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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn Everyday English For Speaking - Daily Use English Sentences

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hello good morning good afternoon good

evening how are you how are you doing

nice to meet you it's nice to meet you

I'm pleased to meet you

it's a pleasure to meet you I'm glad to

see you how do you do hi hey what's up

how's it going how have you been what's

new what's going on how are things how

are things how's your day how's your day

going good to see you long time no see

it's been a while it's been a long time

it's been such a long time it's been too

long I'm so happy to see you again wow

it's so good to see you again

what have you been up to I'm doing very

well thank you and you I'm fine thank


great thanks how are you not bad you

couldn't be better

how about you wonderful thank you

goodbye bye bye for now see you see you

soon see you later talk to you later

catch up with you later I hope to see

you soon see you next time I'm looking

forward to seeing you soon it was nice

meeting you it's been really nice

knowing you

it's been a pleasure we'll speak soon it

was really great to see you

catch you later all the best bye take

care stay in touch I'm really going to

miss you I've got to go now

I'm sorry I'm so sorry I'm very sorry

I'm terribly sorry sorry I didn't mean

to do that sorry about that

can you forgive me I apologize for

please forgive me I owe you an apology

you can blame me for this

how should I apologize to you I beg your

pardon sorry it's my fault sorry for

keeping you waiting

sorry I'm late that's all right don't

worry about it

forget it no problem never mind it

doesn't really matter no big thing

it's not your fault please don't blame

yourself think nothing of it

hello my name is hi I'm nice to meet you

I'm pleased to meet you I'm it's a

pleasure to see you I'm may I introduce

myself I'm how do you do my name is let

me introduce myself

I'm I'd like to introduce myself I'm

John I'd like to introduce you to Mary

John please meet Mary John I'd like you

to meet Mary John have you met Mary John

let me introduce you to Mary John this

is Mary Mary this is John nice to meet

you I'm pleased to meet you it's a

pleasure to meet you

glad to meet you how do you do

thank you thanks thank you very much

thanks a lot

many thanks sincerely thanks thank you

so much thanks a million for your help I

really appreciate your help

you are so kind I don't know how to

express my thanks there are no words to

show my appreciation what you've done

means a lot to me that's so kind of you

you've made my day I owe you a great

deal thank you from the bottom of my

heart for everything how can I ever

possibly thank you you're welcome

it was my pleasure my pleasure

don't mention it forget it no big deal

it was nothing think nothing of it I'm

glad that I can help you

what time is it what's the time could

you tell me the time do you know what

time it is how long have you been

waiting do you have free time this

afternoon what time can we meet what

should we do to kill time it's 10

o'clock it's midnight it's 6 a.m. now

see you at 8 p.m. I can't tell you

exactly what time we will arrive it's

too late now

my watch is stopped my watch is slow

don't waste your time doing nothing I

didn't think it was so late we have

plenty of time give me a little more

time it's time to leave it's almost time

to go home time went by so fast the

supermarket opens at 9 a.m. the class

starts at 8 in the morning

can you speak English how long have you

been learning English could you speak up

a little please could you please say

that again could you please repeat that

would you mind spelling that for me how

do you pronounce this word what do you

mean by this I'm sorry what do you mean

what is this thing called in English how

many languages can you speak I speak a

little English I can speak English very

well your English is excellent I wish I

could speak English fluently like you

please speak slowly please repeat what

you said I'm afraid to speak English

sorry my English is not quite good how

often do you speak English I can read

English very well

but I can't speak I would like to

improve my English speaking you have

good pronunciation

good job well done

fantastic perfect that's great

nice work excellent that's really

remarkable good grades what a nice dress

you look great

this dish is delicious you look very

good in that suit this tie looks nice on

you you have a nice voice you look very

handsome I like your haircut

what a beautiful house what a nice


I really must express my admiration for

your speech how kind of you to say so

it's a nice of you to say so it's very

kind of you to say that really I'm not

sure about that actually thank you

Thanks thanks a lot I'm glad you liked

it it was nothing really

I'm delighted to hear that thanks for

your compliment

I'm sorry to say this but I hate to tell

you but I'm angry about I have a

complaint to make there seems to be a

problem with I'm afraid there is a

slight problem with sorry to bother you

but I'm not satisfied with wouldn't it

be a good idea too wouldn't it be a good

idea not to there appears to be

something wrong with I was expecting but

sorry to bother you but I went to

complain about

I'm afraid I've got a complaint about I

have to make a complaint about I don't

understand why excuse me but there is a

problem would you mind I'm so sorry but

this will never happen again

I'm sorry we promise never to make the

same mistake again I can't tell you how

sorry I am I wish it never happened

sorry there is nothing we can do about

it sorry but it's not our fault I'm

afraid there isn't much we can do about


I like dogs I love cooking I enjoy

playing football I'm crazy about pizza

I'm fond of rock music do you like

tennis yes I do I don't like him I can't

stand these people I can't stand the


I don't like washing dishes I hate going

to the dentist

are you sure are you sure about it are

you certain about it do you think it is

true do you think so how sure are you

yes I am certain I'm a hundred percent

certain I'm absolutely sure I have no

doubt about it I'm sure about it I don't

think there can be any doubt about of

course I'm positive I'm quite sure about

it I'm no doubt about it I have no doubt

about it I'm absolutely certain that I'm

not sure about it I doubt it I'm not

really sure about I don't know for sure

it's very unlikely I have my own doubts

I don't think so I don't believe this is

true there's some doubt in my mind that

I'm not a hundred percent sure I don't

know yet

do you feel like going for a walk do you

want to go to the movies tonight would

you like to play cards would you like a

cup of coffee what about a cup of tea I

would like you to have lunch with us

tomorrow would you be interested in

going to the movies tonight why don't

you have lunch with me tomorrow how

about joining me for a walk I invite you

to have breakfast with me tomorrow

morning thank you for your kind


I'd love to Thanks I'll be glad to do so


I like that very much that's a great

idea thanks for inviting me to dinner

it's very nice of you many thanks for

your kind invitation I'll join you

sure thank you with pleasure I'm sorry

to refuse your invitation I can't sorry

I have to work thanks for your

invitation but I'm busy now

I'm afraid I won't be able to come I'm

afraid I'm busy tomorrow sorry I'd love

to but I have an appointment I really

don't think I can sorry

that's very kind of you but I can't

accept your invitation

can you give me the book could you

please take off your raincoat could you

please take me to the dentist would you

mind opening the window for me please

would you be kind enough to repair my

computer do you think you could take me

to the supermarket could I ask you to

take me home can you tell me what

happened would you come to my birthday


would it be possible for you to come

here at 8 a.m. sure I'd be glad to I'd

be happy to sure just a moment

no problem of course certainly all right

I'm sorry I can't

I'm sorry but I'd love to but sorry to

say that it sounds great but

would you like something to drink would

you like me to open the door can I help

you can I give you a hand let me help

you would you like me to answer the

phone do you want some more tea do you

want me to turn down the TV I'd be happy

to take you to the airport may I offer

you a cup of coffee yes please

yes I love to yes that would be great

yes please that would be lovely

yes if you wouldn't mind that's very

kind of you that sounds nice thank you

I'd like to know Thanks

it's okay I can do it myself thank you

for your kindness but I can do it myself

don't worry I can do it I appreciate

that but I can do it myself

can I use your pen please can I sit here

is it okay if I sit here can I ask you a

question may I use your computer may I

come in could I take a look at your book

do you mind if I turn down the TV do you

mind if I use your phone would you mind

if I open to the window if you don't

mind I'd like to smoke I wonder if I

could borrow your car for a few days

would it be all right if I borrowed your

phone sure sure go ahead no problem yes

you can please feel free I don't mind

I'm afraid not I'm afraid that you can't

I'm sorry but that's not possible no you

cannot you couldn't do that you can't do

that sorry you are not permitted

you should try to learn English every

day I think you should go home early why

don't you join an English club you'd

better wake up early let's have dinner


what about having a cup of coffee with


how about going to the cinema don't you

think it would be a good idea to have a

picnic this Sunday if I were you I'd

call her I suggest that you take a nap

you may want to try on this t-shirt

perhaps you could take an umbrella with

you I strongly advise you to do more

workout I recommend that you get some

rest it's better for you to sleep a

little more

Thanks I'll do it it sounds good

that sounds like a good idea Thanks it's

a good suggestion I think you're right

why didn't I think of that no I'd rather


I don't think so I don't feel like it no

I don't think it's a good idea what a

bad idea

that's too bad that's so sad

I'm sorry what bad luck I hope things

get better soon it will be okay soon I

hope you feel better soon

what a pity what a pity for you oh

that's terrible be patient it will be

better soon I can't tell you how sorry I


oh I am sorry to hear that I know how it

feels I take my sympathy to you you must

be very upset about it I sympathize with

your condition it's very kind of you

thank you very much it will be okay

thanks thanks for your sympathy thanks

for your support

could you tell me how to get to the bus

station do you know that old man do you

know how much this car costs do you

happen to know where to buy an umbrella

can you tell me what the time is I'd

like to know your name I'd like to know

what you think about this idea I wonder

if you could tell me why the meeting was

cancelled do you have any idea how to

use this machine could you find out

where she lives

I'm looking for a book about gardening

it looks like you're new here it looks

like you don't know what happened

perhaps she knows the answer I'd say

it's over 9 a.m. now if I had to take a

guess I'd say he's 40 maybe he wants to

quit his job maybe it's going to rain

chances are you're doing it wrong he

could be right about it I guess you are

over 30 years old it's difficult to say

but I think this is the best English

course I'm not really sure but I think

this is the last morning train

can you explain why you are so late how

come it is taking you so long to reply

to my email I don't understand why you

never finish the work on time

can you tell me why you didn't attend

the meeting this morning why is it that

you didn't tell the truth do you expect

me to believe you did this by yourself

I hope to see you soon let's hope you

will get better soon I believe things

will get better hopefully it'll be sunny

tomorrow I keep hoping that she will win

the show I wish it would stop raining if

we're lucky we'll arrive there on time

with any luck she'll go home early

tonight I would like to buy a new car I

want to be a doctor what I really want

is to have an apartment

what do you think about this problem

what do you think of my new house do you

have any thoughts on that how do you

feel about that what is your opinion do

you have any idea do you have any

opinion on this matter what's your view

please tell me your opinion on this

subject what is your opinion about that

can you give me your thoughts on the

report what are your feelings about his

behavior I'd like to hear your views on

this matter

I think we need to buy a house in my

opinion this is the best website for

learning spoken English I don't think we

should get a new car

personally I think you're right from my

point of view she is the best student in

the class as far as I'm concerned this

t-shirt doesn't suit you

my personal view is that he is a liar in

my point of view this is the most

beautiful island on earth it seems to me

that we get lost to my mind it's the

right thing to do

I personally believe we're in the right


this is absolutely right I couldn't

agree more I completely agree with you I

agree with this opinion I don't agree

with you I think you're wrong I don't

think so I'm afraid I can't agree with

you I'm not sure I agree with you on


can we meet on the 14th can we meet next

Friday are you available on the 14th are

you free next week let's meet this

evening when can I talk to you can I

meet you tomorrow afternoon how about

tomorrow afternoon is next Monday

convenient for you do you have any time

available this week when would be a good

time to meet you would today evening be

alright can you give me an appointment

on Sunday sure I'll come yes sunday is

fine Friday would be perfect

I'll be there at that time sorry I have

another appointment at that time I'm

sorry I can't come I'm afraid I can't on

the 14th I'm sorry I won't be able to

make it on Sunday sorry I don't think I

can make it

are you afraid of the dark I'm afraid of

being alone at night

I'm scared of snakes I'm frightened of

spiders I am terrified I get scared very

easily I was terrified when I heard the

noise outside I'm worried about her

health don't be afraid it's not a big

deal it is nothing there is nothing to

be afraid of take it easy

calm down

I promise that I will finish the job on

time I promise you that that's the truth

I swear I will never leave you I swear I

won't let you down I assure you that I

will return the book tomorrow morning I

assure you that I will be there on time

believe me I won't make you disappointed

trust me I can do it thank you

I believe you all right keep your

promise I hope you will keep your words

I hope you will keep your word just let

the time answer it

I have to admit that I was wrong I admit

what I've done is wrong I shouldn't be

like this sorry I know this was my fault

I'm fully responsible for this matter I

have made a mistake it's my mistake

forgive me yes I take the blame I was

the one to blame

I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that

I never intended it that way

don't mention it let it go that's fine

just take it easy

don't do it again forget it it doesn't

matter that would be okay don't worry

about it

it's okay

which do you prefer football or

volleyball which do you like better tea

or coffee

do you prefer hot coffee or iced coffee

would you prefer to go for a walk or see

a movie would you rather have dinner

with me I prefer tea to coffee I prefer

to have some water I like tea better

than coffee

I prefer reading books I prefer jogging

to running I'd prefer a living in a city

to living in the country I would rather

go home I'd rather stay at home than go

out I'd rather take a nap than go for a

walk I'd rather play football than golf

I help you because I like you I study

hard because I want to pass the exam we

have to go home since we have no idea

where to go next you need to hurry up

since it's very late now I can't go out

as it's raining

I can't run fast as I'm too fat I love

you so I will do everything to make you

happy I didn't eat anything so I'm very

hungry now

we had to cancel the picnic because of

bad weather I did it because of you

the flight was canceled due to the storm

I came home late due to the traffic jam

he didn't work hard as a result he was


I was busy this evening therefore I

couldn't come to your party thanks to

his hard work he got a raise

how are you feeling are you okay is

everything all right what's wrong what's

the matter do you want to talk about it

I'm very happy right now I don't think I

can be any happier right now I feel a

little sad it's been a difficult day he

made her very angry I've been in a bad

mood all day I'm mad at his behavior I

feel very depressed today you seem a

little blue today I've got a headache

and I feel terrible

can I speak to John please I'd like to

speak to John I'll put you through

hold the line please I'll connect you

now I'm sorry he's on another call I'm

sorry he's not available at the moment

please call back later

could you ask him to call me would you

like to leave a message

who's speaking who's calling please

could I ask who's calling

can I have your name please

Who am I talking to it's Mary speaking

is it convenient to talk at the moment

sorry you must have the wrong number

sorry I think you've dialed the wrong


hang on for a moment I'm about to run

out of credit what number can I reach

you at who do you want to talk to hold

the line please

I've got a very weak signal can you hear

me okay could you please speak up sorry

I didn't catch that could you say it

again please

it's nice to meet you what's your name

I'm John I'm sorry I didn't catch your

name where are you from I'm from the US

what brings you here I'm on holiday

what's your phone number could I take

your phone number may I have your

address are you on Facebook who do you

live with I live on my own

I live with my friends how old are you

I'm 30 when's your birthday it's June


excuse me do you know where the

bookstore is how can I get to the train

station from here excuse me could you

tell me how to get to the bus station

can you show me the way to the post

office excuse me where is the hospital

can you show me on the map what's the

best way to get to the airport what's

the fastest way to the airport how far

is it to the stadium from here what

street is this is this the way to the

police station is there a supermarket

near here can you give me directions to

the gas station go straight on turn

right at the crossroads keep going

straight ahead for about five hundred

meters the bus station will be on your

left you're going the wrong way it's

about one mile over that way

what do you do what do you do for a


I've got a part-time job where do you

work I work from home I work in a

factory what is your occupation

I work as a doctor I'm looking for a job

I'm a teacher I'm not working at the

moment I'm unemployed I do the paperwork

I have my own business do you like your


I completely agree you're absolutely


I agree with you entirely I totally

agree with you I couldn't agree more

exactly absolutely you're right me too

I agree I see exactly what you mean

that's exactly what I think there is no

doubt about it

I agree up to a point but that's partly

true but that may be true but I see your


but I guess so but that seems obvious

but I'm not so sure about that

I don't agree I don't agree with you I

totally disagree I'm sorry but I

disagree absolutely not

I'm afraid I can't agree with you that's

not right that's not always true I don't

think so no that's not true

no way

do you understand are you following me

do you understand what I mean do you

understand what I'm saying

any questions got it I don't get it

sorry I didn't get your point what do

you mean

I'm not sure I got your point I beg your


but I don't quite understand I don't

quite follow you I'm sorry I don't

understand what you mean sorry I didn't

quite hear what you said could you

clarify that please could you explain

that please what do you mean by that

could you say that again please

could you repeat please could you put it

differently please sorry

let me explain let me clarify it for you

to put it differently let me put it in

another way I see I understand I got it

okay I got what you mean I understand

what you mean

I wish I had come to your party I wish I

had worked harder if only I hadn't eaten

so much if only I had driven more

carefully I should have come to your

party I should have worked harder I

shouldn't have eaten so much I should

have driven more carefully I regret not

coming to your party I regret not

working harder I regret eating so much I

regret leaving you alone I regret the

things I didn't do when I had the chance

congratulations great well done please

accept my warmest congratulations let me

offer you my congratulations I like to

congratulate you on let me congratulate

you on congratulations on your promotion

congratulations on your graduation

congratulations you deserve it

that was excellent congratulations best

wishes best wishes on your new job

best of luck good luck to you all the

best wish you a happy married life

thanks thanks so much thanks a million

thanks a lot thank you for your kindness

it's very kind of you it's very nice of

you thanks for your support thanks for

your kind words

do I have to do it now do I need to

leave her a message must I accept the

request I don't have to attend the

meeting do I do you have to get to the

office so early are you expected to

finish the job by tomorrow must you work

so hard is it necessary for me to go

with them

I must tell them the truth

I must do everything I can to help you I

have to send the report today I have to

be there by tomorrow I have to go now

I'll have to pick her up from the

airport it is necessary that you follow

this guideline I can't refuse to do that

I can't avoid it it is my responsibility

to clear the table it's my duty to do it

I have no other choice

who cares I don't care I don't mind I

don't mind whatever you do it makes no

difference to me do what you like I

don't care it doesn't matter to me so

what it's all the same to me why should

I care it's your decision

I wouldn't mind do as you like

whatever you want you can say whatever

you like I couldn't care less

excuse me for interrupting but sorry for

interrupting but may I interrupt for a

minute may I say something here can I

stop you there for a moment just a

moment I'd like to sorry could I just

mention that I don't mean to intrude but

may I have a word excuse me but do you

mind if I interrupt you sorry I didn't

catch that

is it possible to repeat the last point

while that is an important point it's

also important to add if you don't mind

I'd like to mention something sorry to

butt in but may I just ask before we

move on to the next point may I add

before you move on I'd like to say

something do you mind if I jump in here

if I could just come in here I think can

I just add something here

what's the problem what are your

symptoms how are you feeling today are

you feeling any better

do you have any allergies how long have

you been feeling like this do you have

any medicine to take I've got a slight

headache I've got a sore throat I have

high blood pressure I have pain in my

back I'm in a lot of pain

my head is spinning I'm having

difficulty breathing I have a stomach

ache I'm not sleeping very well at the

moment I'm not feeling very well

can you lift this table can you speak

English can you help me can you play the

piano will you be able to come to my

birthday party this weekend are you able

to go out with me tonight

I can speak five languages I can swim

two kilometres I can't help you I won't

be able to come to your birthday party I

will be able to see you next week when I

finish this course I will be able to

find a good job when I was a child I

could play football very well I was not

able to visit him yesterday

I've got some good news for you I've got

a bit of good news for you I'm really

pleased to tell you I'm really happy to

inform you that I have some amazing news

for you are you ready for this I've got

some great news for you I'm so excited

to tell you that I'm so glad to hear

that that's great

sounds great that's wonderful incredible

wonderful thank you for sharing really

are you serious I can't believe that

I'm afraid I've got some bad news for

you I'm so sorry but I'm sorry to have

to tell you that I know this isn't what

you want to hear but I'm afraid to

inform you of it is my unfortunate duty

to tell you that I really feel bad to

have to say this but I really don't know

how to say it but I'm sorry to hear that

you must be feeling terrible

that's awful too bad

poor you please accept my deepest

sympathy anytime you need to talk just

call me if there's anything I can do

just let me know

that's too bad how disappointing that's

so disappointing Oh No what a shame it's

a great shame it's a little bit

disappointing isn't it it didn't live up

to my expectations what a pity what a

letdown what a bummer that's a nuisance

I thought you could do better I've never

been so disappointed in my life it

wasn't as good as I thought it would be

how do I can you show me how to do you

know how to how do I go about what do

you suggest

what is the first step what is the best

way to first you then you next to you

lastly you the first thing you do is

before you begin you should the best

place to begin is I would start by after

that the next step is to you the next

thing you do is once you've done that

then when you finish that then the last

step is the last thing you do is in the

end when you finished when you've

completed all the steps

it is forbidden to you are not allowed

to you are not permitted to it is

prohibited to you must not you are not

to you can't you are not allowed to

smoke in this area it is forbidden to

swim here you are not to feed the

animals it is prohibited to walk on the

grass you must not tell anyone about it

you must not leave the window open you

are not permitted to be late

I was shocked to hear we're all in

complete shock who could have predicted

it I was stunned by the news came as a

complete shock that's the last thing I

expected you're kidding

I'd never have guessed oh my god really

it's your fault it's your mistake I

can't believe that you did it how could

you do such a thing

are you out of your mind what on earth

were you thinking I think you are the

one to blame I think you are the one who

could have done it it must have been you

who did it I think you're the only

person who could have done it you must

be doing something wrong I'm sorry it's

my fault I'm sorry for the things I've

done I'm really sorry I didn't mean to

sorry for my fault it's my

responsibility I'm sorry you're right

it's my fault I'm sorry it's not true

it's not my fault I'm not the one to

blame I didn't do it you're wrong it

wasn't me



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