and priority immigration

Incheon Airport is not applicable

However, this Noi Bai airport has all the benefits of Sky Priority.

Noi Bai Airport consists of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Terminal 1 is domestic, Terminal 2 is international

Most business class dedicated check-in counters

I think it's at the far right

Vietnam Airlines' Lotus Business Lounge Pass

It's a departure gate, and here's the Sky Priority line

If you go ahead, the staff stops the regular line and sends the customer on this line first

Some people misunderstand to cut

There's a Sky Priority line at the exit

There's also a Sky Priority line at the security checkpoint.

But did you notice that you're not used to it?

Unlike a normal country

Departure checkers first and security checkers later.

Lotus Lounge near Gate 29, 4th Floor, Terminal 2.

Please refer to the lounge for a detailed introduction video.

The flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong today is A321-200

A321 operates on Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia routes

Today's flight number is 178, with 16 business and 162 economy class seats.

The boarding gate at this airport goes downstairs and connects

The staff escorted me to the plane.

Business Class Seating 2-2

safety belt


Rack expanded

Retractable windows

The monitor is not in the seat and there is a small monitor on top

I can't keep seeing it

Business Seats are Pitch 45 ", Width 21"

Narrow leg room

recliner seat

The angle of maximum seating

Seat adjuster

I can take out the table next to the seat adjuster.

A relatively large dining table


3 main dishes

Shrimp curry with rice, tenderloin steak, fried egg and grilled chicken

I ordered the tenderloin steak, fried egg and chicken.

Orange Cheesecake

Smoked Italian dressing dory fish salad (delicious)

Egg fried rice and grilled chicken (so so)

I enjoyed the tender tenderloin steak

It's soft even though it's ripe

The flight time was short, so I didn't have a meal on the course.

Assorted bread

I finished the meal with chamomile tea

No video on board, only music.

Reading light on ceiling

Air conditioner

Crew Call Button

Finally arrived in Hong Kong

This is a review of business seats of Vietnam Airlines

Thank you It was SSUN TV

The Description of 베트남항공 비즈니스석과 베트남출국의 모든혜택/A321