Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PHRASAL VERB TELL

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This is the Rachels English 30-Day Challenge!

Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days!

Jumpstart your vocabulary in 2017.

Today is Day 6 and we're studying "tell" phrasal verbs.

Can you tell apart all of these definitions?

To tell something apart is to be able to distinguish between different things.

I still have a problem telling the twins apart.

This is the same meaning asto tell from’.

Can you tell her from her sister?

That is, can distinguish between them, do you know who is who?

Tell off is when you're very angry and you yell at someone about something.

He broke my sisters heart, so I told him off.

A phrase with the same meaning is to go off on.

She went off on me because I accidentally left the oven on.

To tell on somebody is to tell other people something someone did that was bad.

Kids use this phrase all the time.

Dont tell on me.

Im going to tell on you if you keep doing that!


This word begins with the True T, te-, tt-, te-

The teeth come together, the front top part of the tongue goes to the roof of the mouth,

tt, and you release into the vowel, EH, te-.


For the EH vowel, the tongue tip stays forward, here, and the middle part lifts just a bit towards

the roof of the mouth.

Te--, eh-


Then we have the Dark L. The tongue tip stays down and the back part

of the tongue presses down and pulls back a little bit.

Uhl, uhl, uhl.

You dont need to lift your tongue tip.

Just make this dark sound, uhl.

Tell me, tell me.

The tongue tip doesn't life for the L.

If the next word begins with a vowel, like tell off, tellllofff.

do lift your tongue tip, tellllllloff.

Tell off.

If you do that, Im going to tell on you, and then mom and dad are going to tell you off.

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