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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Pronunciation | The AH Sound: Soda

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hi this video is about the earth sound

ah' is a middle vowel sound and remember

all pure vowel sounds involve a

consistent voice flowing over the

relaxed tongue for example a word like M

will be the ah as in Pat sound when the

word is operative or important yes I am

but in other cases it will be weak such

as where am I going

the first example was stressed and the

second one was not a common challenge

with the ah sound is that the speaker

will sometimes move the sound forward so

a word like but sounds like bit now

let's practice first let's do a tongue

stretch to release the root tension in

your tongue place your tongue behind

your lower front teeth and stretch from

the back be sure to think of releasing

from the back rather than pushing on

your lower teeth relax the tongue back

and do this two or three times you

should notice that your tongue feels a

bit larger and perhaps more fluffy in

your mouth when you finish now sigh out

over the relaxed tongue ha ha ha that's

it that's the ah sound now let's

practice with a few words and notice the

L sound is in unstressed syllables here

is the AH when it starts a word apply

observe admire again awake achieve now

let's try the ahh in the middle of a

word automatic meditate manicure

capacity California now let's give it a

shot at the end of a word and keep it

nice and easy

India Sherpa pasta data soda you may

have noticed that the

can actually be spelled in English with

several different letters including I a

and O so put this into play as you

practice on English central and good

luck if you want to watch more of our

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The Description of English Pronunciation | The AH Sound: Soda