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This episode of Shots of Awe is brought to you by Norton.

So you hear a lot of talk these days about the "Quantified

Self" Revolution.

Everything's being tracked.

We have metrics for everything.

We're extending sensors into everything.

And all of a sudden creating an influx of data.

So everything's tracked online.

Now everything is tracked in our body.

We live in a world in which human beings have

been reduced-- have been turned into algorithmic cascades

of data.

And most people are terrified of this notion,

of infinite tracking.

But I think the "Quantified Self" Revolution potentially

can reveal us to ourselves.

It can become the ultimate mirror.

Because you know what happens with

those algorithmic cascades?

These observers, human beings, will now

be able to see themselves as structures,

as patterns amidst the data.

We'll be able to take data sets of millions of people,

measuring millions of metrics of data,

and find patterns, and find spaces of interconnection,

and find emergent self-organization that

is occurring on these mega-patterns.

And then these different scales.

We'll get what Steven Johnson calls the long view.

We'll get the equivalent of the microscope or the telescope

for units of information for data sets.

Who knows what we might learn about ourselves?

How might we be able to take that data,

and use those insights to feed them back into us, right?

Creating that affect of moment of ontological design,

where that information access feedback

that further changes how we act, and changes

how we optimize the world and society.

The "Quantified Self" Revolution is an upgrade

for this operating system, this man-machine operating system.

It's human's versions 2.0 That's quantified self.

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