Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CowManager at Multiple Locations

Difficulty: 0

With CowManager we have multiple sites. The main site is the dairy and then we have a CowManager system

system in our heifer grower facility. Our heifer grower is an hour and a half away. Some people may

be concerned about them being further away but with CowManager you're able to keep an eye on

those. No problem, you can see when they're in heat, you can see when they're getting bred, you can see

if they're sick. You know right away if there's a problem with it. The nice part about having it in

multiple locations is that they can pull up just the heifers that are at their farm. At Dutch Dairy

we have 20 groups. The group 22 is at the heifer facility, and they just can log into group 22 and

they don't even get our cows on their system. It just puts you a piece of mind knowing that

you can keep an eye on your animals only at home and you can also watch them at the heifer grower.

The Description of CowManager at Multiple Locations