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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Angelina gets splashed at Niagara Falls – On the go with EF #93

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Hi guys! How are you?

Im still in Toronto and today Im going on a trip down south.

About an hour and a half from here, youll find the great Niagara Falls

and Im so excited to see them.

Guys, were here! This is Niagara Falls. Amazing, huh?

We are standing on the Canadian side right now and over there is the American side.

We have the border over on that side and its actually quite neat because

theres a Canadian flag and an American flag to symbolize that its right in between the two countries.

I kind of like that.

Did you know that this is actually quite a popular spot for honeymooners?

It became super popular in 1953 after the release of the movie Niagara with Marilyn Monroe.

So, a lot of honeymooners come here. But its not just them.

Its also families, kids, couples - anyone can come here.

Its quite touristy, but so nice.

There are three falls here.

Theres the Bridal Veil Fall, which is the smaller one.

We have the American Fall over there.

And over there is the Canadian side and the big Horseshoe Fall.

Its called the Horseshoe Fall because its kind of shaped like a horseshoe.

It actually drops down 57 metres and its 790 metres wide, which is huge.

Ive seen that they have some really neat boats down there going into the falls

and I just have to do that. Lets go do it.

One of the boats is coming in right now. It looks like there are several boats,

so you can just hop on whichever comes first.

It looks like people are wearing some kind of a poncho,

so hopefully Ill get one of those too because I dontwant to get soaked.

Well wait in line.

It looks like its moving pretty fast, so it shouldnt be too bad.

Ive got my ticket. Now, its time to get the raincoat.

Hi. How are you? Thank you. Thank you so much!

Time to put this one. Alright! I dont actually know how to do this.

Oh, here we go. How do I look? Perfect, right?

Theyre emptying the boat right now, so its time to get on.

Its getting real guys. This is it. Im getting on. This is it.

Im on the boat. It actually doesnt feel that bad.

I thought I was going to be more nervous than I actually am, so right now it feels good.

And the view is great, so Im not even thinking about getting scared right now.

Im getting a little wet! Its really misty here. Here we go. Much better.


Wow. Its actually a lot more misty and windy than I thought it was going to be.

Im glad I have my poncho which is keeping me somewhat dry.

This is the American side of the falls.

I dont know if you can see, but there are a few people standing up there.

Theyre getting a really good view from up there, but I think were getting the best view from the boat

because we get to see everything. This is so much cooler.

Were getting really close to the falls now. Its windy and really misty!

Its like were going straight into the falls.

Wow! This is one of the coolest things Ive ever done.

I had no idea we were going to go so close.

I thought we were going to stay up there, but were actually inside the falls.

If you look that way, you cant see anything. Its just mist and white foam. Thats it.

You cant even see the sky.

Ive never seen anything like it and I dont think ever I will again.

Im officially splashed!

Were on our way back now. We were just basically inside the falls

and now were passing the American falls again on this side.

Its getting a little windy. Its getting really windy. Its a nice breeze. It feels nice.

Its not cold, so I dont mind.

Im dripping. Im so soaked, but it was 100% worth it.

I cant even tell you how much worth it. It was just incredible. What an experience.

What an amazing time Ive had here in Niagara Falls.

Nature is so cool.

I actually have a question for you for a chance to win this really cool Niagara Falls, Canada book.

The question is, “What is the coolest nature experience you have ever had?”

Please comment below for a chance to win this, and in the next episode,

Im going to show you some more of Toronto. Dont miss that. Bye bye!

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