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Hey Guys! My name is Marisha Agarwal and I'm back with another video!

So, for today's video I'll be showing you a typical week spent at the UG

from a Chemical Engineering student's perspective

So I'm basically going to show you guys how my week goes form Monday to Friday

Since I am a Chemical Engineering student, I basically have to go for lectures and tutorials

and lectures and tutorials

and more lectures and tutorials!

We have a really structured course with really strict timings for everything

which is why I spend most of my time on Zernike Campus

I am also going to show you how I spend my time after classes get over

in terms of doing household chores, or meeting up with friends or going for fitness classes

So, let's go have a look!

Monday mornings are great, and this is the reason why

I checked the weather on my phone and it showed -1C

I looked out of my window and my bike is covered in SNOW!

It's not as cold as I expected, but look at my bike

yeah... that's not going be fun to clean up

I reached campus to see this beautiful sight

It's all white and it's super magical!

I just got done with studying for a small session

and it's snowing!!!

So I just reached home and I'm covered in snow

It was really fun to bike because it looked so pretty even at night time

I'm going to go get some dinner for myself and then go study after that

So I was really tired to cook something for dinner so instead I ordered some pizza!

Hey guys! So the lecture just got over and now I'm waiting for my tutorial to start

So the tutorial just got over and now let's go walk to lecture #2

So lecture #2 just got over and I'm walking to get my bike

after this, I'm going to go to lecture #3 which is in a different building

and after that fitness class!

So I just got changed into my workout gear and I'm all set to go for Zumba!

So I just got home from a 7-minute bike from campus to here

and it's 6C outside, thus all the layers

I'm really hungry because the workout was so good

So I'm going to get myself some dinner and then onto studying

So, it's dinner time now but I ran out of food and I am going to cook some egg curry and rice

and I have some of the ingredients right behind me

so let's start cooking!

Dinner is served, and I can't wait to dig in!

Hey guys! Today is Wednesday and I'm running really late

So I'm going to go get my bike and run to class

So the lecture just got over and now I'm sitting in a small booth right behind the cafeteria

and I'm just going to study for a bit and then go to my dance class after an hour

Breakfast is ready and we're going to have some Dutch Poffertjes!

Good morning, so today is Thursday and it's almost the weekend and I'm super excited!

Lecture #1 for the day just got over and I have a 2 hour break

So I have come to my most favorite part of the building

after long hours of classes, this is the best feeling in the world!

ahh, so many couches

So I'm pretty much done for the day

As I told you guys in the previous video, I'm part of the Groningen Indian Student's Association

and I'm the Cultural Secretary

Every 2 weeks we meet up on campus in the cafeteria (as you can see behind me)

and we basically discuss agendas, event planning and stuff like that

So we're going to have a meeting in half an hour

So I'm in my kitchen and I have a lot of dishes to clean!

so i'm going to get on to that and then I'm going to have some dinner

Good morning guys! Today is finally Friday

and I'm super happy because on Friday's we classes from 11AM

that means I can sleep in and I can take a long shower

so I'm going to off to class now and because it's a really short day I'll see you soon!

So finally it's Friday, it's the end of the week

and now it's time for me to go and meet up with my Indian friends

and we're going to resort to some comfort food which is Indian food for dinner

As far as the weekend goes, I use that time mainly to give myself a break

from the entire hectic week that's gone by

I spend some time talking to my family back home in India over Skype (video chat)

I spend some time with my friends here in Groningen

where I just meet up with them for dinner or we cook together, or for a night out

I spend some time with my roommate gossiping and talking

or I just cook myself a fancy dinner

as far as Chemical Engineering goes, you really need some ME time

to keep yourself calm and just plan out the rest of the week and just relax

and enjoy the weekend

So this is normally how I spend a week at the UG

I hope you liked the video, and I'll see you in the next one!

Until next time, Bye!

The Description of Marisha's Week As UG Student #MyUGStory