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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kalani Sitake Post Game Interview after USC

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>> All right.

Here we go.


>> That was awesome.

>> You dream of these moments.

Tell us how it feels?

>> It feels great.

I am excited to be around the

fans and celebrate with them.

It was a hard fought game.

A lot of great players sticking

with it.

It is like we have been here

before in over time.

It is nice to have it at home.

We have to review everything,

but I am glad it worked out our


>> You had the call down in the

end zone it looked like he was

out of bounds and they go to

take the lead, take us through

your thought process on that and

how you gathered yourself


>> It is nothing I did, the

players, they believe and they

gave us graft port.

The -- great effort.

They had great energy.

The fans gave them great energy


The leadership on this team they

have done an amazing job.

I am glad to be part of it.

>> Talk about your defense.

You forced the game's only

turnover last week.

You force threed tod-- three

today and you didn't give any

back on offense.

How about this defense?

>> I am so proud of them and the

way they played the game.

Proud of the coaches the things

that they did as a dpe --

defensive staff was amazing to


This is stuff we ran back in the

day when I played.

None of that was really that

mind blowing to us.

Blaine did his job.

We know what it takes to play

against them.

Obviously there are great

players they made great plays

and fortunate we were able to

get the win.

>> A lot of folks talk about

young quarterback you got to

blitz them.

You played a lot of coverage.

Kie Tonga in the first half he

was a man child out there.

>> Time to make a play I thought

they did it.

Credit to usc they made

adjustments they stuck with the

run game.

We kept them balanced.

We like more in the run game

rather than the air-raid.

When you can do that to an

air-raid game big things happen

for you.

>> You have had big wins on the


This is the biggest against a

team at home against p5 on

national TV.

This is what the doctor ordered,


You didn't hurt yourself in the

celebration today?

>> No.

I was very careful.

More screaming than jumping.

Really happy.

I am so excited for our fans.

Being a fan myself, I am happy

for the fans.

I think they deserve this.

Looking forward to next week.

>> I asked Zach this, how do you

make the quick turn.

Back-to-back really emotional


How do you come off of that

quick enough to face a good

Washington team?

>> We talked about this as a

team and the things we wanted to



>> Learning from last year and

trying to create momentum.

We were able to do that at home

against a quality team that's

ranked and explosive.

I am thankful we were able to

place man coverage and lock some

guys up.

We gave them great plays but on

offense we were able to score

and March down the field.

Glad that all worked out.

All three were on point today.

>> Let's finish up.

What has changed with this team

after such a disappointing

opener and you go on the road to

beaten ten now you beat usc.

Two games most of America didn't

give you a chance at back in


What's happened to the team

since that first Thursday night?

>> We are not really concerned

with what people think about us

and whether they think we are

going to win or not.

We are confident ourselves.

We made mistakes in the first


The only way we can do it is

make sure we are ready to play

every week.

I am proud of these guys and I

am leaning heavy on the


Not just the seniors, the whole

group, the whole team.

Our pep squad.

Everyone on this team as a role.

Therrel lishing in all of it

that's why it worked out.

>> For two weeks you stayed

relatively healthy.

Washington next week.

How is the relative health.

How about the players are they

coming out?

>> We will have to respond to


But the goal is to work on our


We had guys playing in this game

that had first time snaps last

year and weren't able to

capitalize on it.

They did today.

We are growing as a group,

growing as a team.

Still got growing to go.

I think from this we will

celebrate and have fun go to

church tomorrow and get ready

for Washington next week.

>> You knocked off usc.


We will turn you back into the

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