Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tokio

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The worlds largest city, Tokyo, consists of over ten different kind of centers.

I travelled to Tokio with my ex- army friends Simo, Lauri and Toni.

Shibuya is youthful and modern center of music. You can't find old people here.

Japan has a lot of automatic vending machines. They often talk

...but English is not used.

Asakusa represents a more traditional Japanese center

...while Shinjuku is a center of businessmen.

From TV, you could drew a conclusion that typhoon was coming.

We didn't bother, but went to eat. Chopsticks had to be learnt.

Food was good.

After eating you could visit a massaging toilet.

Tokyo doesn't have a western colony history, which makes it so different.

We went to the restaurant which was in the movie Lost in Translation.

A night in hot, moist, moldy and cheap capsule hotel was surely enough.

The Description of Tokio