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Emma, have you ever played in a band?

Yes! That was my first side job, so to speak!

parties, weddings ... No Black metal!

no no no!

There are many cover artists on Youtube! Yes!

are there also people who cover metal?

I know there is a band putting those pop hits in a metal jacket

I don't know the name, but I did see it!

Are you going to do that today?

No! No

Of course I will sing a nice song of yours!

When I heard it I thought WOW the text really appealed to me!

my mother survived a nasty disease when I was younger

and I thought if that appeals to me then you must have had a reason to write it!

so I'm really curious about that!

I think you're referring to Strong? Yes!

that is a song from the After Forever period

I wrote it for my mom so it is a super emotional song!

so take out the tissues!

I have never been able to sing him properly

I felt it every time I brought it

She has rheumatism and all kinds of unpleasant things!

Fortunately no life-threatening diseases, but things that plague her every day!

and who hurt her

You don't want to spend all day with that so my mom learned well to keep it away for us

But yes, if you know each other very well and my mother and I are two hands one belly

then I feel just as well!

so before that in the chorus: I see every smile you fake

Yes! There I go already!

but her strength to say: it is super annoying but we just deal with it!

and we just go on! and she does and she still does!

when you talk about powerhouses: Still going Strong!

So I am very curious! How nice that you are going to do it!

Good luck!

a mother-daughter thing, that is always something very special

My mother who had cancer when I was little Fortunately she is still there!

But when I heard this song I thought: I would like to say this to my mother too!

immediately when I heard this song I said:

I want this song, I just have to sing this!

Of course they have something in common!

You can tell from everything that there was some sort of... there was something magical going on there!

Emma does a song that Floor wrote herself

Tears came already at the introduction so this will be an emotional rollercoaster!


Well ! I couldn't keep it dry either!

How precious! Oh dear!

Beautiful song! Magnificent!

You did it so beautifully! You again! Thanks!

I had to be careful not to let my mouth drop open!

Really! What a gift! Thank you! and thank you all!

That someone like Emma, which I thought beforehand

what are we going to have together? in terms of click

there is a big age difference, completely different life experience

all is just completely different!

Well, it's not!

We both have mothers we love, we are both singers

we are all the same We are all one!

and she showed it so beautifully

when she dared to perform one of my most personal songs

in a way that really touched me

she did it very, very beautifully!

I just thought it was very important to convey those words

She is also a mother herself so I think that she's allowed to hear those words herself

and also: it is also for her mother. So I wanted to take it to Floor as best as possible

This affected everyone! It really so incredibly beautiful!

I sat on the couch and was completely absorbed!

How she sang it for Floor!

that connection! How she looked at her! Everything

That was such a moment that I was very happy to be there!

This goes from here to there!

It's not easy!

I found it very difficult to see you You get emotional! I am emotional!

I find that the most difficult!

Yes, I can imagine that very well!

Because certainly the most personal songs

I thought about that beforehand:

Imagine someone making a version of it that makes you think: what have you done!

what have you done! Not like that!

Because that is all your soul and bliss!

But I already lost that fear when I got to know you all

so then I started hoping: Imagine that they pick the most personal ones

including this one!

and that you did it, with your beautiful voice that is really a gift! Thank you!

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