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- Kerrie, what is the thing we're gonna do with my head?

- We're gonna do a little Pompadour, kinda retro.

(retro rock music)

- Step one: have very dry hair,

otherwise the Pomp won't hold.

- Yeah, anytime you put your hair up it should be dry.

Dry shampoo is my favorite product of all

because when hair is too clean it's super super slippery,

so the dry shampoo kind of gives it that little bit of grit,

not like dirt but just a little bit extra hold.

- So if you're trying to do cool things with your hair

and it's always slipping out

use dry shampoo to give it a little extra hold.

- Yeah.

Not great for super curly hair.

- Really?

- Yeah, because curly hair tends to be drier.

- Really?

- Mm-hmm, drier and texture, yeah.

- You know so many things about hair.

- I did go to beauty school

(Hannah and Kerrie laugh)

Now we're backcombing,

which is another nice word for teasing.

Pretty much you take a section and you hold onto it,

and then take the small side of the tooth comb

and press down.

It shouldn't hurt, but it should feel tight at the base.

- It looks like whipped cream.

- So right now I'm just gonna get

the rough structure in there.

So I'm not gonna worry about how it looks.

You just wanna back comb it all.

(Hannah yells in pain)

- Just kidding.

(classical piano music)


(Kerrie laughs)

My hair looks delicious.

Are you now styling it?

- Yeah, so now that I've got the backcombing

the base in there I'm going through and building the shape.

(hairspray spraying)

Ta-da, we're done!

(Hannah and Kerrie cheer)

The pompadour is big up here and then the shape comes down

As you can see, this is easy to do on yourself

because really the volume is in the front.

And then, this is just kind of all her hair

that I've just pulled back.

And if you have long hair just take the pieces

that are on the side and bring them back into a ponytail.

Separate that section, take the mohawk section out

and then pull this stuff back into a little tight ponytail.

And so, that way when you do all this stuff on the side

you'll just have a long ponytail hanging down.

- Hooray!

What would you do if you wanted

it to stay like this all night long.

- Normally I would put either a strong hold gel

if you want really super crisp with gel lines in there.

Or you could just use a strong hold pomade

and put a lot in your hands and then work it through,

and then kind of mold the shape from there,

and that'll hold it.

And then a strong hold hairspray afterwards

because for it to really last all night

it needs to be like helmet head.

- Helmet head.

Awesome Kerrie, I love it.

You know why this is a great graduation look?

- Why's that?

- Because they play "Pomp and Circumstance".

(Kerrie laughs)

- Puns

The pomp you up.

(Kerrie and Hannah laugh)

- Kerrie thank you so much for being here.

- Thank you.

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- Instagram.

(Hanna laughs)

- Clear enthusiasm.

- Yeah, you can follow me or not.

I mean, whatever, it's fine.

If you don't wanna follow, it's ok.

I get it, but you probably should.

- You probably should you're missing out.

Have a great day.

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